F.C. Vice Mayor Lashes Out Against McDonnell’s ‘Arm Teachers’ Remark

December 18, 2012 7:10 PM7 comments

City of Falls Church Vice Mayor David Snyder lashed out at the remarks of Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell today, saying that McDonnell’s suggestion that teachers and principals should be armed to prevent Connecticut elementary school-like tragedies “appalling and incredibly stupid.” Snyder contacted the News-Press to make his remarks today, saying they were intended to be on the record. McDonnell’s comments were “unbelievable,” he added.

On the governor’s notion, Snyder said, “More guns lead to more deaths, it’s as simple as that,” saying he is “furious about the descent of our society to incivility and violence.” He said McDonnell’s remarks represent “an admission of failure beyond comprehension.” Snyder issued a statement on the Connecticut tragedy Saturday noting that the first petition by the Falls Church City Council in its annual wish list for state legislative action was for a ban on firearms in City Hall, the library, community center and parks.

When State Sen. Dick Saslaw and State Del. Jim Scott appeared at the F.C. City Council meeting Monday to accept the wish list, Snyder wrote, “We were basically told to forget about getting that authority…because the regime in Richmond would never agree.”

Snyder added, “Among the recent successes of the gun advocates are measures allowing guns on public property and in bars, repealing limitations on firepower and numbers of firearms, and even preventing employers from security their property against gun violence. As a citizen, taxpayer, and public official, I oppose this interference into our civic affairs and hate the fact that our police have to be armed as though they are on a battlefield because, of course, they are. And I don’t think we need any longer to accept that the Second Amendment can be used to trample on the ‘unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.'”

Sen. Saslaw was quoted in a press release issued by the Virginia Democratic Party tonight reacting to Gov. McDonnell’s comments today, saying, “And when that fails to stop this, what’s next? Arm the students? If teachers wanted to carry guns in order to do their day job, they would have become policemen.”

Sen. Donald McEachin, Democratic Caucus Chair, was quoted in the press release, “I am appalled. There are more guns in America than people, and yet we have one of the highest rates of gun violence in the world. The Governor should know better than to suggest that arming citizens will solve anything. Maybe the Governor should focus on solutions that could actually have an impact, like banning the high-capacity magazines used to inflict horrific violence upon countless American cities, from Aurora to Newton.”




  • Gov. McDonnell’s suggestion that we “have a discussion” about the possibility of arming some school officials (mischaracterized, naturally, by Nick Benton), is part of a national search for ways to prevent the next school shooting. Snyder does a disservice to that search by acrimoniously attacking Gov. McDonnell’s suggestion instead of arguing against it on the merits.

    I’m convinced that we ought to ban the types of weapons favored by mass murderers, but I also think it’s a bad idea to leave schools utterly defenseless. Since 1950, all but one public shooting in this country in which more than three people were killed has been in a place in which citizens weren’t allowed to to have guns.

    • What an objective “newspaper” we have. Mr. Snyder writes a long letter to the editor on this topic. It gets published. But that’s not enough. FCNP has to write a one-sided, cover page article covering the exact same letter to the editor! What other newspaper in the country does this?

      So either the Vice Mayor’s personal opinion on McDonnell’s comments is the *top* news story in Falls Church, or FCNP couldn’t contain itself when it heard that alleged Republican disagrees with the Governor. You decide.

  • disqus_ha2AtqjnTr

    David Snyder is an idiot.

  • Arming airline pilots has been effective since 911. Why not teachers? This vice mayor imbecile must not trust them – or value the young lives they oversee.

  • Here’s my six word reaction: “Lindsey Hockenberry with a Glock.” Sound ominous?

  • oh give us a break already.. beside the VC mayor is always “lashing out” maybe it’s time for them to go.

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