New Statue Unveiled at Don Beyer Volvo

May 3, 2013 5:34 PM6 comments


THE LONG AWAITED unveiling of the new Beyer Motors statue on W. Broad St this afternoon, attended by scores of locals, revealed a comical man with a coyote tail eating a can of dog food. The artist Richard Beyer also crafted the famous statue of pigs across the street. Former F.C. Mayor Carol DeLong did the unveiling today as she did with the pig statue 29 years ago. Shown here with the new statue is Don Beyer Sr, original founder of the company.

  • CitizenJ

    Did nobody look at this picture before it was posted? And did no one take a walk around the sculpture before it was unveiled? The statue looks completely vulgar from this angle. I can’t believe this is being displayed in public. There is nothing comical about it, and it certainly doesn’t look like a can of dog food he’s trying to get in his mouth.

    • The dirtiest thing here is your mind, not the statue.

  • JFallsChurch

    not sure it was long awaited.

  • Evan Smith

    Nothing phallic about this picture…….

  • Guest

    Richard Beyer is dead, where’d this statue actually come from? Does no one read the internet?! Also… is anyone going to bring up the potential road-head joke?

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