Falls Church Grocery Workers Protest Mass Firing

October 16, 2013 5:49 PM7 comments

Photo: News-Press

Workers at the Bestway Grocery on Annandale near Rt. 50 in Falls Church participated in a rally at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in Washington, D.C. Wednesday to protest the firing of 30 workers by the store owners solely because, they said, of their efforts to form a union allied with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 400.

The NLRB was unable to intervene because of the federal budget shutdown, Karlyn Williams of the UFCW Local 400 told the News-Press, but once open, the NLRB will be petitioned to take action against the grocery, which she said violated fair labor practices. The workers at the store formed a union in late September. But the store owners “engaged in systematic illegal retaliation against union supporters by cutting hours, changing schedules, holding one-on-one interrogation meetings, and threatening to call immigration on the workers, among other scare tactics,” according to a union press release.

“When the workers staged a one-hour work stoppage last week to draw attention to their plight, Bestway retaliated by firing 30 of them,” the release said.

  • David

    If I stopped working for an hour, I’d get fired too.

  • Walther380

    They should have been happy to have jobs to begin with. Greed destroys.

  • whw518

    good for Bestway

  • Sara Weiss

    I came by this article to see what the resolution was as the protests have ceased. I was shocked to see the comments below. It saddens me that so many people have forgotten the core beliefs of our country. I know that there are unions that do not function the way they should and even some that are corrupt but to buy into the lie that we are supposed to not stand up and fight as workers is sad. America is founded on the principal of the power being with the people (not large companies or politicians). It is our right as Americans to stand up and protest. It is our right as workers to demand fair working conditions. This article doesn’t mention that when the workers arrived to claim their pay, they were denied their paychecks. This is illegal. I am tired of the saying “You are lucky to have a job”. Workers have rights and should be able to stand up for them. When we decide we should kiss the ring of the king and shut up and do as we are told… it is a sad, sad day.

    • JFallsChurch

      Go union! No more big companies and politicians running our lives!!!

  • Sara Weiss

    This article in the Annandale Patch has the resolution and more details on worker’s complaints.


  • Sara Weiss
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