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2 Arrested for Shoplifting, Assaulting Officers at Tysons

May 26, 2015 11:01 AM0 comments

Two women from Washington, D.C. are facing charges of assault on law enforcement officers and larceny after an incident at Tyson’s Corner Center on Thursday afternoon. Plain clothes officers assigned to the Tyson’s Urban Team and shopping center allegedly observed the two women – Bianca Jackson, 23 and Kenya Crawley, […]

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Fairfax Water Board Votes to Equalize Rates for County & City of Falls Church

May 22, 2015 3:13 PM0 comments

Six to 18 months ahead of the schedule it had promised when it acquired the Falls Church Water System last year, the Board of Directors of the Fairfax Water System voted Thursday to equalize water rates for customers previously served by the City of Falls Church with the rates of […]

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‘Topping Off Party’ Marks Key Phase in Harris Teeter Build

1:39 PM1 comment

A “topping off party” was held Friday on the first floor of the Rushmark Properties’ Harris Teeter project under construction in the 300 block of W. Broad.

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Decorate A Vet Spruces and Dresses Up Veterans’ Homes

12:00 PM0 comments

Jeff Jones was sitting in church one morning during Christmas when it all came together. He’d been thinking for a while about doing something to honor veterans – his father, grandfather, and uncles were all servicemen – but the project had not formed. Until then. “I’m a Navy brat who’s […]

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Falls Church’s Biggest Party: Annual Memorial Day Parade & Fete Monday

10:34 AM0 comments

It’s the biggest party of the year in the City of Falls Church. The annual Memorial Day Parade and Festival will engulf areas around City Hall with as many as 15,000 people from the entire region, and hundreds of colorful booth and food vendors, live music and the big parade comes down Park Avenue that starts at 2 p.m., all built around a solemn Memorial Day commemoration ceremony at 11 a.m.

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The Peak Oil Crisis: Energy from Buoyancy – A new Disruptive Technology?

10:16 AM7 comments

In the past year yet another technology that seems to produce cheap, pollution-free energy has emerged. If this technology proves viable, it could join with cold fusion and hydrinos as an alternative to the combustion of fossil fuels. For several years now, I have been reporting on the progress in […]

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Constance, Miller to Serve As Parade King & Queen

9:30 AM0 comments

The two Falls Church City natives and soon-to-be George Mason High School grads who were named Mr. and Ms. Mason said they were nominated, as tradition goes, by their teachers to compete in the faux beauty pageant. But Constance also said he competed to uphold the tradition of his two […]

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The Lasso in the News-Press: Principal Byrd’s Award & the Application Process

May 21, 2015 1:07 PM0 comments

The Falls Church News-Press has partnered with George Mason High School’s award-winning newspaper, The Lasso, to bring its readers some of the top articles appearing in the student-run digital paper. This regular feature will appear monthly in the News-Press during the school year. The Lasso can be found online at […]

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Guest Commentary: Jefferson Street Artists Come to The Little City

12:21 PM0 comments

By Tom Gittins The City of Falls Church can now lay claim as the birthplace to Jefferson Street Artists. Over and over again from everyone who walks through the front door, I hear the same word repeated three times in the short span of a 57-second tour. … WOW! With […]

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Letters to the Editor: Take Caution When Parking In F.C. on Memorial Day

11:18 AM1 comment

  Letters to the Editor: March 21 – 27,  2015   Take Caution When Parking In F.C. on Memorial Day Editor, I am writing for two reasons in anticipation of the imminent Falls Church Memorial Day celebration on Monday Reason 1: To provide an advance notice intended to remind visitors […]

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