Restaurant Spotlight: Galaxy Hut

August 27, 2014 5:59 PM0 comments

With vintage arcade games as dinner tables, quirky comic strips on the walls and a diverse stream of music playing, Galaxy Hut is a no-frills chill spot for anyone looking for delicious, eclectic food and a variety of draft beers. This cozy, if not divey, Clarendon restaurant and bar is […]

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Press Pass: Selwyn Birchwood

5:47 PM0 comments

Selwyn Birchwood is the latest of several blues artists who have come through in the last 20 years with the promise of carrying on the long and storied tradition of America’s oldest original music. The 29-year-old singer-songwriter released his label debut Dont’ Call No Ambulance in June 2014 with the […]

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Jody’s Jam of the Week: Bao Bao’s 1st Birthday Party

August 20, 2014 6:59 PM0 comments

Ain’t no party like a panda bear party because a panda bear party is…well…it’s actually pretty rare.

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Press Pass: Red Wanting Blue

5:33 PM0 comments

The rock band Red Wanting Blue were traveling from Salt Lake City to Denver, through a Wyoming snowstorm, while they were on tour in 2013 when they went through a life-threatening experience. The band’s tour bus, a converted mobile home, was nearly hit by a jackknifed tractor-trailer. “The truck came […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: Shake Shack

1:52 PM0 comments

Just last week, Shake Shack set up shop at Tysons Corner, turning Northern Virginia’s burger landscape completely on its head.

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Jody’s Jam of the Week: Better Than Ezra at Tysons

August 13, 2014 8:49 PM0 comments

Have you been to Tysons Corner lately? That spot is blowing up! The Silver Line has been stealing all the headlines lately but the brand new outdoor plaza at the mall has become quite the destination in its own right.

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Press Pass: Jonny Lang

8:21 PM0 comments

Jonny Lang (metaphorically) blew up his house and didn’t just survive through it – he made new fans to whom he can tell his tale. The 33-year-old Grammy Award-winning blues musician hadn’t put out an album in seven years before releasing Fight For My Soul in September 2013. The lead […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: Saran Indian Cuisine

7:45 PM0 comments

Saran Indian Cuisine appears low-key at first glance. It’s one of several storefronts in a strip of diverse commerce that’s under development on the 5100 block of Lee Highway in Arlington. But the fare and atmosphere inside is worthy of high praise. Saran is owned by Ravinder and Karan Hazrah, […]

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Press Pass: Pure Prairie League

August 6, 2014 9:03 PM0 comments

It’s been almost 45 years since Pure Prairie League (PPL) formed and, although their touring pace has slowed down to only playing shows on the weekends, they’re still trying to surprise – and rock – their fans. “The band is killing, hitting on all eight cylinders and we’re just having […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: Taco Baja Bar & Restaurant

8:32 PM0 comments

On Lee Highway, just before Merrifield, surrounded by a parking lot filled with used cars, sits Taco Baja Bar & Restaurant. The small, hole-in-the-wall building is adjacent London Auto Services – hence the used cars – and, despite a bright orange and yellow paint job, is quite easy to overlook.

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