No Word Yet After Mediation Session on Water

November 15, 2012 12:19 AM2 comments

A behind-closed-doors voluntary mediation session involving representatives from the City of Falls Church, Fairfax County and the Fairfax Water authority held last Thursday, Nov. 8, at the Alexandria Circuit Courthouse provided no public news of any sort, efforts by the News-Press revealed.

Susan Finarelli, Public Information Director for the City of Falls Church, told the News-Press, “We are not able to release information about the mediation session at this time. We are being respectful of the needs of all parties,” adding, “The City is looking out for the best interests of its water customers, taxpayers and utility employees.” The mediation, authorized and directed by Magistrate Judge Theresa Buchanan, followed failed direct negotiations between the three parties over the potential sale of the Falls Church Water System to Fairfax County last summer.




  • Don’t get your hopes up people. With Fairfax County involved there is little hope of reaching a reasonable and fair conclusion. Bullies don’t negotiate in good faith. Ever.

  • The pot calling the kettle “black.:” Living in the insular city, where wisdom was the former mayor’s plan to raise water rates to avoid raising real estate taxes, and where that mayor’s husband viciously attacked anyone who dissented, you probably wouldn’t recognize a bully if he hit you in the face. The City Council are the bullies.

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