• LV

    As a resident living on Grove Avenue, this planned develop causes me great concern for many reasons; foremost is the number of vehicles it will add to the already high volume we see on a daily basis. The mini-speed humps currently on the street, placed to slow the speed of the drivers using our street as a cut-through, and the restricted hours for turns are of little to no use.

    As the City proceeds with the review and approval of this development, I can only
    hope they will recognize the impact it will have on Grove Avenue and include in
    their plans larger speed bumps (like the ones found on Little Falls Road) and
    other traffic calming measures.

    • FourQ

      I hope this sorry sell-out of a plan dies an ignominious death.

  • FourQ

    Here they go again. If you didn’t think Falls Church’s so-called “leadership” was in the pocket of developers before, this should forcibly rip the scales from your eyes. We don’t need a Walgreens, there’s a Rite-Aid DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET! We NEED a gas station there! We NEED a bike shop! We NEED an ice cream parlor! We NEED a couple of modest eateries and, yes, we NEED a knick-knack shop! When are the residents of Falls Church going to stop letting these jackasses run locally-owned businesses out of town?

  • pup

    Falls Church elected officials are selling the city out to developers. It’s all about money. FC residents better stand up now to stop it before the “Little City” becomes a real mess. This high-density development is ruining what once made Falls Church a quaint and lovely place to live.

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