The Secret of Eleanor Roosevelt’s Success

September 17, 2014 9:53 PM19 comments

Ken Burns’ latest formidable television documentary series, “The Roosevelts: An Intimate History,” premiering this week on PBS is entertaining and educational, at least so far for me. Being only three two-hour episodes in, I am taking the word of friends who’ve seen it all who say it stays good to […]

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The Peak Oil Crisis: It‘s All Around Us

8:58 PM33 comments

Ten years ago peak oil was assumed to be a rather straight forward, transparent process. What was then thought of as “oil” production was going to stop growing around the middle of the last decade. Shortages were going to occur; prices were going to rise; demand was going to drop; […]

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Congress Moran’s News Commentary: Congress Needs to Close the Pay Gap

September 16, 2014 4:59 PM1 comment

Last week marked the 20 year anniversary of a commitment Congress made to keep our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends safe from harm with the passage of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Pennsylvania Blasphemy Law Is An Affront to Freedom

3:18 PM1 comment

Sometimes you have to wonder if we are still living in America, or in a bizarre land where fundamentalism has consumed freedom.

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Same-Sex Marriage Is the Winner

September 10, 2014 10:39 PM4 comments

Is the fiery battle over gay marriage coming to an end? It’s looking more likely by the day that the Supreme Court will have to definitively rule on this controversial issue. Well, it’s more accurate to say that it was controversial. Outside of the angry zealots on the Religious Right, […]

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Congress Moran’s News Commentary: Two Decades of AmeriCorps

10:33 PM0 comments

Twenty years ago, President Bill Clinton signed the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, giving rise to the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) and with it, the AmeriCorps program. After just two decades of action, over 900,000 men and women have provided critical services to nearly […]

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America’s War With Its Dark Side, Part 3

10:20 PM2 comments

The role of nefarious elements of the U.S. covert intelligence operations in the use of brainwashing, mind-controlling drugs and cult-controlling methods is not really very secret, as it turns out. Thanks to the Church Committee in the mid-1970s, a great deal came out into the public record, even though enormous […]

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Congress Moran’s News Commentary: Landmark Conservation Laws Turn 50

September 3, 2014 11:09 PM0 comments

Fifty years ago President Lyndon Johnson signed the Wilderness Act and the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act into law. These two landmark conservation bills have bequeathed to us a lasting legacy of the natural world. The Wilderness Act protected nine million acres of pristine land, largely unaltered in its […]

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America’s War With Its Dark Side, Part 2

8:18 PM3 comments

It may be difficult to grasp the idea that the vicious, murderous cult known as ISIS is the brainchild of Western intelligence services. How in the world can that be? Who would be so wicked as to allow such a development? Well, the nefarious world of covert intelligence ops is […]

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Income Inequality is Killing America

5:02 PM6 comments

The last 40 years have given rise to so-called Family Values groups. One would think that decades of funneling millions of dollars into organizations that purport the help the family would actually have led to stronger families. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. These pathetic, money-grubbing organizations only care about donations, […]

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