Editorial: Sharpe’s Sports Safety Ideas

February 25, 2015 4:51 PM0 comments

Special kudos this week go to long-time Falls Church School Board (and former City Council) member Kieran Sharpe for his bold and visionary, if unsuccessful, efforts to persuade his School Board colleagues to adopt some important new safety provisions for students in athletic programs. His first was to call for […]

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Our Man in Arlington

4:28 PM0 comments

Lots of historic change unfolding in Arlington’s Nauck neighborhood, most of it witnessed up-close over six decades by Leonard “Doc” Muse. January a year ago the County Board honored Muse – the seven-day-a-week proprietor of the Green Valley Pharmacy since 1952 – with an historic designation. This November, it held […]

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A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church

February 19, 2015 10:37 AM0 comments

T. S. Eliot wrote that “April is the cruelest month…,” but February might place second for that designation, especially this February. Although not as snowy as February of 2010, which we remember as “snowmageddon,” the sustained Arctic blasts of the past several days reminds us that Mother Nature still is […]

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Guest Commentary: After 13 Years, Creative Cauldron Has Built Solid Roots

9:48 AM0 comments

By Laura Hull “It is idle having planted an acorn in the morning to expect that afternoon to sit by the shade of the oak.” That has remained one of my favorite quotes from Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the author of the children’s story, The Little Prince. I’ve remembered it often […]

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Editorial: Teacher, Don’t Leave Our Kids Alone

February 18, 2015 6:45 PM14 comments

Although we’ve never presumed that the weekly poll question in the News-Press resembles anything like a scientific measurement of anything, with the only constraint being that only one vote can be recorded per computer, we hope the questions are thought-provoking and worthy of stimulating conversation. This week’s question goes to […]

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Delegate Simon’s Richmond Report

6:37 PM0 comments

The always quick pace in Virginia’s part time legislature went into serious overdrive last week as the General Assembly reached the “Crossover” deadline for each house to wrap up action on its own bills. On Monday, Feb. 9, the House of Delegates considered 270 pieces of legislation in one floor […]

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Our Man in Arlington

5:57 PM0 comments

A sharp-eyed exercise to decode the 2014 elections in Arlington unfolded Feb. 11 at the nonpartisan Committee of 100 – delivering insights on everything from the streetcar to the talent pool to our county’s peculiarities. Most thrilled with the voters’ verdict was Matt Wavro, chair of the Arlington Republican Committee. […]

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Guest Commentary: Much to Learn From Jefferson’s Diverse Family

February 12, 2015 12:02 PM3 comments

By Zachary Diener Some historians argue that Thomas Jefferson’s careful control over the activity of his slaves, and their constant occupation in labor, reflects profit-maximizing behavior. Others disagree, referencing the immense amount of debt he owed upon his death, as evidence that profit was not the primary object of his daily […]

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Editorial: The Importance of Income Parity

February 11, 2015 7:56 PM1 comment

The news reported by a consultant to Falls Church City Hall last week, and spelled out to the City Council, was that for a mere $64,712 in the coming fiscal year, all City employee positions will be fully comparable, in terms of compensation levels, with those of the City’s surrounding […]

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From the Front Row: Kaye Kory’s Richmond Report

6:56 PM0 comments

The General Assembly is approaching “Crossover” for the 2015 legislative session. Crossover – February 11 – is the deadline for the Senate and House of Delegates to approve bills from their respective chambers that will be sent to the other body. In the House, many hundreds of pieces of legislation […]

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