F.C. Council to Support New IRS Policy

September 4, 2013 8:12 PM2 comments

The Falls Church City Council gave a thumbs up at its work session Tuesday to support federal legislation to empower the federal Internal Revenue Service to hand over any tax refunds it owes to localities, including the Falls Church Treasurer’s office, in the event a taxpayer in question owes local real estate or personal property taxes at the local level. Falls Church is burdened on average by $650,000 in delinquent unpaid taxes. The measure is strongly supported by City Treasurer Cathy Kaye.




  • This is ironic. How about when the City over-collects, it turn the surpluses over to taxpayers, rather than burning it on iPads and Macbooks. Then I’d support the IRS move.

  • This strikes me as a great win-win. The federal government gets to send money to struggling local governments and it doesn’t cost the law-abiding taxpayers anything. Kudos to Cathy Kaye for bringing this up to the Council and Kudos to the Council for seeing the merit to the suggestion.

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