Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Coming to Former Natalia’s Space

July 9, 2013 4:29 PM5 comments

The frozen yogurt train keeps rolling in the City of Falls Church as Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt will take over the former Natalia’s Elegant Creations space at 230 W. Broad Street.




  • How many frozen yogurt shops does falls church need? How about a mamma and pop coffee shop/cafe, fc is desperately lacking one.

  • Totally agree – would love a non-chain coffee shop/cafe. I think a good one would do great here. I can’t believe we will have 4 frozen yogurt shops within a mile (just in FCC, not counting the close by ones a few more blocks away in FFX and Arlington ). What a missed opportunity – and not great for the businesses when one or more of these places don’t make it.

    • D_Wayne_Jones

      When they don’t make, maybe you can lease their space and start a mom and pop, non-chain coffee shop. Don’t miss that opportunity.

      If the mom and pop, non-chain coffee shop that occupied the space where Tutti Frutti plans to go was profitable, I think that it would still be there. If there are entrepreneurs who are willing to risk wealth and large chunks of time to pursue their desire to own their own business, we should encourage it. It might introduce new persons to what is best about our city.

      • I actually meant here in FC, not in this particular location. I hope for this business, as well as the others, to all succeed!

  • Fred Packer

    The fro-yo market has room to grow in FC! We could handle at least half a dozen more fro-yo shops.

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