Letters to the Editor: July 5 – 11, 2012

Commends F.C. for Response to Storm’s Aftermath


I must commend the City of Falls Church for its handling of the power outage this past week-end. By opening the community center to citizens for charging necessary cell phones, entertainment, games and activities, and oh yes. . .air conditioning and showers. . .it provided services necessary for people to make it through an otherwise very difficult week-end. Thank you Falls Church.

Jeanne Whyte

Falls Church


Calm Handling of Hillwood Ave. Incident Praised


Just want to commend the Falls Church City police for their calm handling of the baricade situation on Hillwood Avenue that just ended tonight. Rather than taking the “cowboy” approach of storming the house and perhaps causing harm to the man who was inside, or to themselves, they were patient and the stand-off ended with no loss of life. We who live off Hillwood and whose streets were barricaded were inconvenienced, but that was small price to pay. Kudos to the Falls Church police.

Judy Tinelli

Falls Church


Happy to See ‘All Are Welcome’ Sign at Church


What a breath of fresh air it is to pass The Falls Church Episcopal and see their sign “All are welcome.” For far too long, I have passed that temple and thought there was nothing but bigots within the walls. This church has returned to the principle of Christianity of “Love Thy Neighbor”. It is truly a breath of fresh air in Falls Church.

Robert Mansker

Falls Church 


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