2 FCNP Rivals Stop Short of Truth

July 11, 2013 10:20 AM5 comments

Coincidentally, in the past few weeks, articles about two Falls Church News-Press columnists appeared in rival D.C.-area publications, the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner, that both failed to mention the columnists work with the News-Press.

Patricia Sullivan’s Post piece about Tom Whipple on June 30, “How a Retiree Became a Political Publisher,” failed to note that Whipple launched his career as a “peak oil” expert with his column in the News-Press beginning in 2004 and continuing to the present.

Paul Beddard’s Examiner piece about legendary White House correspondent Helen Thomas on May 27, “Report: Press Threw Helen Thomas Under Bus to Save Its Reputation,” falsely reported that following a 2010 dust up over controversial remarks by Thomas, she retired. In fact, Thomas was hired by the News-Press to continue her weekly column in January 2011, which she filed for publication diligently every week for over a year.




  • D_Wayne_Jones

    The Washington Post and the Washington Examiner are “rivals”?

    • Fred Packer

      In the mind of Nick Benton, WaPo and the News Press are rivals!

      I believe it’s called delusions of grandeur.

  • It’s probably because nobody takes the FCNP seriously. As an occasional reader, I don’t. This article (op-ed? oh I forgot, there’s no distinction here) exemplifies why.

  • CNN scooped you on her death. I assume CNN is also a competitor of FCNP? If so, they’re apparently winning.

  • Everyone knows that this happened because the FCNP doesn’t even register on the radar screen of DC-area papers, right?

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