Press Pass: Melodime

April 9, 2014 3:58 PM0 comments

The rock band Melodime was already recording tracks by the time they’d entered the final stretch of their album fundraising campaign. With about a week left in their pledge drive to fund a new record, they were only half way to their $30,000 fundraising goal. And this was an all-or-nothing […]

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Pro Team DC Breeze to Kick Off Ultimate Frisbee Season at George Mason High

3:11 PM0 comments

Baseball. Basketball. Football. Soccer. The top professional sports with huge fan followings are focused on a ball. The way it’s batted and dribbled, thrown and caught, kicked into goals or lobbed into nets is the stuff of bated-breath anticipation, merriment or mourning, and fan frenzy. But fans of Ultimate are […]

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Press Pass: The Dreamscapes Project

April 2, 2014 4:44 PM0 comments

After 17 years, The Dreamscapes Project is saying goodbye. It was only a few years ago that the local rock band had earned back-to-back honors for favorite musical act in Northern Virginia Magazine’s “Best of NoVA.” But things change. Priorities shift. Young performers grow up and start families. It gets […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: Brunch at Pizzeria Orso

3:16 PM0 comments

For the month of April, the Restaurant Spotlight will be focusing on brunch at restaurants in the City of Falls Church. This week, we explore Pizzeria Orso’s Sunday brunch. Pizzeria Orso has been serving up its signature Neapolitan-style pizzas and small plates for a few years now, but brunch at […]

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F.C.-Episcopal Launches Concert Series After Reclaiming Historic Church Home

1:52 PM0 comments

By David Thompson It has been a long road for The Falls Church-Episcopal in its struggle to regain control of its historic church home. The seven-year battle between church defectors who held onto the property and “continuing Episcopalians” over use of the centuries-old site ended last month with a decisive […]

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Fit in Falls Church: Cutting Back on the Sweet Stuff

April 1, 2014 10:58 AM0 comments

By Gretchen Powell Being back on the weight-loss wagon is never without its difficulties, no matter what diet you’re adhering to or regimen you’re following. After regaining an unfortunate percentage of the weight I originally lost, I’ve spent the past few months adjusting my lifestyle and taking control back over […]

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Press Pass: Peter Mulvey

March 26, 2014 5:23 PM0 comments

Folk singer-songwriter Peter Mulvey says it’s happened hundreds of times in his 20+ years as a musician, where listeners will approach him at a show and say that some of his music got them through a rough patch. “Ordinary stuff happens, people die, relationships bust up, and if three or […]

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Restaurant Spotlight: Ben’s Chili Bowl

4:40 PM1 comment

Simply put, Ben’s Chili Bowl is a Washington, D.C. icon. Take a peek at a tourist’s to-do list and “grab a half-smoke at Ben’s” might just be on there between “see the Washington Monument” and “snap a selfie at the White House.” As well it should. The chili-slathered sausage served […]

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Local Teacher & Irish Performer Builds Communities with Music

9:20 AM0 comments

Maddy O’Neill-Dean considers herself a community builder. Locally she’s known for being a children’s music instructor and an Irish music performer, and she feels those roles involve bringing people joyfully together. (And it’s a special thing to O’Neill-Dean that March marks both Sing With Your Child month and the celebration […]

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Mason Stage Becomes ‘Museum’ for Spring Play

March 25, 2014 2:30 PM0 comments

By David Thompson The George Mason High School auditorium was buzzing with activity this week as young actors and stage crew members prepared for their spring play, “Museum.” The stage crew, led by Mason teacher John Ballou and student Technical Director Madison Irwin, was readying the set on a visit […]

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