Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Endorses McAuliffe After Debate

The Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce’s political arm, NOVABizPAC, endorsed Terry McAuliffe for governor today, marking the first time in over a decade that they have supported a Democrat for governor. The endorsement follows extensive interviews with both candidates as well as Wednesday’s gubernatorial debate, hosted by the Fairfax Chamber, where McAuliffe laid out his mainstream plan for growing and diversifying Virginia’s economy. NOVABizPAC endorsed Republican Bob McDonnell for governor in 2009 and Republican Jerry Kilgore for governor in 2005, but this year aligned with McAuliffe on issues such as accepting federal funds for Medicaid expansion in Virginia, and supporting the bipartisan transportation compromise which passed through the Virginia legislature earlier this year.




  1. Libertarian Robert Sarvis for Governor!

  2. The chamber is obviously being fiscally irresponsible. Expanding Medicaid would only bankrupt the budget thereby driving businesses out of Northern Virginia. Moreover, did they forget about the tens of millions of dollars Ken Cuccinelli saved Fairfax County in compliance costs when he sued the EPA for declaring rainwater a pollutant? Some thanks! Other than words that can’t be trusted, what has McAuliffe actually done for Northern Virginia? As they say in Texas, “he’s all hat and no cattle.” The chamber, if we are to believe that they represent our best interests, need to withdraw their endorsement and apologize for their lack of due diligence. The chamber should be embarrassed endorsing a crony capitalist!

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