• https://twitter.com/leliorisen leliorisen

    Mr. Besen, thank you for doing this important work. Exposing these frauds will hopefully prevent the anti-gay right from profiting from the lives they are ruining, and also hopefully stop other gay youth from being exposed to these dangerous people.

    The lies and the hate must stop. I am happy to spread the word about your work. @leliorisen

    • http://twitter.com/AJourneyToLove Ressurrection

      No one hates you! Just because christian people do not agree with homosexuality and recognize it as sin, does not make them hateful or homophobic. I am neither. I wish you the best. Thank you, Ressurrection

  • http://twitter.com/AJourneyToLove Ressurrection

    While I understand that his can be disturbing news, here is better news: The Paulk’s do not represent the entire homosexual conversion community. They also do not reflect or represent the entire christian community. There are people who have been able to successfully overcome homosexuality as a sin. By the writing of this article it is clear to me that you believe that homosexuality is NOT a sin but a right. As a christian, homosexuality is indeed a sin and what you are describing with the Paulk’s needed to be exposed and I applaud you for doing so. I wish them well but as leaders we have to know when we need to sit down rather than to perpetuate a lie to place us in a place that we do not exist. With that said, this article exposes lies and could have been used to expose a heterosexual couple who was living an adulterous life pretending to be monogamous and undefiled, and it would have the same effect on the body of Christ. Thank you for your work, but the identity of God needs to be clearly represented as the identity of these two people. God is still God and his standards have not changed. Overcoming the challenges of homosexuality are difficult especially if they have been lived as a lifestyle, but it is possible.

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