Letters to the Editor: April 25 – May 1, 2013

April 25, 2013 10:08 AM2 comments

 Thanks to Those Who Came Out to Support Schools


I am a resident of Falls Church City and a first grade teacher at Mount Daniel. I attended Monday night’s City Council meeting and would just like to say thank you to all the members of our community who came out and wrote to the City Council in support of the school board’s budget. As I looked around the room last night I was overwhelmed by the number of people willing to pay more in taxes in order to ensure our class sizes are manageable and our staff is compensated fairly. I cannot tell you how much that support means to me as a teacher. Education is truly a partnership between home, school and community. You could definitely see that partnership in action last night. Thanks so much to everyone in our community for your support. It makes a difference!

Phyllis Kravinsky

Falls Church


Put Environment Ahead of Our Self-Interests


It seems we’ve gone hog wild about building speed bumps to calm traffic, but I have a better solution. Why not put the environment ahead of our self-interests? Why not rip up those eco-unfriendly asphalts roads, speed bumps and humps and replace them with dirt roads. A dirt road, by its very nature, will create rills and ruts and potholes naturally to slow reckless speeders and allow us to loll down our earth-friendly lanes at 10 or 15 miles per hour. Think about how much we hurt Mother Nature by smearing her face with asphalt and covering her unfathomable beauty in humps and strips and bumps. Picture your own mother covered in petroleum products and ask yourself why we think this is good for us, our children, and our environment. Let’s be kind to Mother– once we lose her, we lose ourselves and everything we ever thought we had gained.

Scot Walker

Falls Church


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  • Mr. Walker, you gave me quite a laugh. Thank you. Now go take your medicine.

  • Vincent Seidita

    This is a nice low tech solution. We may also consider a high tech solution. Take away all the speed bumps and replace them with speed cameras that hand out speeding tickets. In a few months the ticket revenue will pay for the cameras and all of those who habitually zoom through the Little City will slow down.

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