Tea Party Patrons Push Coup D’Etat

October 9, 2013 3:35 PM75 comments

nfbentonpicMake no mistake, what’s going on in Washington, D.C. now involves a batch of right-wing elected officials who are refusing to accept the outcome of the 2012 presidential election, and are doing everything in their power to overthrow it.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is nothing less than a total disrespect for the rules of law and democracy. We are witnessing, in fact, a coup d’etat.

These Tea Party radicals are the slash and burn forward phalanx of their Wall Street and military-industrial complex masters. In the heart-felt assessment of this citizen, even more despicable than the extent to which they are willing to go to bring this once-great nation to its knees is their contempt for basic truth and honesty and their cowardly refusal to accept responsibility for their actions.

To anarchists, and their backers and apologists in the media, such as Fox News, notions of truth, honesty and integrity are scoffed at and relegated to their spam folders. All they care about is “winning,” and that’s what they keep telling each other.

It is doubly sad to see older politicians, who many of us felt at least stood for some moral principle and backbone, caving into their radical right flank to parrot its contemptuous lies.

Let’s start with John Boehner. This duplicitous excuse for a human being admitted to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “This Week” that he’d agreed to a “clean continuing resolution” to keep the government open and increase its debt ceiling on numerous occasions over the summer. But then, he added, he and his GOP colleagues suddenly decided to “take a stand” against Obamacare.

So, he admitted on national TV that responsibility for the current stalemate falls directly into the laps of he and his GOP. But what are we now hearing from all these Republicans? They’re blaming Obama and the Democrats, hoping to persuade an increasingly angry general public that Democrats, and not themselves, are culpable for what’s going on.

As John Stewart on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” observed so deftly Tuesday, the Republicans are like someone who’s farted and then blames the dog for it.

In life, it is often difficult to navigate one’s way when there is so much fraud and ill will intermixed with decency and good will. Most of us develop some guidelines we use to separate, as they say, the wheat from the chaff. One of the most effective is to basically discern between honesty and dishonesty, plain and simple.

If someone is caught lying, then they are to be avoided and considered dangerous not only to one’s self, but to society in general. Oh, we can be convinced that someone caught in a lie maybe did it under special circumstances, that it was just a little white one, and with assurances it won’t happen again, the perpetrator can qualify for a second chance.

But when lying is the very modus operandi of a person’s behavior, and if it is done in witting collaboration with others, then one can draw no other conclusion than that this magnitude of lying is serious, and must not be allowed to go unchallenged.

(How many people knew Bernie Madoff was a liar, but let him slide?)

Far too many in the media are not willing to use even this measure to judge who’s right and who’s wrong in the current situation. In fact, one side is lying and the other is not. The Republicans are lying through their teeth.

And to those who protest this claim on partisan grounds, I challenge them to put the interests of truth and the protection of American democracy ahead of knee-jerk partisanship. Just this once.

Andrew Sullivan in his The Dish blog this week has hit the nail on the head:

“There is effectively no Republican party any more. There is a radical movement to destroy the modern American state and eviscerate its institutions. … A cold civil war has broken out between those properly called conservatives, defending the credit of the government, empirical reality, and adjustments to modern life and those properly called radical reactionaries declaring our current elected president and Senate as illegitimate actors, bent on the destruction of America.”




  • FallsChurchCitizen

    If you suggest that Republicans aren’t accepting the results of the 2012 elections, you need to also acknowledge that Democrats never accepted the results of the 2010 elections. The Dems controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress during the first two years of Obama’s first term…and they promptly blew it on the pork-filled stimulus and a horrible healthcare law whose incompetence was most effectively discussed this week by Jon Stewart, of all people.

    • And in what way did Dems not accept the 2010 elections? Far from it. The Dems have attempted to work with the House leadership all along the way! In fact, the budget that was originally agreed to between Boehner and Obama was EVERYTHING the Republicans had wanted and nothing the Democrats wanted. We gave them everything they wanted in that original negotiation in order to get past the debt ceiling without a crisis. Then the TeaParty stepped in and decided they wanted to gut the ACA as well, under threat of destroying the entire world economy if they didn’t get their way.

      • The House decides spending, the Senate approves. If you don’t like checks-and-balances, please eat a .45 hollowpoint.

      • Turn off your television set and learn to think for yourself. #1, the ‘AHCA’ is UN-affordable and intrusive with IRS meddling in personal health records. Nobody running a business wants the Obamacare / AHCA. The debt is meaningless at $3 trillion; it is mathematically impossible to pay this number off. This number is the result of central banking. It will have to be a write down at some point. WHY do you think the Fed is buying $85 billion per month of ITS OWN treasury notes? The Fed is propping up this house of cards. The only solution is to get rid of the Federal Reserve cartel who sell paper $ money to the U.S. treasury AT INTEREST. This is how we got there (3 trillion debt), Rob. The U.S. constitution provides that the Congress have the power to print and coin its own money – which then puts the rate of inflation and money supply back in the control of the U.S. government . This is not the case now with the offshore banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve printing and selling paper. Step one is to defund the un-affordable ‘Obamacare’ act and repeal it. True healthcare reform begins on a clean sheet of paper with tort reform. The sky isn’t going to fall on Oct 17. Just more scare tactics from the people who print the money out of thin air.

        • Darrel Henschell

          “the ‘AHCA’ is UN-affordable”>>

          It shaves $200 billion in the first decade.

          “and intrusive with IRS meddling”>>

          Not at all. The IRS is quite good at collecting money from your taxes.

          “Nobody running a business wants the AHCA.”>>

          I run two, and I want it.

          “The debt is meaningless at $3 trillion;”>>

          It’s $17 dumb dumb. Reagan tripled it, Bush doubled it and then left $10 trillion to land on the next guy. Don’t use numbers you don’t understand.

          “impossible to pay this number off.”>>

          It’s a number you can’t grasp. Don’t worry about it.

          “Fed is propping up this house of cards.”>>

          Then buy gold, wingnut. Preferably from Glenn Beck.

          I think you actually don’t know anything. When the doc looks in your ear, he sees a little daylight out the other side.

  • You are completely intellectually dishonest. In fact, it’s ironic to use the word intellectual in any reference to you since this article is peppered with insults, inaccuracies and obfuscations that only Comrade Stalin would appreciate. America is a Republic, not a democracy. The Constitution and the concept of Life, Liberty, and Happiness is at the root of our society. We do not believe in your radical leftist cult.

    The House of Representatives is respecting it’s Constitutional rights and obligations. Sorry that you feel the Constitution is such an inconvenience when your ass is being beaten to a pulp, but then your quick to change your mind when your pissing your pants hiding behind the 1st Amendment. Typical leftist hypocrisy.

    You are somewhat correct, though, that there was a coup d’etat. You just got the timeline wrong. It was pulled off in 2008 when Chicago-style voter fraud bought the Presidency for a neo-communist closet Muslim Manchurian candidate.

    Your day has come lefty.

    • (facepalm) You think that Obama was elected on voter fraud? You need to get a life, bubba.

      And, no, the end of this TeaParty madness has obviously come to an end. The polls show that 70% of Americans are AGAINST their actions, and the same polls show Obama’s approval rating rising.

      Put that in your pipe.

      • And who runs the polls exactly? Can you explain what it’s like to be a zombie?

      • Rob, it’s nice to associate a face with the enemy.

        • Same here.

        • George De Stefano

          you’re showing the wrong part of the horse’s anatomy for your photo.

          • George, I proudly accept your insults, wear them with pride.

          • George De Stefano

            like all teabaggers, you are impervious to fact and reason. you live in a deranged ideological fantasy world where a market-oriented and moderate Republican health insurance plan is some sort of totalitarian monstrosity, notwithstanding its roots in Romney’s Massachusetts and the Heritage Foundation. And I’m sure you never directed any of your brain-addled rants at Bush. But Bush, of course, had the right complexion for you and your ilk.

          • Hmmm, let’s see. The last time I looked Major Medical cost less $50 a month. Obamacare is tyranny, forcing hard-working Americans at gun-point, threat of jail, fines, if you don’t comply. It’s pure insanity of the State and tyrants like you. You are the enemy and you will be dealt with.

          • George De Stefano

            Yeah, that’s why millions of uninsured are signing up for it. Because they want to be subjected to government tyranny. I’ll be “dealt with?” Oooh, I’m so scared. But just go ahead and make an actionable threat, you neofascist nutjob, and I’ll report you.

          • Your type is going to be dealt with. You’ll see. Your type and the millions of leaches suckling off the average hard-working taxpayers teat, is not sustainable and it’s immoral. Georgette, you and your type are ignorant, envious thieves that think it’s right to steal another persons work, labor, and money. And just like a thief is dealt with, you will be too. How is going to be the biggest surprise of your life….just sit back and don’t be shocked when it happens….just remember you were forewarned.

      • NO president has ever been re-elected with the economic indicators present when Soetoro/Obama was ‘re-elected’. Gas and diesel prices doubling; Food prices up 60+%; Food stamp recipients up from 24 million to nearly 48 million people. Now Soetoro/Obama (bankers demands health care for everyone with the IRS in charge? Bull$hit. Young people out of school cannot afford it, on top of student debt and job shortagesbecause of treasonous NAFTA, GATT and WTO trade deals . YOU get a clue. The AHCA is UN-AFFORDABLE and un-American, placing a gestapo IRS in charge of extortion payments. Did you know that the Congress was forced to pass the AHCA / ‘Obamacare’ with a shotgun-vote just to see what was in it. What kind of ‘Americans’ would support 3rd-world banana republic style legislation where the people couldn’t see what’s in the AHCA before it was passed? This alone should nullify the democratic process and the ‘AHCA’. This garbage will repealed.

      • Darrel Henschell

        And he won bigtime: “Barack Obama is the first president in more than
        five decades to win at least 51 percent of the national popular vote twice,…


      • USMC/USAF Retired

        Rob….I wouldn’t recommend anything if you have nothing to offer but your goofy statements (as above). You currently so 2 incorrect statements on the SMALL paragraph above..I can’t wait for you to continue your “sermon on the mount” to anyone dumb enough to listen. You WILL get your just rewards. notice that there is no slander here…took a lot of effort in your case.

    • George De Stefano

      Keep it up, Ron. We’re enjoying your ravings since they make our case — you right-wingers are absolutely ignorant and delusional. “Neo-communist Muslim Manchurian candidate.” Wow. You don’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

  • This partisan blame-game stuff is so incredibly tiresome. Both major parties have ballooned the budget and national debt.

    • Tom… You need to understand a few things.

      1) Our Debt-to-GDP ratio is about where it was after WW2. And it is still lower than a number of first world nations. The debt is not the huge problem the Republicans make it out to be.

      2) Our deficit has been falling over the past ~5 years, and our projected debt-to-GDP is projected to fall over the coming decade under President Obama’s leadership.

      3) The real problem with our economy is JOBS, because that is how we grow the economy. Republicans have been blocking every bill designed to help the middle class and create jobs.

      4) Under Clinton we ran a surplus, which was then spent under Bush. So, no. both parties have not ballooned the budget. The first stimulus that went in under Obama was actually voted in during the Bush admin.

      • There we go with all of the finger pointing again… It’s Bush and the GOP’s fault.

        • Yes, Dave. Reagan exploded the debt (although he also was smart enough to work with Democrats to raise taxes in response). Clinton ran a surplus. Bush 2 exploded the debt again. Obama has been bringing the deficit down with a projected reduction of the debt-to-GDP ratio over the coming decade.

          Those are just facts.

        • LOL, it really shows how intellectually bankrupt the left is.

        • Darrel Henschell

          We know categorically who caused the shut down:

          1) Republicans ran on shutting the government
          down: “Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland
          campaigned in 2010:
          “We need to make sure you are going to be with
          us when we shut down the government, which we will do if we win the majority this year,” Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, September 2010. http://tinyurl.com/mof2lw4

          2) Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) said it’s
          “moronic” for republicans to let the government shut down over their opposition to Obamacare and called them “lemmings with suicide vests.” He said: “…jumping to your death is not enough.” http://tinyurl.com/kmphz99

          3) Michele Bachmann said she was “very excited”
          about the shutting the government down and “It’s exactly what we wanted, and we got it.” http://tinyurl.com/nhnxsn6

          4) Conservative Rep. Marlin Stutzman said:
          “We’re not going to be disrespected,… we have to get something out of this. And I don’t know what that even is.”

          5) “House Republican Admited: GOP Had To
          Shut Down The Government To Please The Tea Party”
          “Walden said, “We have to do this because of
          the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.” http://tinyurl.com/o5ckjdr

          6) Congressman Steve Womack admitted this is a
          republican caused “hostage” situation and that it was a
          “political suicide” strategy that may give the house to the
          Demos. http://tinyurl.com/kccdnjl

          7) Republican Peter King: GOP Shutdown Strategy ‘Doomed to Failure’ King said. “This was a strategy doomed to
          failure, and Ted Cruz has now walked away from it. We are the ones who shut this government down.” http://tinyurl.com/lo7dnww

          8.) John McCain To Fox: No, The Shutdown Is The
          GOP’s Fault: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dQfV-0R4ZY

          9) And then they did this: ‘House Republicans
          Changed The Rules So A Majority Vote Couldn’t Stop The Government Shutdown”
          “the GOP has faced a fundamental strategic
          obstacle: They don’t have the votes. A majority of the members of the House have gone on record saying that if they were given the opportunity to vote, they would support what’s known as a “clean” continuing resolution to
          fund the government.
          So House Republican leaders made sure no such
          vote could happen.”

      • 1. Our money is based on hot-air. It’s printed by Keynesian top-down types that think government is the solution. Government isn’t the solution to our problem, it IS the problem.
        2. Our deficit is not falling. What are you smoking in your pipe?
        3. The real problem with our economy is brain-dead idiots like you that continue to sell the same Leftist-Marxist Koolaid to the bleating sheeple. Jobs only come about when you have an educated population that innovates itself out of problems, not look to government for solutions.
        4. Clinton ran a surplus because he was beaten like the bitch he was by a REPUBLICAN congress. Get your history straight leftists shill.

        • 1) Government is what was established by the US Founding Fathers. It is us. Love it or leave it.

          2) Do you know the difference between debt and deficit? Apparently not.

          3) I happen to be a very successful entrepreneur, so I know about innovation and economics. Jobs come when you have a strong middle class with money to spend. All the innovation in the world doesn’t help a business if consumers can’t spend.

          4) Clinton ran a surplus. Bush spent it. That’s a fact.

          • 1. Yep, House decides spending, Senate approves. It’s constitutional. Don’t like it, too bad lefty.
            2. Leftist obfuscation doesn’t work. Our deficit is debt.

            3. Sustainable jobs and strong economy come with a free market that isn’t interfered with by government. Bubbles happen when government interferes. The middle class cannot exist with government interference.
            4. Clinton didn’t run a surplus, the REPUBLICAN CONGRESS ran a surplus. . . lesson 101 in history, The House Approves ALL spending.

          • Ron… You’re apparently not well versed in government.

            There is give and take in the budget exactly because both houses must approve it and the President has to sign it.

          • Darrel Henschell

            Good job Rob but apparently Ron doesn’t have a mental horsepower to even grasp your rebuttal’s. It’s quite common.

            A couple extra points on this debt/deficit stuff, and the myth of conservative fiscal responsibility:

            “All told, the U.S. federal deficit will be about $600 billion smaller than it was in President Obama’s first year in office, making this the fastest deficit reduction Americans have seen since World War II.”
            Chart: http://m.static.newsvine.com/servista/imagesizer?file=steve-benen6AD3B76C-F1F0-A708-8531-4AC3B6BCDE2D.jpg&width=380

            As to the myth of conservative fiscal responsibility, nothing could be further from the truth. Note:

            Over the last 75 years, Republican administrations have had an average annual deficit of $83.4 billion. The average for Democratic presidents is one fourth of that, only $20 billion. http://hnn.us/articles/8301.html

            “Since 1959 federal spending has gone up an average $35 billion a year under Democratic presidents and $60 billion under Republicans. Republican presidents increased the national debt much faster, more than $200 billion per year, versus less than a $100 billion per year under Democrats.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A20059-2005Apr1.html

            “Big Government? Obama Has 273,000 Fewer Federal Employees Than Reagan
            …By the end of 2010, the United States STILL has less employees on the books than we did back in 1980 even though the population has grown from 226,545,805 to approximately 330,000,000 in 2010.

            TOTAL NONMILITARY EMPLOYEES IN 1980 — 2,875,000
            TOTAL NONMILITARY EMPLOYEES IN 2010 — 2,840,000

            We have 35,000 less nonmilitary employees under President Obama than we had 30 years ago, even thought the population is 30% larger.

            Handy fun fact: “…government spending as a share of GDP is lower in 2013 than it was in every year of the Reagan presidency except 1988 when spending was 21.3 percent of GDP, 0.2 percentage points lower than the 2013 share.”

            “[B]ig-government conservatism.” The lines on every graph show the same pattern: Government — whether measured by spending, the deficit, the number of employees, or earmarked appropriations — expanded through the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Senior administrations; declined steadily under Clinton; then shot rapidly northward after Republicans took control of the White House in 2001.” http://www.newamerica.net/publications/articles/2007/whose_big_government_5433


          • The douchebags at this leftist rag censored my comments. Lets see if they print this

          • Rob Honeycutt

            Ron… You threatened my life and you wonder why your comments were deleted?

          • If you say the word “black” suddenly you are a racist in the warped mind of a hippy leftist. Rob, you are a perfect caricature of leftist idiocy. The only threat to you is truth, and I’m guilty as charged.

      • I appreciate your good reply and concur with some of it, but for me both major parties perpetuate the system of borrowing and taxing to pay for ever-increasing budgets. Neither side is willing to question their sacred cows, be it military spending, entitlement reform etc. I will say that the Clinton era saw relatively saner fiscal policy, but we still never got that “peace dividend.”

  • You are just a delusional as the people and party you are trying to describe? Where is the President? The President needs to show leasdership instead of toeing the Democrat party line. The President should be able to transcend party politics and lead this country. You are really going out on a limb by calling this a coup d’etat. I see it as a complete failure by ALL of our elected officials. I smell BS coming off of everyone in DC.;

    • Dave… This is probably news to you, but Obama actually IS leading the country. He just ain’t putting up with TeaParty BS anymore.

      • Rob… It would be news to me, but Obama doesn’t have a single ounce of leadership in him. He is attempting to manage the country, and he is doing a piss poor job at that.

        • Dave… You say that without any evidence whatsoever. You’re just pissed because he’s kicking some serious TeaParty butt right now.

          • Rob… Look at everything the government is not doing at the moment; do you need anymore proof? Where is your evidence that he is a good leader? The liberal media? Are you just another Obama Zombie? Sheep being led to the slaughter? I could actually could care less about the Tea Party; I came to these conclusions on my own.

          • “Look at everything” means nothing. Give me some examples.

          • Let’s just start with the government shutdown. Instead of transcending party lines and acting like a leader, all our Glorious Leader has done is whine and point fingers. I coils start talking about things like Benghazi and Fast and Furious, but I bet you would find a way to blame Bush for those too.

          • Dave… Yes. Let’s look at the government shut down, shall we? Boehner and Obama made a deal months prior to this in order to avoid a shut down. That deal was a continuation of the current budget, which was everything the Reps wanted and none of the additional spending the Dems wanted. Then the TeaParty came in at the last moment with a plan to gut the ACA.

            Obama responded with strength and leadership and said NO to the extreme elements of the GOP. That IS leadership, bubba.

            Benghazi? Go look up the history of how many Americans were killed during Bush’s terms. This is a fabricated controversy. There have been fewer deaths at US consulates under Obama.

            You’re just a failure at this stuff, Dave. You’ve been fed BS and you’ve swallowed it whole.

          • Darrel Henschell

            “look up the history of how many Americans were killed during Bush’s terms.”>>


          • Exactly. Benghazi is a fake controversy the right has drummed up because Obama’s Presidency has been so lacking in actual controversies.

          • Darrel Henschell

            I like umbrellagate the best. Fast & Spurious was pretty good too. The IRS thing, totally phony baloney. A summer of completely fake scandals. Pitiful.

      • He puts up with Muslim Brotherhood bullshit though? Remember, Obamas brother runs a financial front for them. Surprised? Huh?

        • Ron… You’re quite insane.

          • Typical leftist potsmoker. Sling more insults instead of sticking to facts.

          • You’re the one making lethal threats.

          • Never. Just a suggestion. Having trouble reading? Too much bud last night?

          • Rob Honeycutt

            You did make a lethal threat.

          • Prove it !
            Ahh, the achilles heel of the left….truth and proof.

          • George De Stefano

            no, he’s right. you are insane — just like the rest of the teabaggers

          • George, if preserving the ideals of this great country…those of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…keeping what one earns without some elitist statist leftist prick trying to steal it…not being a leach…keeping out of each-others medicine cabinets is insanity, I am guilty as charged. Leftist scumbag !

  • “Far too many in the media are not willing to use even this measure to judge who’s right and who’s wrong in the current situation. In fact, one side is lying and the other is not. The Republicans are lying through their teeth.”
    I thought responsible journalism/media meant that you provided the facts without bias and let the public decide what the truth is? I don’t want you trying to spoon feed me what your consider the truth (BS) because that’s how you see it. I pass back your own challenge; put aside your own interests and knee-jerk partisanship.

    • Dave…..don’t confuse op-ed articles in this paper with responsible journalism. Apples and oranges.

      • I realize and understand the purpose of op-ed articles. When a “news paper” only publishes op-eds that have a very liberal, anti-conservative bias to them I do not consider that responsible journalism. I do not care much for USA Today, but at least they provide a point/counter-point with the op-ed’s they publish.

        • Agreed….was being somewhat sarcastic in that the op-ed articles are not responsible reporting (not that is should be 100% of the time)…but as you mentioned above – they are very one-sided

  • Michael Bluestein

    great article and the polls prove it now……gop approval the lowest in history…..tea party sitting at only 20 percent now…….the propaganda machine has deluded their perception of reality…….THEY HAVE LOST AND WILL LOSE EVERYTHING SOON

  • Junk

  • It is time to crush the tea party traitors and punch them in the nose. Enough !

  • Oh, seriously?

    I’m sure happy this Tea Party supporter does not live in Falls Church – must be an awful place to have an opinion that does not coincide with editorial policy.

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