• ThatKindofGirl

    I admit I have become addicted to these columns, in part because they always seem to have some mysterious personal agenda. Do you have a friend who you think is a bad singer, but you don’t want to tell her? Not everyone has to be Whitney Houston or Michelle Kwan. For most people, sports are an activity not a career. I’m sure you could have learned to sing if you had applied yourself and been willing stick out the learning process. Taking risks doesn’t look silly. Dropping something because you don’t get raves the first time looks silly.

  • Lady Lisa

    There’s an old saying that I love that goes like this: “Ask a question, and you’re a fool for five minutes, never ask, and you’re a fool forever.” Much like this saying, risk taking doesn’t necessarily turn someone into a fool.
    However, that said, it can be heartbreaking to watch someone, especially a child, who isn’t realistic about their abilities to reach their dreams. A former figure skater myself, I still remember so many overly energetic moms hanging over the boards like sausages screaming at their children to ‘try harder’ and ‘get it right this time’ – to children who I damn well knew couldn’t try any harder – they were already working like dogs, and they were just so AFRAID (of their own mothers)! it’s no wonder they couldn’t do well, they were afraid to fall and some actually shook out of fear as they skated, oh it just broke my heart to see this. I think your mother was wise to sit over in the off-ice area, with the more realistic mothers, and talk. And I think she was also smart to put a two year time limit on your progress in the sport.
    You’re right, you are NO singer, but your situation gave you a chance to try, and I hope you are proud of yourself for this. (I do think some vocal coaching prior to the recording of your songs may have helped, though). But the point is you tried out of fun and you never pretended to be Christina, and I think it’s good for your fans to see that even celebrities cannot be good or a ‘natural’ at everything.
    Sadly, there are the people who ARE good at what they do, if they only had a chance to prove it.

  • Barbara Erickson Breuer

    This column made me chuckle, because I remember how uncoordinated I was as a child. I did not excel at ballet because of my two left feet, and, unfortunately, my tennis abilities weren’t much better. For some reason, I always got stuck with the racquet with the big hole in it :-).

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