Massive Oak Tree at Cherry Hill Farmhouse Cut Down

October 24, 2013 2:08 PM2 comments
(Photo: Lou Emery)

(Photo: Lou Emery)

Bit by bit, the massive Southern Red Oak tree located on the Cherry Hill Farmhouse property is being removed.

The tree is being cut down because of advanced decay in its lower trunk and supporting roots, which has spread to include several large limbs on the tree’s north side that are now dead.

The tree measured 53 inches in diameter and was potentially more than a century old.

Removal of the tree will span today and tomorrow. During removal, a section of Park Avenue directly adjacent to the tree will be completely closed to parking and traffic.

(Photo: Lou Emery)

(Photo: Lou Emery)




  • Falls Church doesn’t like ANYTHING old in their downtown. They just rejected a plan to build a Senior Living Center in town so that they could keep a Burger King (??!!). They rejected long planned ventures for low cost senior housing and low income housing a few years ago so that they could keep their vacant buildings and crumbling hooker hotel… The Stratford. The Little City is the capital of NIMBY!

    • I agree with you in general, but in this case, the tree sounded like it was a potential danger and would agree with the city in taking it down.

      Since you brought it up, what is the deal with The Stratford? It is clearly a hooker hangout and drug den given all of the police reports to that effect. Who owns it? Clearly that space could be redeveloped and something far more useful and less crime-ridden could go in it’s place.

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