Oakton Otters Dive Meet Results: July 17

The Oakton Otters lost to Cardinal Hill Tuesday evening in this Division 4 dive meet with a score of 44 to 27. This loss brought the Otters’ record to 1-3. 

Two sisters for the Otters took first place in their respective categories:  Elana Colbert in Intermediate Girls with a score of 144.00 and AJ Colbert in Senior Girls with a score of 202.00. 

Other Otter divers that placed were: Finn MacStravic (Freshman Boys, third), Mackenzie Brennan (Junior Girls, second), Brad Burgeson (Junior Boys, second), Liam Klopfenstein (Junior Boys, third), Julia Powell (Intermediate Girls, second), Gil Osofsky (Intermediate Boys, second), and Daniel Nugent (Senior Boys, second).  The Otters next meet is next Tuesday at Villa Aquatic Club.  The Otters are hosting the NVSL Divisional Dive Meet on July 29.


Freshman Girls:

1. Natalie Lychak (CH) 79.10

2. Carolyn Scott  (CH) 69.30

3. Emma Sahlgren  (CH) 62.40

Freshman Boys:

1. Andrew Merski (CH) 49.55

2. Colin Crowley (Ch) 42.95

3. Finn MacStravic(O) 20.00

Junior Girls:

1. Elsa Scott (CH) 95.10

2. Mackenzie Brennan (O) 92.90

3. Grace Cusack (CH) 89.35

Junior Boys:

1. Erik Sahgren (CH) 110.50

2. Brad Burgeson (O) 99.15

3. Liam Klopfenstein (O) 81.25

Intermediate Girls:

1. Elana Colbert (O) 144.00

2. Julia Powell (O) 142.90

3. Paige Atherton (CH) 122.95

Intermediate Boys:

1. Bryce Shelton (CH) 196.50

2. Gil Osofsky (O) 105.45

3. Liam Colwell (CH) 104.30

Senior Girls:

1. AJ Colbert (O) 202.00

2. Morgan Stahl (CH) 192.2

3. Sydney Shelton (CH) 186.90

Senior Boy:

1. Zach Stahl (CH) 192.10

2. Daniel Nugent (O) 146.05

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