Officials Assure Sale of Harris Teeter To Kroger Won’t Change F.C. Plans

July 9, 2013 2:25 PM4 comments

The news announced today of the Cincinnati-based Kroger grocery chain to acquire all Harris Teeter operations came with assurances from Kroger and Harris Teeter officials that nothing will change in Harris Teeter’s plans for development of new stores in the Washington, D.C. area, including one now approved for construction downtown in the City of Falls Church.

The following is a statement from the City of Falls Church issues today by Susan Finarelli, City of Falls Church spokesperson:

“The City of Falls Church has been aware of a potential sale of Harris Teeter for many months. The City is confident that plans will move forward as scheduled, and today Harris Teeter’s CEO confirmed publicly that Harris Teeter’s ‘new store growth plan’ will remain on track and that the Harris Teeter brand will remain unchanged.”




  • FallsChurchCitizen

    The reason Kroger wants Harris-Teeter is to tap into the high-growth markets of Virginia and North Carolina with a premium brand carrying operating margins that are twice as large as Kroger-brand stores.

  • registerthisfuntard

    why am i still in FC? it’s not the city it once was. it’s trying to be a cookie cutter like ballston or vienna. forget that! what was FC and made it unique like any small town is now fading away. just wait until you get the b.s. about the little strip along w. broad that has browns hardware… that will be going soon too.

    • Yes, we should go back to the days of empty overgrown lots, vacant Post Offices, and other businesses that bring in little commercial tax revenue for the City. That way, we can continue to shift the entire tax burden to homeowners. Great idea!

      By the way, businesses that people really love tend to survive. I don’t see Brown’s going anywhere for awhile…it’s a great hardware store. Anthony’s was a dump and survived only because no other business would be willing to operate out of such a decrepit building. An opportunity came along for the landlord to make more money, and he took it. Welcome to the free market, where leases don’t last forever.

      But, other than Brown’s, you wouldn’t see too many people crying if the Asian massage joint, checks cashed place, and a few other run-down businesses on that strip disappeared. It’s a moot point anyway, because there are no current plans to redevelop that area.

    • Good question why are you still here? There are many areas south of us where you can stagnate

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