• JEB Alum

    Kaye – I think your piece, while obviously heart-felt, omits some important facts. First, Stuart received a major renovation after 1991, as did other high schools like Madison and Lee that were built in the 1959-60 time period. Stuart was treated no better or no worse than those schools. Second, suggesting that the School Board fails to allocate adequate resources to Mason District schools, when those schools always receive extra resources and have lower class sizes than schools in many other parts of the county, is disingenuous at best. The challenges that Stuart faces – and they are many – stem in the first instance from the Board of Supervisors’ refusal to enforce existing occupancy and zoning requirements in the Mason District and the support of Penny Gross, in particular, of proposals by builders to construct even more housing units in the district. It’s sad to me to see that Stuart – from which I graduated – is receiving negative publicity, but the responsibility lies in the first instance with local politicians who want others to pay for the “sanctuary state” environment that has been allowed to develop in Mason.

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