Apple CEO Tim Cook’s Coming Out Is What We Fought For

November 4, 2014 7:30 PM0 comments

Apple CEO Tim Cook has come out. He is the first openly gay CEO of a Fortune 500 company. According to Cook: “I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me.” Some commentators are glibly trying to downplay this major event. […]

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In Defense of President Obama

October 29, 2014 8:27 PM3 comments

Watching critics taunting Democrats for their zealous denial of association with President Obama generates specially-queasy feelings akin to what one gets from the horror flicks so popular this time of year, recognizing that one case is fantasy and the other all too real. Among them, Kentucky senatorial candidate Alison Lundergan […]

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The Peak Oil Crisis: A Reality Check

10:49 AM5 comments

For the last four or five years, we have been bombarded with a stream of stories about the “shale revolution.” Horizontal drilling and fracking, mostly in the U.S., were said to have released oceans of new oil and a virtually endless supply of natural gas. These developments have brought, or […]

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The Religious Right’s 10-Point Playbook For Hijacking Nations

October 28, 2014 6:20 PM5 comments

While much of the world is focusing this week on Muslim extremism, we can’t forget homegrown Christian fanaticism. Mary Zeiss Strange, a Professor at Skidmore College, caused a ruckus last week with her USA Today op-ed, “Beware the Christian Extremists.” In her piece, she argues that Christian zealots are a […]

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Congress Moran’s News Commentary: The Plight of Afghan Translators

October 22, 2014 7:18 PM0 comments

John Oliver’s new HBO show, Last Week Tonight, is quickly making a name for itself by offering a candid, intelligent take on many of the shocking issues facing our country.  This Sunday was no different when he highlighted the plight of the translators we’ve left behind in Afghanistan. During the […]

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The Frightening Specter of Deflation

5:21 PM1 comment

On the major network national news, the talking heads were sharing with glee the recent precipitous drop in the price of gas at the pump as a boon for consumers. They would have us believe this is really good news. However, in reality, it is anything but. While there is […]

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The Election: Democrats or Doom

4:51 PM3 comments

The 2014 elections are November 4 – and the stakes are high. Control of the United States Senate hangs in the balance. The latest projections show that the Republicans have pretty decent odds of taking over this chamber. The New York Times’ political column, The Upshot, predicted that if elections […]

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‘Pride,’ the Movie, & Solidarity

October 15, 2014 7:30 PM0 comments

With all the grizzly headlines about war and pestilence dominating the news these days, it is a genuine refreshment to see a film that presents such a bright and hopeful true story about the ability of humans under siege to come together to further a common cause of justice and […]

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The Catholic Church’s A Small Shift On Gays

7:06 PM0 comments

The Catholic Church took a tiny step forward this week, with a panel of bishops offering an interim report that carefully rationed a few tepid words of encouragement for gay people. Some LGBT activists, media, and scholars immediately hyperventilated, falsely billing the small tremor as “an earthquake.” Others jumped the […]

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The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion – A New Report

October 9, 2014 1:34 PM77 comments

The second independent report on the performance of Andrea Rossi’s low energy nuclear reactor was just released.

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