• Mobius007
  • http://MrEnergyCzar.com/ MrEnergyCzar

    Great summary of the gas fracking bubble and why those switching to natural gas to heat their homes may be looking at $7 natural gas….


  • Grant

    This article seems rather negative. If the govt will get out of the way of oil and gas production/shipping there will be more oil and gas drilling. The present price of gas (about $3.50) is stalled because our LNG export facilities have been stalled. Bakken oil is difficult to get to market because it has to come on Warren Buffet’s railway.

    I think it is important to remember that oil shale and shale gas are pretty much everywhere you look. Several places in Indiana, and a large part of Ohio, PA, WV, etc. As the reality of shale gas, found in shale laid down by water all over the world, sinks in to nations around the world, more gas and oil will be produced around the world, and the U.S. opportunity to ship NG will decline. As I consider that, I guess I think the author’s prediction will fail.

  • Jfiddle

    As a resident of Coos Bay OR where they’re looking at building the next LNG export facility [on a sand spit in earthquake/tsunami zone no less] this article gives me hope. The fracking boom can’t end soon enough for me. Thanks, & keep up on the great reporting. http://citizensagainstlng.com/wp/

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