F.C. Officer Awarded for Role in Gardner Case

As an April 26 Crime Prevention Week event in Loudoun County, City of Falls Church Police Lt. Sonya Richardson was given an award for her her work in gathering evidence in the case against City resident Michael Gardner that resulted in his conviction and 22-year prison sentence for molesting two girls, according to a report in the Loudoun Times-Mirror. Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli spoke at the event that honored seven individuals including Lt. Richardson.


  1. happy citizen

    Well done officer, well done. Glad the scumbag was put away. 22 years just doesn’t seem enough though

  2. don’t get this. like was in the letter to the editor april 11, there are so many questions left. why? if the full police job was done we would see that the whole family was up and they would be interviewed, same with all the girls there for the party, the girls were cajoled, the sperm wasn’t gardner’s – IT WASN’T GARDNER’S

    • cadixon999

      Sammee, you know what would go a long way to changing people’s belief that Gardner is a scumbag? Take a polygraph. How much money has he spent on a legal defense? A polygraph would have been a cheap way to sway public opinion. Maybe it could have done more to convince investigators that three young girls made all this ugly stuff up (obviously fed to them by their parents, who wanted to see the Little City’s first family disgraced). Glad to see that this pervert and his “stand by your man” wife are out of this town.

    • JFallsChurch

      Sammee – have you read the entire transcript of the trial? If not, then what are you basing your questions/concerns on…the opinions of other. Unless you were there or have read everything, then your questions are pointless.

      • who are you that you read the whole entire transcript and have this opinion? one of the parents? i am so shocked at how handled and was and very saddened, i did investigations professionally and i read transcript and there is A LOT MISSING.

        and cadixon, your insults, if this were true he would be very sick and need help like does the person who did it. like the girls need. no one wants to believe little children would lie but that is what abuse does to them and they look for ways to get it out and they believe each other and then they do not know the truth. you know how kids think their stories are true?

        gardener was easy to point finger at because he is controversal in his column . and you call his wife a stand by man woman but she was mayor and those who did not agree with her were very engraged. she was a very good mayor and liked a lot and is and he, he did a lot.

        mr. gardner was not even ever asked to take a polygraph . not by anyone, not police, not family, not prosecutors, . lie detectors are not always used. but the big thing here is there is SO MUCH MISSING. mr. gardener, his wife, the mayor and their children were not interviewed by police. it was just their conclusion to go after him . it is circumstantial, remember, the sperm was not his. IT WAS NOT HIS. IT WAS THE FATHER’S. of course some of his dna was on her because they were in his house and so were his children and mayor, his wife but their dna was not taken. the sperm on the girl was her fathers. the sperm on the girl was her father’s . the sperm on the girl was her father’s. will not somebody please help her and them? it’s not too late. mistakes were made. maybe the whole thing was scary because they learned about sex assault in school then and what happened was not what it seemed even with her father. investigate. that is why there is that agency child protective services but they were told not to. CPS IS NEVER TOLD NOT TO INVESTIGATE.

        i know we all want to know justice is done, our police and lawyers and judges work a lot and care but they want to sew everything up and i think they made a big mistake. of course it seemed weird that it was three girls against him but it was not investigated and then everyone got upset at trial and the trial was unfair. look at the transcript. LOOK AT THE TRANSCRIPTS. he was not given a chance. they did not even look at his house. how could all this have happened and taken as long as said and no one in that small space would have even heard? JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE! it can be still. so why not investigate more and get everybody on the table? INVESTIGATE FULLY! GET JUSTICE! GET THEM HELP!

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