• cadixon999

    You honestly believe that the president was unaware of the NSA spying? Or is it that you don’t WANT to believe that he was aware of it?

  • patb2009

    back in the middle 90′s it turned out the NRO went and built an entire campus without permission from the Congress, so the Clinton Administration went through and excoriated the agency, fired loads of senior managers. Perhaps the Obama administration should be asking for resignations

  • JFallsChurch

    Of course this is the Republicans/Conservatives fault. If Democrats were in power the United States would never “spy” on allies. How awful that the US would gather intelligence from our allies. There is no way our allies are doing the same to us…no way.

    • alvin691


  • Bill

    Obama’s motto has gone from Hope & Change to Plausible Deniability.

    • Dave

      I know nothing Comrades.

  • Dave

    You really are an idiot, aren’t you? Are you not aware of the massive undertakings of Russia and China? I’m not attempting to defend everything the US has done, but we are not the only country conducting aggressive and broad spying. Why don’t you go join your sweetheart Snowden in Russia if you think the rest of the world is so innocent. Just get over the fact that Comrade Obama is not the saviour you thought he was. Who has killed more people with ethically questionable drones? Obama. Still hasn’t closed GITMO? Our Glorious Leader. Lied to Americans about the ability to keep their health insurance? You favorite Socialist. Of you you point the finger back at Bush and Cheney, but this is Comrade Obama’s second term. He knows exactly what is going on. No more pointing the finger. It is time to admit your man has zero leadership ability and that there is no hope.
    Also, why do you attempt to bring the Second Amendment into everything?
    Please, based on your weekly delusional ramblings you need to seek out a mental health expert.

    • alvin691

      Umm, pretty sure JFallsChurch was exhibiting a thing called sarcasm. You didn’t get his mocking since it does not translate well in text. Note my LOL.

      • Dave

        Alvin, my apolopgies, we both seem to be lost in translation. I was directing my comments to Comrade Nicholas F. Benton of the Falls Church Propoganda Press.

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