• D M

    Excellent summary. d

  • mjonesx

    Ill have to read the book and thank you. I doubt we have lead time to alter the outcome of events…too little too late. Looks like the money people need those reserves to keep the economic system going. Plus we have population surging to 10 Billion, and everyone wants to live the American dream.

  • Heavyside

    Good synopsis of the book. I will be reading it as soon as my Public Library obtains a copy (and they will). I’ve read all of Richard’s books to date, and I have a background in both Geography and Geology (and the world’s drilling of hydrocarbon’s for at least three generations of my family’s history), so I expect that my own opinions will be closely aligned with Richard’s new book. Sharing this on Twitter, Facebook and G+.

  • Renee Marks

    I just want affordable solar energy. Going back to bio fuel is better than nothing.

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