Snyder Calls for Review of Ticketing

October 2, 2013 6:23 PM3 comments

Falls Church Vice Mayor David Snyder last week called for a review at City Hall of the City Police’s parking ticketing policy that, he said, citizens have complained is unduly punitive against City residents.





  • So now the police will be forced to ease up on parking tickets. Illegal parking will increase and eventually there will be a call to increase ticketing. The vicious cycle of cry-babies continue.

    • Your comment makes no sense to me. The point is whether law enforcement should be issuing tickets in the first place without confirming whether the vehicle is owned by the resident or visiting the resident or a neighbor which would mean it is legally parked. We don’t need law enforcement arbitrarily slapping tickets on parked vehicles that haven’t been abandoned, that was the intent of the law. I would love to know what you mean by the ‘vicious cycle of cry babies’. LOL, if it’s wrong then someone should change the law. There is no story here except that David Snyder is suddenly concerned about the fact that the city he represents is doing this, which I find hilarious.

  • Let me try to explain what I mean by the “vicious cycle of cry babies.” Parking complaints and parking tickets are something the majority of cops hate dealing with; they are usually customer (citizen) generated. If a parking issue becomes a big enough nuisance then new laws or city ordinances are passed to address the issue. That sounds like what happened; enough people cried about it and the city has tried to address it. Now there are citizens who are saying the rules are unfair and the cops are going to far. Now lets say the outcome of all of this is that the police are instructed to ease up on parking enforcement; the citizens will rejoice and life will be good for awhile. Eventually citizens will start to complain when parking becomes an issue and say the police aren’t doing their jobs. Eventually things will come full circle and the citizens of the city will call for stricter parking rules. I have been active in Law Enforcement for 13 years and I base this on my experience.

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