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Johnny’s World: Foot in Mouth

jworldWe’ve all been there. We’ve all asked or seen someone ask a woman when she’s due, but she’s not actually pregnant. We’ve all made inappropriate comments or analogies without even noticing because our home language and friend language is so comfortable and free-flowing that when we’re talking to or in front of strangers, once we’re comfortable, we fly. I think it’s safe to say, that for the most part, we rarely surround ourselves with people who challenge us, or who are polar opposites in terms of philosophy and belief so we in turn, build up a comfortable pillow-top barrier of everything you say being okay.

Cut to this week when I was speaking at a university and called a small group of people protesting my speech, idiots, for no other reason that my tongue getting away from me. This kind of talk is usually relegated to the safety of my own friend groupings and family but for some reason, I felt like a threatened underdog and needed to take a dig at the people who had me on edge. At the end of my speech I opened the floor to a Q&A and it turned out that those very people protesting my speech, were actually friends of the faculty and brave LGBT activists who stood in the same room as me. I felt, and still feel, a great deal of remorse for allowing myself to insult other people, fighting in their own way, and for using insulting words instead of my usual cheerleading antics for one and all.

What my speech related to was the role of athletes at the upcoming Russian Olympics, and as if it isn’t obvious, this is a topic I know a lot about and am very passionate about. I will preface this also by saying that it’s been a while since I was last protested in person and for the last month I have been dealing with an unsafe fan situation, so to say the least, I am on high alert and high self-protection mode. However, I realized that there is no excuse to hurl insults at those who oppose you, or those who think differently than you and as a believer in free will and free speech, I allowed my own fear and emotion to get the better of me and for a moment I became a hypocrite.


I have been defending athlete’s rights to compete in Sochi, despite Russia’s anti-LGBT laws, and have publicly opposed a boycott. This is an issue that is very heated for many LGBT activists who want to protect and save the Russian LGBT community, and I whole-heartedly applaud their bravery. I may not agree with all their tactics nor do I have the sense of responsibility that they have, but any selfless act is worth applause.

Despite many activists bravery, they also have a very pointed way of trying to make everyone around them an activist and to stand for a cause. My stance of being pro-athlete before being pro-gay has ruffled so many feathers and it becomes difficult to speak publicly because of this fight. As a non-confrontational person, I take it very hard (obviously) when I offend people or they feel the need to tell me that I am awful. Many activists also believe that change starts with a revolution, a term that terrifies me. I am not against activism in any way, but I don’t have the strength of character to not only revolutionize my life on a daily basis but also the lives of others. Our differences are vast, but we all live for a purpose.

In any event, the speech finished, I left feeling awful and my only solace was in a half eaten carton of Breyers, freezer burned to death in the back of my freezer. I have put my foot in my mouth before, and I probably will many times over, but it doesn’t change the fact that I stooped to fighting by slinging insults rather than being proud of my own voice and achievements and saying, my opinion matters too. I showed myself a lesser version of myself that night, and I’m glad I learned from it. People will find their own paths, they will differ from mine, and I need to show them the grace that I’ve been granted in my own discovery.





  1. Yes, it was wrong to call them “idiots.” It’s also wrong for them to call you a “twit” and all the other names they’ve been slinging your way. What you’re saying, I think, is that you’re not an activist; you’re an athlete. Here’s the thing: 99.9% of us are not activists. I’m appalled at the treatment of women in the Middle East, but I sure as hell haven’t done anything about it. I can understand why people are hoping you’ll become an activist, but I cannot understand why you’ve become public enemy number one. These people are taking the easiest path…going after the most visible target. It’s very easy to join a group of people throwing rocks without using one’s brain. But this is distracting from the real target– Putin and his government. These protesters fail to see that you are on their side, that by being out there and visible, you are making a difference. Because visibility is what brings about change. Even Putin knows that, and that’s why he’s trying to quash it. Divisiveness does not help matters. And so just as you should not have called them “idiots” (something you’ve acknowledged), they should not be attacking your character at every turn. Okay, so Johnny Weir doesn’t want to join them. Others will. As you’ve said, you march in your own way.

    • Please remove your head out of Weir’s a**. Obviously, your are nothing more than a lovesick fan who thinks Weir can do no wrong.

    • When you go on T.V. and campuses to defend why anti-gay laws you should be ignored you do so not as a sportsman… YOU ARE ACTING IN FAVOR OF A POLITICAL POSITION!

      He’s speaking out like any activist does… ‘cept he gets paid by NBC to carry the message.

  2. “My stance of being pro-athlete before being pro-gay has ruffled so many feathers and it becomes difficult to speak publicly because of this fight.”

    And still, you keep speaking publicly. More’s the pity.

    • How is this comment useful? Where’s the substance? Where’s the reason?

      • The substance is that as a commentator on human rights, Mr. Weir repeatedly distinguishes himself as an excellent ice skater.

        And his understanding of LGBT politics is as about deep as Hillary Clinton’s understanding of Olympic ice skating. So maybe he should just hush up on the topic.

    • Beatrix Zenk

      @clarknt67:disqus Is it an appropriate way to silence those who are of different opinion? Do you want to silence Johnny?

      • Because Johnny Weir tells lies. I’d rather he be silent than lie for NBC, the International Olympic Committee and Putin.

        • Do you live in Russia? Do you have close contact with people actually living in Russia right now? No? I thought so. That explains the ignorance and misinformation in your posts.

          • No. We have this thing called “reading” in America. It’s a way to inform yourself, give it a try Jen, you’ll have to pull your head out of your ass to find an authentic source of good information though.

          • Are you reading the direct words of people in Russia, though?

          • I’m speaking with them face to face.

          • We are hearing the direct words of Russian thugs as they beat and humiliate gay men on camera. We’re hearing the direct words of the people of Russia as they call in the bomb threats.

          • Happy Holidays Jen..

          • Everything is JUST great for LGBT Russians, Jack! Stop overhyping this story with your pictures and videos of gays being tortured and attacked. I’m sure that was photoshopped.

          • Yeah, that’s exactly what he said. That everything is “just great.” Stop “photoshopping” what he says.

          • Oh sorry, what were the words? Exaggerated, overhyped, blown out of proportion?

          • FYI, That horrific event you’ve displaced happened in the Ukraine not Russia.

          • REPORT: Russian Neo-Nazis Attack Gay Contestant On Ukrainian X-Factor Show
            Yes piska I know!

          • By a guy who was doing the SAME THING in Russia before he fled to the Ukraine. Educate yourself before you post.

          • … And why the Star’s of David Jen?

          • Jen, Johnny is ignoring videos and new reports that we all have access to. These news reports include shooting (one activist in Russia lost an eye), more than a dozen bomb threats at the LGBT film festival, several LGBT people beaten and killed, LGBT people raped, and LGBT people humiliated (shaved reverse mohawks, painted in rainbow colors, made to suck a dildo, and heard screaming in another room as one of the members of the gang addresses the camera).

            Most of us can tip our hats for the basic need to allow athletes to perform and to honor local customs. But when Mr. Weir begins to minimize and trivialize what’s going on in Russia by insinuating that it’s a mere culture clash (“show we shake hands or bow? do women need to wear a head scarf?”) as opposed to the violent and abusive situation than it is, then it’s time for criticism. How bad does the local culture have to get before you can’t pump millions of dollars into an economy of a nation that behaves that way? Looking back at things, did we enable Nazi Germany by attending the 1936 Olympics?

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Gerry wrote, “Looking back at things, did we enable Nazi Germany by attending the 1936 Olympics?”
            Personally, I think Jesse Owens winning four Olympic gold medals did a lot of damage to the Nazi’s theory of “Aryan superiority”, so no, I don’t think we did.

          • Explain how Jesse Owens winning a gold medal was helpful to the six million Jews Hitler went on to execute?

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            I’ll explain how Jesse Owens winning a gold medal was helpful to the six million Jews, the non-Jewish gay men, the Romas, the Seventh Day Adventists that Hitler went on to execute, when you explain how it wasn’t helpful.
            I’m Jewish, so I’m used to explaining to people influenced by millenialist beliefs that Hitler targeted other ethnic/religious groups, too. No responsible Jewish historian would omit the other groups.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            OK, I’ll explain. Jesse Owens wins in the 1936 Olympics showed people what they could achieve in spite of bigotry. It gave hope to people. It helped people realize that “racial theories” were wrong. In the Talmud, it states that if you save one life you save a world. Jesse Owens’ wins might not have directly saved peoples’ lives, but you can’t downplay what he did.

          • So millions died with hope in their hearts.

          • Nobody in the camps gave a crap about Jesse Owens.

          • No, you made the argument. You should, at the very least, be able to back it up. The fact that you can’t makes your point, well, pointless.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            D W, anyone can say, “explain how X does Y.”, sometimes it’s legitimate, sometimes it’s a debate tactic. Clarknt67’s use was a debate tactic which I threw back at him. If you were reading other parts of the blog, I went on to discuss instilling hope. Clark doesn’t have to tell me about the six million Jews killed by Nazis, he also doesn’t have to tell me about the Jews who survived the Holocaust either, but he ought to answer my question, unless it was as I posited before, that it was a debate tactic and not a legitimate question.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            I’ll explain that when you explain how it WASN’T helpful to the six million Jews, non-Jewish gay men, Romas, and Seventh Day Adventists Hitler went on to execute.

          • Within two hours of the end of the Berlin Games, the German trains were being filled with Jews, Roma, Gays, physically disabled, etc. for delivery to the camps where they would gassed, shot through the head, raped, medically experimented on, and then finally be thrown into mass grave or sent to the crematoriums. The American Olympic Committee was headed by an virulent anti-Semite. He wanted to legitimize HItler through the games, Americans came home and said they saw nothing wrong. If only they’d waited a couple of hours. They could have seen trains being loaded for extermination of humans. I don’t think anybody entering the death camps gave a damn about Jesse Owens. Johnny Weir isn’t gay. He’s a narcissistic homosexual. He’s just not one of us. Now he’s a backstabber who lies about his backstabbing. He’s just a liar.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Splendiferous2, can you cite the comments about the German trains “being filled with Jews, Roma, Gays, physically disabled, etc for delivery to the camps where they would gassed, shot through the head, raped, medically experimented on, and then finally be thrown into mass grave or sent to the crematoriums” two hours after the 1936 Berlin Olympics ended?

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Two hours after the end of the 1936 Olympics?

          • Have you seen the same videos every one of us has seen, posted proudly without police investigation by torturers (and in some cases possibly killers) who claim they’re targeting pedophiles? Have you read the stories of people being arrested for daring to speak out for gay rights, or for appearing gay in public?

            And there is a law in the works, now delayed until the end of the Olympics because of the political scrutiny that so-called “idiot gay activists” have brought, which will take away children from gay parents. There is no “misinformation” being propagated.

          • Do you have any clue?

            NO, you do not!


            Enlighten yourself.

          • I’be been to Russia many times. Russia is an organized crime and racketeering state sponsor of hate and violence towards minorities of all stripes in Russia. Russia torture-murders rapes gays, Jews, migrants of color, etc. It is one of the most anti-Semitic places on earth, dwindling in population due to epidemics of alcoholism, wretched health care, corruption at every corner, HIV has spread through the country and now will spread even faster since minorities are moved underground. Russia and Russians are now considered uncultured and non-cributors to world culture, even their dance institutions are now considered international flops. So, Johnny, you stabbed the lgbt community through our backs. We who marched in the dangerous marches so you could have your right to get married. And you call people idiots. I don’t consider you part of the lgbt community. You’re a fur-wearing homosexual who was a closet case and did not come out when you could have been a positive influence to gay kids. YOur fashion designs are ghastly and you are disloyal to the core. Move to Russia and worship Putin, but leave the lgbt community alone. YOu are not one of us. You are a homosexual of the 19th century variety. YOu shame us as you shame yourself, I don’t believe a word out of your narcissistic mouth.

      • Gerry Fisher

        Strongly criticizing dear Johnny does not equal silencing him. If Johnny’s arguments can’t withstand criticism, it’s up to him whether he wants to continue to make a fool of himself in the public square.

        • splendiferous2

          He’s an intellectual dunce. Pure and simple. He lives in a world that sparkles, and doesn’t care about anything that’s going on in Russia. I just don’t believe a word out of his narcissistic mouth. I’m gay and thoroughly disgusted with him. He lies and in my opinion he is a coward. So wear your Russian uniform, Johnny, you’ve become too morally crude to do anything else.

      • macguffin54

        I believe the point he is making is that Weir’s defense is that he is not a public speaker. Yet he continues to make public speeches. If he doesn’t want to be criticized for the things he says because he knows he isn’t good at saying them why is he still saying them? Either stop talking publicly about controversial things or stop complaining when people don’t like what is said .

      • Johnny is sorry he let his cat out of the bag… he usually reserves his comment for his friends and family…

    • splendiferous2

      He is not gay. He is a 19th century homosexual who like to wear dead animal furs and sparkle. I couldn’t care less, until he says that he supports athlete’s rights before lgbt rights. I wonder if JOhnny has any idea of the lgbts who were killed fighting for his damn right to marry, to have any kind of equality at all. Johnny Weir spits in the faces of people who got him every civil right as a homosexual he will ever know in his life. He is not part of the community, except to the most unread, uncultured, dumbed-down dystopian idiots. He is disloyal and a backstabber. I hope all lgbt will simply boycott working with or for him, or anything else to do with him.

  3. It’s also that you deliberately lie about the situation in Russia, Johnny. You say that things are better than they are to change the reality of what it is like for people to get up and face every day. They wish they had the opportunity to ‘put their foot in their mouth’. They wish that they could proudly go with a spouse of the same gender anywhere without feeling fear–or even to feel the fear that you felt at Barnard last night because at the end of the day it was tense but not life-threatening as theirs is. They wish that they could go to the Olympics and see people of privilege coming to their country to speak the truth, and not make them even more invisible by lying about it with carefully scripted nuggets of disinformation. Only you can decide what you can live with at the end of your day. So the time for me to call you names is over. You be the one to do that. Are you a hero? Is that a name you wish to hear? Are you honest? Is that a name you aspire to? Do you have a clear conscience, and would you like to be a good role model for athletes who look up to you and your place in history (you do have one, like it or not)? If so, then good for you. If not, then take the opportunity and the trust that your fans and NBC have given you and do something. You don’t have to speak about ‘politics’–at all: You don’t even have to lie about it. You don’t HAVE to say a word. But any word that you do say about anything other than triple axles and lutzes is your choice, and no one else’s. And just as you decry what a tragedy the missed opportunity of a boycott would be for this year’s crop of Olympic athletes, think for ten minutes–maybe before you go to sleep tonight, or try to–about what a tragedy the missed opportunity of not telling the truth about the dangerous human rights violations against your beloved Russian kindred will be for all Russian citizens long after the last light has been turned off in the Olympic Village in Sochi.

    • Wait… Where did he lie and say things are better than they really are? He called the law “disgusting.” He said HE has never had a problem in Russia, but that he knows he’s one of the lucky ones. (See BBC interview.) I hope you’ve actually listened to his interviews in context rather than just reading a bunch of quotes out of context. He, an openly gay man, is going to be on television during an international event in Russia. An accomplished, intelligent athlete. This is a huge step forward. How is visibility (what he has become known for) a bad thing? It’s funny how you’re telling him to speak out more and the other commenter is telling him to shut up. And funny how you sarcastically refer to Johnny’s love of the Russia people just before professing to be in favor of protecting the Russian people.

      • Go look at footage with JW and Tara Lopinsky from the trials of about ten days ago. I respect your fandom, AB. I respect the truth more.

        • He indicated that the western media has misrepresented the situation in Russia–a position that several Russian sources have verified. Our media is indeed very prone to hype–it sells. That brief statement–an answer to a question regarding the safety of gay athletes in Sochi!!–does not indicate however, that Weir in any way condones the laws. Indeed, he has expressed his disgust and disapproval of the Russian anti-gay laws in several occasions. If you limit your information on a few out-of-context quotes from blogs you will be sorely misinformed.

          • LOL, “Russian sources verify that western media lies about Russia.” Which issue of Pravda are you referring to, comrade?

          • I said “misrepresent” not lie. I’m referring to exaggerations–hype. Among the sources are my gay Russian friends–as in living in Russia right now. Everyone agrees the laws are horrific and we need to work to abolish them. But not everyone has to do it your way–and not everyone agrees on what is the best method or the best venue. How does bullying an athlete who disagrees with you on whether the Olympics is the right venue for a protest help the Russian LGBT community?

          • We’re confronting an athlete that lies. It’s not about disagreement, it’s about lying.

          • What was that lie again?

          • I was wondering when the term “bullying” would enter this dialogue. But I’m just an “idiot” according to JW.

          • Bullying is the refuge of people who find themselves way outnumbered in their indefensible positions. “All you people telling me I’m wrong are bullying me!”

          • This was posted to Johnny on Johnny’s Facebook page. Nasty, vile, and totally not necessary: “I hope something unpleasant happens to you in Russia.” And this in the name of human rights.

          • YOur way doesn’t appear to have worked too well, has it. I have Russian friends. they say the opposite of you.

          • Pathetic. LOL in revulsion.

      • splendiferous2

        Weir has received special rights in Russia, so far. He won’t mention the fascist takeover of Russia, nor will NBC. He and NBC will minimize the rapes, the torture, the murders of Jews, lgbts, people of color, journalists, honest business people. Johnny tugs at the leash to defend them and to silence himself about them. Just what NBC wants.

      • splendiferous2

        Johnny talks out of both sides of his mouth. He says things and then says he didn’t say them. He is not gay. He’s an self-loathing 18th century homosexual. He’s narcissistic and has no respect for anybody but himself and his personal need for furs and rhinestones. As a gay man, I disagree with you. Besides, if you don’t already know of Weir’s antigay statements, where have you been and why are you asking others to do your homework.

    • You clearly know NOTHING about the actual situation in Russia or anything about Russian people if you think ridiculous tactics like this will help. In fact, they do much more to harm the cause in Russia, and make other Russians turn on the already maligned LGBT there. If YOU want to be a hero, go to Russia, spend 6 months there, and then we’ll talk about who is spreading lies and whose approach is most effective.

      • Hi Jen. I don’t want to be a hero. I never worked for it, or insinuated myself into the fame machine. And the reality is that all I did is ask for your hero to be as honest as that statement. Sorry to make you mad. As far as what the actual situation is in Russia, Jen, since you failed to enlighten us with your knowledge, here’s some advice from folks who live it every day. They’ve also bravely listed contact info at the bottom. Have a great day.

        Russia: Censor “GAY”? NO WAY Stand up against Homophobia! Support the Struggle of LGBTQ People in Russia!

        Dear friends, Russia’s recent law banning the ‘propaganda of
        non-traditional sexual relations’ is a huge attack on civil rights and
        freedoms in our country. The government is trying to divide society and
        draw public attention away from many pressing social and political issues which exist in this country.

        The government is using existing prejudices to turn LGBTQ people into
        convenient scapegoats. Its actions have provoked violence against LGBTQ
        people and criminalised protests against this repression. Some LGBTQ
        activists have been forced to flee to other cities or even abroad due to
        government pressure and continuing threats from the far right.

        In addition to attacking LGBTQ people, the government is also attacking
        the rights of women, atheists and religious minorities, persecuting
        immigrants and the political opposition. Members of the activist band
        Pussy Riot have already been imprisoned for over one and a half year for
        their protest, and nearly thirty other people, including an LGBTQ
        activist, are currently being tried based on falsified charges of ‘mass
        public disorder.’

        Russia is not, however, just the corrupt and
        authoritarian regime of Putin and his clique. Russia is over 140
        million people, most of whom want to see change. After the rigged
        elections of 2012, thousands of people came out to join mass protests in
        the streets in cities and towns across Russia. Many LGBTQ activists
        were involved in these protests and were met with compassion and
        understanding from many other protesters.

        You can support our
        fight against discrimination, authoritarianism and repression and for
        equal rights, freedom and genuine democracy in Russia!

        We call for:

        – Protests in front of Russia’s embassies, consulates or other
        locations on the day of the Sochi Olympic Games opening ceremony on 7
        February 2014;
        – Pressure on the corporate sponsors and suppliers of
        the 2014 Sochi Olympics – such as Coca-Cola, Panasonic, Samsung,
        Procter&Gamble, Microsoft, Adecco, Visa, McDonald’s, etc. – to
        express publicly and explicitly their position regarding this homophobic
        – Sports fans to organize solidarity actions when attending the Olympics;
        – Athletes participating at the Olympics to express their support in statements or symbolically;

        – Activists and allies in different countries to organize campaigns
        demanding protection against persecution for the athletes who choose to
        protest against homophobia and neglect of human rights in Russia from
        the Olympic committees,
        – People all over the world to demand a
        change in the rules of the Olympics that limit the right to protest
        against discrimination,
        – Support for the activists facing
        persecution in Russia, including those who have to seek asylum in the EU
        and other countries,
        – Protests during international visits of Russian officials or celebrities which are known for their homophobic views.

        Rainbow Association (Moscow-based LGBT activist group)
        March for Equality (LGBT and women’s rights campaign)
        Russian LGBT Sport Federation
        Committee for a Workers’ International (Russia)
        Left Socialist Action
        Pussy Riot Support Group

        Contact us:

        • But why are you wasting your energy attacking an athlete for not being enough of an activist when there are so many parts of the world where gay rights are being quelled? It’s like your whole purpose is to “out” Johnny Weir as a liar and a fraud and a do-nothing, when what’s the point? There are far worse villains in the world. Oh, wait. Now I’m attacking YOU for not being enough of an activist!

          • Weir is just being confronted on his lies.

          • We’re attacking him for minimizing, which is a form of lying, avoiding, and covering up. Minimizing is particularly nasty when it also involves someone profiting off the situation (his salary for being a part of telecasting the Olympics).

        • Please re-read what you’ve just posted. Because NONE of it says boycott the Olympics. In fact, they need the Olympics to happen so their cause and their plight will be visible to the rest of the world. And none of it supports the bullying and juvenile attacks on Johnny Weir, Thomas Roberts and others who, unlike you, and willing to put their ass on the line, go to Russia, and bring attention to this cause with their visibility. Which they have been doing for MONTHS now.

          • (whispers) Hi, Jen: I never wrote the word ‘boycott’. And before you ask me, I am in contact with many people in Russia, as well as folks who have fled Putin’s hateful anti-LGBT human rights atrocities that are only spreading to other communities, not getting better (even as some people who shall remain nameless go on television and say that they are not that bad). Finally, check out the heading “February, 2014” above. You get the gold medal in delusion, by the way. Enjoy your victory, and thank JW for his support because I’m sure he really gives one fig about any of you who are losing your heads to defend his inconsistencies rather than taking a deep breath and having an actual personal, thoughtful opinion about the situation affecting fellow human beings every day.

          • How about trying again without personal attacks on the poster, Ken?

          • Many of us are very open to the tactic of the Olympics continuing to be held in Russia. That doesn’t excuse lying and minimizing. Thomas Roberts recent made similar remarks about how his hosting the Miss Universe pageant would make “their cause and their plight visible to the rest of the world.” It didn’t really work out that way; we haven’t seen any real increase in coverage because of Roberts, he didn’t champion the cause of Russian LGBT people on the stage of the competition (how could he?), and there’s been no “special report” issued as a result of him participating in this event in Russia, even though he’s a CNN anchor. At what point does it all become about people’s comfort level and continuing to make money?

          • How would Roberts’ NOT hosting (inevitably to be replaced by a straight man) help the situation any? These are anchors. They have no pull in what NBC and other networks cover. You need to go after NBC, if you want things to change. You’re going after the wrong targets.

          • Oh how brave Thomas Roberts and Johnny Weir are, “putting their asses on the line” as you say, from the comfort of their NBC-financed limousines, four-star hotels and television studios, surrounded 10 deep by an adoring entourage of admirers. How brave.

          • Thank you.

          • These games you claim they need were initially projected to cost $10B. The costs, due to corruption and destruction of people lives who were brutally uprooted for stadiums, but mostly due to pure Russian economic corruption, the games are now said to cost approximate $55B to $60B. Ptuin has built himself a virtual palace conveniently just outside Sochi. Of course, these are the games of a country that tortures, murders, rapes, spray paints lgbts, Jews, migrants of color, journalists, etc. Jen, you can defend that all you want. But you and Johnny know noting about world history. Johnny is unread, uncultured, self-loathing, and a 19th century homosexual. He’s not gay. He lies, he is a coward, and he’s going to shill for the Russians while receiving a paycheck from the NBC conglomerate. which has fought hard to not report on the situation in Russia. JOhnny Weir and NBC. One moral emptiness meets another. Just cast the check Johnny. It’s the only thing that means anything to you anyway.

      • Your blind hero worship of Weir doesn’t help anyone but Weir.

        • Your inability to think for yourself is even sadder. What a sad world we live in.

          • What’s sad, Jen, is your total inability to engage in anything but perosonal attacks on this thread.

            How does Johnny Weir’s calling the anti-propaganda law “the law that says you can’t have anal sex in front of libraries” help LGBT people in Russia, Jen?

            Is it really helpful to dismiss their struggle for basic free speech, assembly and association as just their being forbidden from having sex in public? Answer me why that’s a defensible statement if you are capable.

          • And your inability to engage in anything other than hit and run activism makes me sad.

            That’s what the law actually says. Read the law! You don’t speak Russian? Too bad. The other issues related to the law have been within Russian society for YEARS and YEARS. Where have you been before this? Why haven’t you done anything about it before?

            Also, learn to read the whole article. This is what Weir said re: that comment last night:

            ““I apologize, I misspeak, if I’ve offended anyone in this room, sometimes I make bad comparisons”

            But hey, that doesn’t fit your narrative, so why mention that, right?

          • “That’s what the law actually says.” Are you putting me on?!?!

            You actually believe the law talks about not having anal sex in front of libraries?! You honestly believe that?! And you dare call other people uninformed?

          • And because we have the Olympics to use for leverage at the current moment, this is somehow “wrong” because we weren’t able to do more earlier? And you weren’t aware of the Madonna concert, the Gaga concert, the Elton John concert, the vodka boycott, the Miss Universe contest, the attempts to free the “Pussy Riot” band, and the very recently ended LGBT film festival for which the writer, director, and producer of the film “Milk” attended, despite over a dozen bomb threats?

            We *are* doing more than calling dear Johnny on his minimization. We’re doing all we can do short of moving over there and fighting inside the country. (Nothing like carpetbaggers trying to affect change, eh?)

          • I don’t care if the words “sex in front of libraries” is truly in the law somewhere, but do you honestly think that’s how it’s being put into practice?

          • If you want to defend fascism, Jen, go right ahead. In fact, if Russia is such a paradise, why don’t you do into the streets and advocate for the rights of gays, Jews, people of color, journalists, honest business people Except that you’d be in jail right beside Pussy Riot. Minimizer cowardice is as ugly as flat-out lying. Self-loathing must be a horrible thing.

          • Pure homophobia.

          • Johnny’s remark was a spit the face of the gay community that fought to get him every right he has today. He did nothing. He says that advocates of human rights are people who want to have anal sex in front of the library. What library. I cannot imagine Weir entering a library or reading a book in his entire life. He is a self-loathing homosexual narcissist who’s gonna get a paycheck for stabbing his own through the back. He’s not one of us, I don’t claim him, and I hope everyone boycotts him, his business (whatever that is), and he disappears from the scene to live his life in dead animal furs and lights sparkling on him. Cash that check, Johnny, You’ve earned it. But you have lost the respect of the people who fought for your rights, all of them and as for you place in the lgbt community, you just don’t exist.

        • And who does your attack on Weir help?

          • It helps by clarifying the truth of the law and the very real events–the rapes, killings, videotaped humilations, shootings, and bomb threats–that are going on.

          • No, by calling Weir names and attacking him, you’re distracting from the real problems. Look, we’re talking HERE about Johnny, when we should be talking about this law and its effects.

          • Minimization is one of the the reasons the Italian Jews were nearly vanquished. They simply did not believe their fellow-Italians would send them to the camps. A horror of truth awaited them. JOhnny Weir will have a prominent post at the Sochi games, He is a sympathizer to Putin’ Russia and he has stabbed the lglbt community through the back so many times how can one count them. He is lying. Well know he’s lying. He’s a narcissist looking for a paycheck and an opportunity to trash the lgbt community and promote Russian fascism by not mentioning it or completely minimizing it. He’s uneducated, unread, uncultured, and self-loathing. He isn’t a member of the lgbg community. He is a 189th century homosexual who wears dead animals and promotes the country that would imprison us all. Johnny, you’ve ruined yourself for all time in the lgbt and human rights communities. YOu did it to yourself. YOu are responsible. And the pathetic arguments of your pro-fascist allies with regard to life in Russia will reflect back on you like rhinestones. This will never go away Johnny.

          • who says he can be helped? It’s quite obvious he’s narcissistic, and our criticisms will only make him worse.

          • Maybe you forgot the whole point: to help Russian LGBTs.

          • Gay Russians face terrible discrimination. Johnny’s attitude and making light of Russian homophobia is beyond reprehensible.

      • Gerry Fisher

        It’s not about being a hero. It’s about being thoughtful, educating ourselves as much as possible, and trying to do something within our means that can shine a light on what’s going on over there or help in some other way. Compare the news coverage of the Russian situation before and after the vodka boycott and pouring bottles into the street. It obviously increased media exposure. No one says that it “solved” the problem, but at least it didn’t lie about or minimize the problem while raking in the bucks by hosting an athletic competition and giant party in the middle of other people’s misery.

        • Johnny Weir has also increased media exposure. At first he said nothing. Then, when asked, he went on a bunch of media outlets and talked about it. Many people didn’t agree with him (others did), but he did raise awareness. There’s more than one way to go about this.

      • Jen, you should also remove your head from Weir’s a**. Please and thank-you.

    • splendiferous2

      Superb! Weir shills for Russians and then tries to deny it. I never thought he was bright, but is he really so benighted? He’s been proved a liar. YOu want lies about Russia,, listen to Weir.

  4. Is it really true you called the anti-propaganda law, “the law that says you can’t have anal sex in front of libraries.”

  5. And here’s the news story with reporting from Johnny’s appearance. You be the judge:

  6. i am an armchair athlete when it comes to winter sports…but i have always been a fan of the olympics. but it is more than just disappointing to an openly-gay winter olympian to shill for corporate money when it comes to dismissing russia’s vehemently-oppressive anti-gay laws. mister weir is a talented skater with many justified accolades. and he fully admits he knows nothing about politics..deliberately keeping himself ignorant. so then why does he feel qualified to dismiss what is happening in russia as unimportant since HE has never been harassed? also, it is sad that mister weir feels he doesn’t have the strength of character to revolutionize his life. he did so when he came out, and he has a tremendous opportunity to use his celebrity to speak out for russian lgbt individuals being victimized.

  7. As a life-long LGBT advocate and ally I am disgusted by how some LGBT activists are bullying those in the community, like Weir, who do not want to be political activists or who don’t find particular tactics helpful. Weir is an athlete and a sports commentator, not a “commentator on human
    rights”. He is not an investigative journalist nor a political
    activist–and he has no obligation to be. As an Olympic athlete he is
    obviously concerned of the careers and well-being of his fellow athletes. Just because he doesn’t want to be an activist does not mean he is against the Russian LGBT community–as an athlete he just doesn’t find the Olympics to be the place for protests and/or boycotts. That does not in any way make him a “traitor” or a bad person. In fact, Weir proves himself to be an introspective and considerate person who makes an effort to understand perspectives that differ from his own–unlike the judgmental bullies who outright reject Weir’s perspective and seem to get a kick of insulting him.

    • Folks, if you’d actually read what I wrote, Go back and re-read it (or read it for the first time, from the looks of some of these comments). I told JW that if he had a clear conscience, good for him. I said say nothing about Russia, if he didn’t want to be “political.” I encouraged him to say nothing about Russia, rather than lie about it as he has in the past when he’s said it’s “not so bad.” It would seem that you folks have a strange need to defend this guy beyond that. That’s so curious.

      • I had the same thought about you. More than one person commented that JW called the law “disgusting.” That’s why we’re defending him. You’ve chosen a curious enemy. I see all over Huffington, Towle Rd, etc, they’re quoting Johnny Weir out of context, using inflammatory headlines, trying to make it look like he’s an idiot. Look, anyone who defends him is going to be labeled as a crazy fan. The truth is that not everyone agrees with you.

    • customartist

      And yet, he HAS commented. So let the roasting commence!

      • splendiferous2

        Just because somebody has done something, it does follow that he or she is competent at it. I’ve watched Weir’s commentating. Some of his comments, especially the phrasing, sounds though he is incompetently trying to channel Dick Button. I’ve also noticed that he heaps praise on Russian female skaters, whom we watch fall and poorly perform. As a commentator, he is not somebody I would believe. Not to mention he’s antigay and pro-Ptuin and a self-loather.

    • If he’s not a “commentator on human rights” then he should stop commenting on them.

    • I’ll give you ‘A’ for effort but, sadly, and ‘F’ for execution. First off, Johnny Weir is many things but introspective and considerate are not among them. His self-indulgent and self-absorbed persona is legend among many in the skating community, not to mention the gay community at large.

      It is true, he’s not an investigative journalist or a political activist but, he is a public figure who, knowing full well the violent and dangerous nature of Russia’s current anti-gay law, made comments which cannot be misinterpreted. Further, had he not wanted the attention now given him, best that he had remained silent on the issue…..but he didn’t. As such, his words and his position are fair game for comment and response.

      You’re woeful ignorance of Mr. Weir’s statements regarding the Russian law is astounding. He has made it very clear that he has ZERO problem with the law, going so far as to defend Russia having the right to do what they want because “it’s their own country and their own affair.” One can rightly infer from his statements that he has no consideration or concern for basic human rights, regardless of how many times he ‘clarifies.’ Bluntly put, cultural relativism is puerile sophistry.

      Finally, understanding perspectives that differ from one’s own is not an excuse for willfully ignoring glaring violations of basic human dignity; nor, is it bullying (judgmental or otherwise) to reject Weir’s perspective since the criticisms are not based on falsehoods or lack of evidence. Weir spoke his mind, which is his right, and we exercised our right to respond in kind.

      P.S. Shame on you for trying use the very real issue of bullying to send a chill in the discussion.

    • Daisy is a sock puppet too. 5 comments total, really?

    • Gerry Fisher

      There are some who cross the line into name calling and bullying, and I appreciate Weir apologizing for name calling. Having said that, the bulk of the criticism thrown at Weir is legitimate. When he says that the law is primarily about preventing open displays of anal sex in front of libraries, he’s grossly, GROSSLY minimizing what is going on over there instead of shining a truthful light. Go ahead, feel strongly that the Olympics should go on and that athletes shouldn’t use the Olympics for a political platform. Just stop minimizing what’s really going on over there. It’s important to convey much more honesty, especially for an openly gay, former Olympian broadcaster who has the platform to make a difference.

      • He was challenged on the “libraries” comment and immediately took it back and apologized. Did you not see the discussion?

        • That was a purposely dismissive and vile comment on his part. Designed to shock and humiliate LGBT activists in the public eye. He’s dismissing any consideration of the rights abuses currently taking place in Russia as being an annoyance.

          I could care less if he apologized. He’s made it abundantly clear he just doesn’t care. Fine, that’s his opinion. But I sure as heck am not going to stand by and watch someone throw that kind of bs at fellow LGBT citizens without speaking my mind.

          You’re sticking up for a rather simple minded jackass. And if you ask me, a dangerous sock puppet jackass due to his involvement with NBC.

    • As a lifelong advocate with a 5 comment history no less.

      (cough…sock puppet…cough)

      • How does rarely commenting make me less of an activist? I prefer doing over talking to like-minded, angry, narrow-minded people on blogs. Try talking to real people and listening to alternative views for a change–living in an echo-chamber skews your perspective of reality.

    • Btw, leading up to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin there were many people like Weir. They used the “we’re athletes…not political activists” excuse and turned a blind eye to the situation in Germany. Look how that turned out.

      “I beg the gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world,” Weir said.

      Thanks to the anti-gay laws currently in place, Russian LGBT people and their supporters are being attacked, tortured and killed but Johnny implores gay Olympians to ignore that so that they can “DAZZLE THE WORLD!” Right. Ignore the torment of your fellow LGBT brothers and sisters. Dazzle!!

      Do you know what’s actually going on in Russia? Just look at how some of these twisted homophobes are kidnapping and torturing gay people there –

      • JonRobert W. Johnson

        Yes, Gigi, “leading up to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin there were many people like Weir. They used the ‘we’re athletes…not political activists’ excuse”.
        One of those people was Jesse Owens, an African American man who won four gold medals, which struck a blow to Nazi theories of “Aryan superiority.”

        • Owens’ win angered and embarrassed Hitler.
          Look how that turned out.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            So you are criticizing Jesse Owens for participating in the 1936 Olympics? You believe that had American athletes boycotted the 1936 Olympics, Germany would not have embarked on its lebensraum initiative? Germany would not have attacked Poland?

            Anyway, I did a little internet sleuthing regarding Hitler’s reaction. Apparently, FDR treated Owens worse than Hitler did.

          • Hitler, like Putin, couldn’t give a rats ass about opinions outside of his own country, that’s what you’re missing in this little story.

            Jesse was ignored in German press, his medal and achievements were not discussed in German media, there was mass censorship. If the average German even knew that a black man had won a medal, it certainly wouldn’t have been something any Germans would have used as an example to prove Hitler wrong.

            The 1936 Olympics was used within Germany to massive propaganda effect, this is a fact. It’s a matter of historical reality. A dictator like Putin, or Hitler, doesn’t care what they are talking about in the US, they care what their own people are being told and the image they are projecting of the power of their own nation.

            You are selectively choosing what you want to present as some kind of excuse, while anyone with even a little understanding of what was happening in Germany at the time can dismiss your opinion very easily as being extremely selective and extremely biased.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            GaiaLogic– Indeed, there has been a lot of selective logic in this thread. For instance, in choosing your words, you didn’t say anything to Gigi who wrote, “Owens’ win angered and embarrassed Hitler. Look how that turned out.” From your own statements, that wasn’t correct. Yet I’m the one you accuse of trying to rewrite history. You decided to ignore my statement that I’m Jewish and that I know about the Holocaust. The 1936 Olympics bolstered Hitler as you say, ” it struck such a blow that Hitler grew more powerful, created a gigantic army, invaded Poland, took control of much of Europe, murdered millions of people in death camps, and was only stopped by a combined effort of allied forces and his own crazy overreaching.” So apparently everything Hitler had done prior to 1936, such as secret initiatives to mass produce miltary weapons, expanding the military, or a treaty to increase Germany’s navy mattered? And by the way, you have it reversed, Hitler took control of much of Europe prior to invading Poland. Poland was the Allies final straw. Up until then, the Allies appeased him with the annexation of Austria and invasion of Czechoslovakia. Then you accuse me of trying to rewrite history? No. I’m pointing out to Gigi and others that the 1936 Olympics isn’t the direct causal link your statements would lead people to think you believe it.

          • You are informed very well, indeed. Very good.

          • Now you’re trying to tell me what I am and am not saying. Jesse’s win DID embarrass Hitler, no doubt, I haven’t said otherwise. But, as I clearly said, this makes absolutely no difference in a country where the media is strictly controlled and where no one has he courage to speak out.

            It makes NO DIFFERENCE what Hitler thought about Jesse Owens. What matters is that the Olympics in 1936 were used by Hitler to gigantic propaganda effect within Germany. The press was controlled, the public lied to, the ultra nationalism fed, and it led to WW2 and the murders of millions of people.

            You can try to rewrite what actually happened all you like, it doesn’t change the FACT that Hitler used the Olympic Games in 1936 to manipulate his own idiot public. Putin will do the same.

            Clearly it’s pointless debating with you, because you seem more intent on picking apart what people are and are not saying, reading into peoples opinions things to support your notions, misrepresenting what I have said, and being deliberately disingenuous to try to distract from the reality that you are factually incorrect.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            And yet other people are saying that I’m very well informed. I am also one of the few people in this thread who is using web links to support my arguments.
            Since you feel I am misrepresenting you, it seems your second paragraph creates a firm link between the 1936 Olympics and WWII and the Holocaust. Your third paragraph statement, “You [me} can rewrite what actually happened all you [me} want,” seems to discount any other factor that led to WWII even though the main argument of that sentence about Hitler using the Olympic Games to manipulate his own public is a supportable conclusion by itself. But to say that was the sole factor? I’ve been willing to post links, even the one about FDR that Gigi pointed out I got wrong. Where’s your evidence to show that everything I wrote about occuring before 1936 was incorrect?

          • You just found out that FDR was a racist after a Google search? Wow. Listen, I’m sorry that you’re butt-hurt that I dissed your boy. I’m sure Johnny’s a very nice guy [well…no, I’m not but if that’ll make you feel better…], and perhaps he didn’t mean this to sound the way it did but I’m not sure how “I beg the gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world…” could be anything but condescending, insensitive and crass. Maybe I’m still reeling from the story about neo-Nazis who kidnap and attack young gay men in Russia. They film themselves torturing these guys []
            and then post it on the internet. Most of the attacks on LGBT people in Russia go unreported because the police have no reason or desire to investigate these attacks because of the anti-propaganda law. LGBT people are being attacked and killed and Johnny wants gay athletes to “dazzle” the world.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            No, Gigi, I knew about FDR’s record on African Americans and Jews before this. You said I’m “butt-hurt”? So you have no better response than a personal attack because I point out that your reference to the 1936 Olympics is an argument in favor of participating in the Olympics? So you are so engrossed in the current tragedy, that you do not make the connection that gay athletes going to Russia and showing that they can compete and excel just like straight athletes? You do not make the connection that many of the significant strides for gay rights in the U.S.A. came about because straights realized that they knew people who were gay? Straights saw gay people humanized? Or do you think Justin Weir should travel to Russia and hunt down the neo-Nazis all by himself?
            I understand what is happening in Russia is bad. I don’t believe the way some people are criticizing Justin Weir is well-placed. According to Weir, he has received threats on his well-being, which is part of what prompted his verbal attack on his protesters. How do these people (I know you’re not one of them) think that hurting someone makes them better than the Russian homophobes?

          • Who’s Justin Weir? :)

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Johnny Weir, you got me, I’m old.

          • Shush! Old is only a state of mind. Listen, I don’t expect Johnny to don a pair of jackboots and stomp his way through Sochi [although I CAN imagine he’d rock that look] kicking dust in the faces of anti-gay haters, but I also think his “gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world” comment was flippant and insensitive. Can we at least agree on that?

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            He’s not a cheerleader, that’s for sure. He could really use a session with a public relations consultant, too. I am not a media consultant, but I think most people would have told him he should not write or say that he’s pro-athlete before being pro-gay. That strickes me as a slap in the face (no pun intended). It reflects a non-comprehensive view about his own person.
            Since you have asked me if we can find common ground on the comment about dazzling the world, I can tell you I am struggling with it. I can see how the comment would come off as flippant and insensitive. He isn’t telling straight athletes to remember their “missions and to fight for a chance to dazzle the world,” so without any more justification on his part, it does perpetuate a gay stereotype (about gay people wanting to flamboyantly “dazzle the world”).
            My real struggle is that the Olympics is supposed to be about promoting peace. Gay or straight, athletes should want to represent their countries as representatives of what is good both about their countries and about themselves. Why aren’t we criticizing straight athletes and commentators for not standing up for their gay colleagues? Or showing solidarity with their gay teammates while at the Olympics? So JW’s call to gay athletes but not straight athletes was specious: It’s a nice catch phrase for TV but little more. The real question to me is whether he is capable of more. (I think I know where you stand on that one and I am not sure that I would disagree with you, but I have never heard of this guy before, and I’m more bothered that he is reporting that people are threatening him. I found the one point that I could argue about and was putting it forward because I want people to think about what they are saying).
            A part of my struggle is that I want to believe very much that the Olympics can be a force for good. Was it Jay Leno or Bill Maher who joked that with the Russian ban on gays, the entire men’s figure skating competition was eliminated? My point is that there are gay athletes representing their countries. I want them to have the chance to be seen by the average Russian, who will have a chance that he isn’t getting now to humanize gays. Wasn’t that one of the factors in the advancement of minority rights here in the U.S.? I want the news to have the chance to report what is going on in Russia. I want to believe that individuals can make a difference.

          • Moving beyond Johnny’s “dazzle” comment, there are a great many athletes and non-athletes alike — both straight and gay — who are actively working to draw attention to the situation in Russia. Hudson Talyor, founder of Athlete Ally, has partnered with LGBT group All Out and American Apparel to create Principal 6, a “line of merchandise that aims to use the Olympic committee’s very own charter language as a way for consumers to stand in solidarity with gay Russians, athletes, and visitors during the upcoming Sochi Games.” They’re trying to do more than “dazzle.” They’re trying to make a difference.

          • Gays will not be humanized in Sochi or anywhere else in Russia.

          • You nailed it.

          • If the Americans who attended the games had not been misled by the Nazis, they would have seen what was going on. There is documentary film footage of the Berlin being painted over and cleansed of all ant-Semitism before the games. Within two hours of Americans leaving after the games, the trains were filled with Jews, Roma, lgbts, physically or mentally disabled children and adults, etc. If Americans had known the truth and had come him able to tell the truth, perhaps our country would have made more intelligent and humane decisions regarding the war.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            The trains were filled with lgbts? Now Splendiferous2, if you had studied WWII history, you would know that the Nazis didn’t put German women (non-Jewish, non-Roma) who were lesbians or bisexuals on the trains to the death camps. Lesbians and bisexual women were expected to get married to German men and have Aryan babies.

          • Myth. An American myth we’ve all be told.

          • Myth or not, it still didn’t make Hitler act in a kinder, more gentler way.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Hi, Gigi, I think Splendiferous2 is a troll.

          • Ya think? :-)

        • Right, it struck such a blow that Hitler grew more powerful, created a gigantic army, invaded Poland, took control of much of Europe, murdered millions of people in death camps, and was only stopped by a combined effort of allied forces and his own crazy overreaching.

          The 1936 Olympics is widely understood to have BOLSTERED his power and position in Germany, it certainly didn’t do anything to prevent or minimize what then happened.

          Please don’t try to rewrite history, it’s offensive.

        • splendiferous2

          Pure myth. Nobody in any of countries where minorities were exterminated by the millions could have given a damn about Jesse Owens. He did noting to change the war or the violent course that history took in achieving rights for women, people of color, lgbts, and other groups. Jesse Owens didn’t have crap to do with any of it, it’s pure myth.

        • Struck a blow to Hitler, and then Hitler struck a blow to Europe.

    • splendiferous2

      Obviously you know nothing about the world of figure skating or the fascism in Russia for which Weir has made himself an apologist for Putin’s Russia. Why doesn’t your generation read or know anything about world history. Johnny’s proved he’s biased towards Russian skaters, the people who got him the right to marry he has spit in their faces, he is narcissistic, money grubbing no matter who gets hurt. He lies and tells degrading lies about the lgbt community. If you wish you to support Johnny bias in favor of fascist Russia, go ahead. Wier’s only perspective is getting himself that gig at NBC by announcing he would try for the team (everybody knew that was a joke), then withdrew and suddenly rumors came from his camp that the pro-Russian Weir would be available to commentate for the cowardly NBC. To do what? He has no ability for introspection. But he does like money, and he doesn’t mind stabbing his fellow-humans to get the check. So, Johnny, go pro Putin, just like NBC. You’ll fit right in.

    • splendiferous2

      What sector of the galaxy do you live in? If you wish to support Johnny’s sympathy for Russia, a fascist state, then stay silent and be cowardly. The rest of, especially those who marched in the pride marches down south when we were attacked violently in the early days as police looked on and laughed, are disgusted with people like you and him who collaborate in the situation by not speaking out on it, which i think is pure cowardice, not good manners. Go to Russia and pretend you’re an lgbt activist and watch what happens to you. Unless you keep it secret out of respect for fascism and its supporters.

  8. Kapos will be Kapos.

    • JonRobert W. Johnson

      So now you’re saying he’s a kapo? You’re saying he will personally go to Russia and decide which LGBT will be sent on the trains to the death camps? That he will live in a ghetto and run said ghetto in compliance with Russian laws? Out of curiousity, did you know that Germany sent gay men to the camps, too?

      • Of course I realize that the Nazis sent gay people to be exterminated in the concentration camps. They wore pink triangles. There were gay Kapos too. Do I believe that Johnny will “literally” be working with the Soviets to vilify gays and their supporters? Of course not. But his “I beg the gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world…” comment shows where his priorities lie.

  9. Matt Foreman

    JW can’t have it both ways. He can’t say he isn’t political and then comment on the political situation in Russia. If this was a complicated situation, we could all give JW more slack. Unfortunately, this isn’t complicated, at all. Russia has a new, egregious anti-LGBT law on the books and it is being enforced, both by the state and thugs (to which the Russian state is turning a blind eye). There’s no need (or excuse) for dancing (or skating) around this reality and the way in which NBC’s silence is complicit in it.

  10. customartist

    The problems in Russia are not simply contained within the Laws regarding speech; the atrocities are moreover exemplified in the blind eye that the Russian government turns toward blatant and repeated beatings, etc. that Russian Gays are currently enduring, which never make the hetero/mainstream news. Here’s today’s example FYI:

  11. You have nothing to be proud of, you miserable twerp.

  12. Mr. Weir,

    Stop pretending that this has anything to do with anything besides your own wallet.

    Your motivation is clear to anyone over the age of 7.

    Make whatever choices you like.

    But DO be a man and accept responsibility for those choices.

    I find you to be wholly unrespectable.

  13. The Political Science professor at Barnard College who hosted last night’s events weighs in on Johnny’s brand of ‘passive activism’ (his words, not mine–don’t shoot!!). Spoiler alert: She doesn’t think much of it.

  14. Wow, after reading that….

    Talk about wading into the intellectual kiddie pool. He can’t focus on one issue alone. He ignores activism and feels no compunction to acknowledge the necessity of it. And yet he applauds it? (WTF?)

    We get it Johnnie, you don’t give a damn, its not about you so therefore you really can’t be bothered.

  15. Polterguest

    They should have Thomas Roberts interview him. That way we can get the explosion of bullshit from both NBC’s house faggots.

  16. Jen is a sock puppet. Check out the stats on comments.

  17. The only reason you are in a position to be “pro-athlete before being pro-gay” are because of those people outside. The one’s you attempted to insult. (Because honestly–who would be insulted by the likes of you?)
    Queer Nation put their lives on the line when it WASN’T safe to be a swishy little self-important schmuck in America. When someone like you wouldn’t have won a medal just because of how you present. When there was no way you would have gotten a job commenting unless you butched up.
    In other words twerp–there was a time when being a gay in American–especially a swishy gay–was as dangerous as it currently is in Russia. And you are standing on the shoulders–and graves–of those who fought so that you could be the person you are.
    So now you’re spitting in their faces and prancing off to Russia to tell everyone that the hate isn’t actually happening. Well, it may not be happening to you–and that’s all you really care about (along with the paycheck) right?
    You make me sick.

  18. Oh boy. Wow. Johnny, I know this might sound a little silly and simple, but try to remember that you can’t please everyone. No matter what you say or do, there will ALWAYS be someone, somewhere, who will oppose you. Looks like you lost your cool for a little bit, but the fact that you publicly regret it here shows character and courage on your part. The issues surrounding the upcoming Sochi Olympics and LGBT treatment in Russia will continue long, long after the Olympics are done and dusted. People are so passionate with their opinions that they often forget that it’s okay to ‘agree to disagree’, and they wrongly see this as a weakness. Please try to stay positive.

    • Hard to just agree to disagree when gay kids are being tortured in Russia.

      • I think the only way to ever make any social change is to rise above our own opinions, in order to have any meaningful, productive dialogues. Kicking and screaming isn’t going to help anyone understand these complex social issues or help lead to any solutions for what’s going on in Russian right now. Understanding these issues is hard work, and it’s going to take patience, and tolerance (no matter what side you’re on), to ever get any serious work and progress accomplished here.

  19. customartist

    “athlete’s rights to compete”? Are you on drugs Johnny?
    Next up: Donald Trump defends the “rights of millionaires to step on the homeless on the way to their limos”
    Sheesh Johnny you’re a jackass!

    • “I beg the gay athletes not to forget their missions and fight for a chance to dazzle the world,” Weir said.

      Forget about your LGBT brothers and sisters who are being persecuted and tortured and DAZZLE THE WORLD!!

  20. JonRobert W. Johnson

    Wow. People have said some nasty things about this kid. Did Ann Northrop of Queer Nation really use the 1936 Olympics in comparison to the upcoming Olympics? “Is this what he would have done in Germany in 1936?” Is she not indirectly criticizing Jesse Owens for competing in the 1936 Olympics? For people who don’t know anything about African American History (and I’m not a scholar, but I do know this) Jesse Owens, an African American man, won four gold medals for the U.S. in the 1936 Olympics. Jesse Owens’ wins were a blow to Nazi propaganda. The 1936 argument actually supports the idea of gay athletes competing in the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
    And then to top it off, the protesters are criticizing NBC for covering the Olympics. Does it not occur to these protesters that if a significant event happens during the Olympics, NBC is positioned to cover what happens as news?

  21. You are not an athlete in this case, you’re an openly gay commentator. I think Olympians (gay and straight) who devote their lives to their sports should of course feel free to simply compete. I won’t think any less of them. Those who choose to speak out will be truly good people. If you personally just want to be an athletic commentator, go for it. If you want to speak as a gay athletic commentator on gay issues, speak the truth.

  22. I am just shaking my heads at all these comments by people who seem to think Johnny Weir has the power to change the Russian government. What do you think? That if Johnny Weir went on NBC and said how much he hated the anti gay laws that Putnin would rescind the law immediately?? That if Johnny Weir said to boycott the Olympics, a boycott would be put in effect immediately??? Nobody in Russia cares what Johnny Weir thinks or says just like the comments being posted here will have absolutely no effect on what is happening not just in Russia but in JAMAICA and other countries that treat gays as second class citizens or worse. By the way, when was the last time you protested outside the Jamaican embassy against the treatment of gays in Jamaica – or are there lives less important than those in Russia?? Strange how Johnny’s Facebook page is filled with hatred from the gay community over his opinion yet Elton John, who is playing concerts in Russia despite what is being done to his people, has nothing but love from the gay community. Maybe because Elton refuses to talk about what is happening in Russia except to say he will not let it stop him from touring. But wait, isn’t that what Johnny originally said? That what is happening in Russia will not stop him from participating in the Olympics as an athlete or a commentator? You don’t agree with Johnny, fine, that is your right as an American, just like it is Johnny’s right to have his opinion. You want to make things better for the gay community in Russia? Protest at the embassy, protest the sponsors of the Olympics who are paying Russia to host the Olympics, protest the IOC and the various sports authorities, but don’t pick on a 115 pound figure skater and expect him to solve the world’s problems.

    • If you think those comments expect Weir to change the Russian law, you have a serious reading disability.
      Take your pathetic collection of straw men and diversionary tactics and STFU.

    • splendiferous2

      Nobody is saying that Weir has the power to change Russia. That’s a false interpretation of the comments. Weir has trashed the people who endured violent marches to get him his rights. He turns and spits in our faces in favor of fascist Russia. If you want to lie and minimize about the Weir and the situation in Russia, you failed. Posters already know the truth. Where have you been?

  23. John Marshall

    I don’t think Johnny really cares about the Russian gays. I don’t think Johnny really cares about anything other than himself. This apology is just to save face.

  24. Claude Jacques Bonhomme

    Shallow apology from a shallow person who needs to grow up.

  25. You aren’t fooling anybody, Johnny. I used to really admire your bold
    style and when I first heard you would go to Sochi, I thought “Johnny
    will give ’em Hell!”. But now I know that you are not the champion I
    thought you were. And that’s okay. You don’t have to be. But you
    could try not being part of the problem. Right now, you are basically
    looked at as a sympathizer. You could have been have been a hero. But
    we will settle for you just going away now. You’ll do less harm that

  26. There are some people for whom I have no respect. Mr. Weir joined that list some time ago. Now, I just try to pay attention to important issues and people—none of which include him.

  27. David Hamburger

    By participating in this Olympics, Weir is enabling Putin and the homophobes in Russia who desperately want the acclaim and economic boost and world respect that comes with hosting the Olympics. If he can live with that, I can’t stop him, but I know that I couldn’t.

    The comparisons to the Nazi Olympics are very apt, because we’re having exactly the same conversation right now that they did. Yes, Jesse Owens won, and set a wonderful example. Yet, the success of those Olympics enabled Hitler to shore up his power and go on to invade most of Europe and kill millions and millions of people, many of them in the name of racial purity. People keep talking about how Owens’ win struck a blow against Nazi racial policies, but history shows that to be a lie. Especially when the country exterminated over 10 million people in the name of racial purity. I can’t see how anyone can compare the wonderful sight of a black man winning the Olympics to the extermination of millions, and say that it was a win. I’m sure none of those people were thinking about Owens when the were lining up for the gas chambers or the firing squads.

    As for Weir, it’s obvious that he doesn’t fully understand how bad things have really gotten for LGBT people in Russia right now. Which is EXACTLY why he shouldn’t be talking about it until he does. At the very least, he should not be minimizing it. THAT is what is earning him all of this anger. Because by minimizing it, he is enabling it.

    The “anal sex in front of libraries” comment was obviously stupid, and he realizes it in hindsight. But more importantly, it reveals a viewpoint and an agenda to minimize the problems there. It’s not just the law, but the government actions around that law that is making life horrible for LGBT poeple in Russia.

    People have been arrested because of this law, simply for holding a sign. People have been fired from their jobs (including both government and private sector jobs), with the law used as justification for it. People have been assaulted, kidnapped, tortured and raped, with the law used as their justification. What’s worse is that the government is encouraging it by refusing to prosecute ANY of the perpetrators. The Occupy Pedophilia group have posted videos online of them torturing LGBT kids. Yet the authorities claim they don’t have evidence of crime? How can that NOT be seen as encouraging violence against LGBT people. And that’s why Moscow’s biggest LGBT bar has had FOUR attacks on it in the last month, two of which involved armed terrorists and poison gas! And now, the emboldened politicians who created this law are pushing to pass further laws which will take children away from their LGBT parents. This has been put off for a while until the heat cools down, but make no mistake that it’s still on the agenda.

    THIS is what Weir is minimizing when he says the situation is Russia isn’t really that bad. THIS is what he’s enabling. He’s saying that none of this is really any big deal. That’s a massively political statement to make. It really helps make the situation worse when he’s trivializing all of this discrimination and violence. He’s helping to endanger LGBT people in Russia.

    That is why people are speaking out against him. And why they should continue to do so. If he wants to stay out of politics, he should understand that he is already in it just by being there. But he needs to carefully choose what he says. If he chooses to say things that help endanger LGBT people, then he can be assured that activists will rightly speak out against him.

    • JonRobert W. Johnson

      David, you wrote, “I can’t see how anyone can compare the wonderful sight of a black man winning the Olympics to the extermination of millions, and say that it was a win.” That is a false comparison of an idealogical win versus a literal genocide. The win was against racial stereotypes, which some could use to challenge their own preconceived notions, so of course you can’t see it as a win. Can you say that seeing Owens in the Olympics didn’t change the minds of people, German people who went on to help hide a Jewish family or Americans who might have softened their own views on racism?

      • David Hamburger

        But that’s precisely the comparison people are making. And that’s my point, and that of many others when they make the comparison to the situation in Russia now and Nazi Germany and their respective Olympics.

        People right now are saying that it’s important for LGBT people to compete and participate to set a good example and make an “ideological win” as you call it. and in general, particularly when it comes to the politics of oppression, ideological wins do add up and eventually make things better.

        But for the people of Russia right now, there are far more practical concerns. People are getting assaulted, tortured, arrested and fired from their jobs. Soon after the Olympics, they’ll likely have their children taken from them, too. And probably much worse.

        We know that the Olympics going smoothly is incredible important to Putin and those in power in Russia. It gives the country and their government an international legitimacy as well as a huge economic boost. If their bigoted and dangerous politics were to interfere with that (or better yet destroy that), it would be a HUGE blow to Putin and his party. And to the anti-gay efforts in that country. That could have a serious positive impact on the politics and lives of LGBT people in Russia.

        Instead, supporting those Olympics by participating in them is enabling Putin and his cronies to continue with their homophobic laws and attacks. It is ONLY the international protests that have made Putin and company need to defend their laws and policies in both the Russian and worldwide media. Because LGBT people and their allies cannot safely challenge them in Russia itself, although a handful of very brave activists are doing so.

        So the real question ultimately is whether the ideological win of seeing L:GBT people is actually more important than the practical concerns of enabling and supporting Putin’s regime to continue attacking LGBT people. I’d argue that in this case it isn’t.

        We call the Nazi Olympics into this discussion for historic precedence. We can look at the lessons that situation teach us to get a better perspective on the current situation with the Olympics in Russia.

        The exact same arguments were made at the time for US and worldwide participation in the German Olympics. And, yes, Owens’ win was a worldwide strike for racial equality, particularly in the long run. But in the end, did it make a difference in a positive way? Yes, it made people feel better about themselves. Yes, it helped some people see past their bigotries in some small way. But I think that saying that there were people who went from hating Blacks and Jews to suddenly deciding to risk their lives and that of their families to hide a Jewish family after seeing one man win a medal is a fantastic and utterly unlikely leap.

        But it did absolutely NOTHING for Jews or blacks and others in Germany. In fact, the worldwide participation in the Olympics gave Hitler exactly the legitimacy he needed to shore up his power. It also sent HItler a strong message that the world was not going to stand up to much of anything he did, which turned out to be the case for quite some time. Before long, he was invading most of Europe. And soon after, the exterminations began. And even then, the US didn’t get involved until Hitler’s ill-chosen Ally decided to attack US soil in Pearl Harbor. Would any of these have happened without the Olympics? Perhaps. We’ll never know for sure. But we did enable it by participating, and helped speed up the process.

        So, I have to ask if the vision of a Black winning a medal really was worth enabling the extermination of tens of millions of people. Because that was the practical effect of what we did by participating.

        As for the Russian Olympics, I suspect that the positive impact of LGBT participation will be significantly less than Owens’ participation was. For one thing, the vast, vast majority of Russians will have no idea that the medal winners are LGBT. The Russian media will be forbidden from mentioning it, because to do so would be a violation of the propaganda laws. So unless people are actively searching for this information on the internet, most people will have no idea. It certainly won’t have the impact of a visibly Black man standing on that podium.

        But by participating in these Olympics, we’re enabling Putin to continue to attack LGBT people. And many of us fear that enabling Putin by participating in the Olympics will similarly embolden Putin to ramp up the attacks after the Olympics are gone and done.

        That said, Weir is going to do what he is going to do. He has a lot of money at stake here. And he can use the “I’m setting a positive example” excuse to justify his participation to himself and his fans. But we don’t have to buy it.

        And more importantly, he doesn’t have to minimize the current plight of LGBT people in Russia. The “no anal sex in front of libraries” comment may have been silly, but it really shows his thinking on this subject. It’s really no big deal.

        That’s what he’s saying to the LGBT people living in fear for their lives. That’s what he’s saying to the owners, workers and patrons of the Moscow LGBT bar that’s been attacked four times in the past month. That’s what he’s saying to the kids who’ve been kidnapped and tortured. That’s what he’s saying to the people who have been arrested for simply speaking out. Worse, that’s what he’s saying to the world.

        And that is not only untrue — but it’s simply dangerous.

        THAT is why people are speaking out against him.

        • JonRobert W. Johnson

          You are correct that what is happening in Russia is terrible. Instead of using the 1936 Olympics as an example, what about the effects of Olympic boycotts that ACTUALLY HAPPENED? Did the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Olympics play a part in the downfall of the Soviet Union? Did the Soviet Union’s boycott of the 1984 Olympic Games in the U.S. prolong the Soviet Union’s existence?

          Here are a couple of issues I have with what you wrote:

          You wrote, “It also sent HItler [sic] a strong message that the world was not going to stand up to much of anything he did,” yet I understand Germany backed down from its original position that Jews and Black people should not be allowed to participate in the Olympics, regardless of country.

          Then you write, “But I think that saying that there were people who went from hating Blacks and Jews to suddenly deciding to risk their lives and that of their families to hide a Jewish family after seeing one man win a medal is a fantastic and utterly unlikely leap.” You used the term “suddenly”? How much time passed between the 1936 Olympics and the Wansee Conference? That statement was a fantastic and utterly unlikely leap.

          Your argument neglects other aspects of the events leading to the Holocaust. How many Jews died or suffered due to the Anti-Semitic inclinations of the countries that Germany occupied? Could the local populations of Soviet countries who participated in the killing of Jews or Croatia’s government at the time be excused for its active persecution of Jews when Denmark’s government and people, also occupied by Germany, managed to save almost all of its Jewish population? Did Jesse Owens participation matter to the starving Soviet peasants who rushed towards the advancing Nazis with loaves of bread? The roots of the Holocaust begin much earlier than 1936, which I sense you know very well. A boycott of the 1936 Olympics did not prevent any of the anti-Semitic actions the Nazi government implemented prior to 1936. A boycott of the 1936 Olympics would not have prevented Kristallnacht or any pogrom that occured during that time. A boycott of the 1936 Olympics would not have affected the pogroms that occurred in Eastern Europe AFTER Germany surrendered in WWII either.
          I am not defending JW’s comments. I am protesting that people have threatened his well-being (according to the article). Do threats and violence make his detractors better than the homophobes in Russia? Regardless of his accuracy, we are still Americans.
          I am also protesting comparisons to the 1936 Olympics. The events leading up to the Holocaust were too long and too complex for anyone to say that it was the 1936 Olympics alone that emboldened and strengthened Hitler. The punishing World War I reparations that Germany had to pay and the resultant economic hardships the German people faced helped put Hitler into power to begin with. The Reichstag Fire helped strengthen the Nazi’s. The 1935 Nuremberg Laws inflicted suffering on the German Jews.
          So instead of looking at a failed boycott and assuming all other factors had no bearing, let’s look at the effects of a successful Olympics boycott.

          • Shallow and superficial and false. YOu do not know your history. If you wish to defend fascist Russia, go ahead. Nothing you say is true. Hitler demonized Jews to consolidate his power, just as Putin is doing in RUssia. What will they do after the games? If they go for the JEws, gays, migrants of color, journalists, etc, , certainly they’ll have a defender in you and JOhnny.

          • JonRobert W. Johnson

            Nothing I wrote was true? Not the Danes helping their Jewish citizens escape to Sweden? You’re saying that isn’t true? The punishing World War I reparations that Germany had to pay weren’t punishing to Germany? The collapse of the deutsche mark and the gross inflation didn’t happen? One of the problems in this debate is that while I use my real name, there are a lot of people their made up screenIDs as a tool to allow them to troll and flame. Either way, don’t ever tell a Jew that he would defend actions that you have compared to those undertaken by Nazis. You are trolling and are throwing out comments regardless of their veracity. Shame on you.

      • splendiferous2

        Myth. Pure and simple.

    • splendiferous2

      Thank you, thank you.

  28. billmichael

    We can’t make a difference in the world by staying at home holding our breath until our faces turn blue. To have any kind of meaningful experience with Putin and the Russians, we’ve got to be there in spite of their laws. If we don’t show up, they win by default. That’s why we should be there wearing our colors and putting on the dog. Just remember Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

  29. “…and for a moment I became a hypocrite.”

    Says a young gay man who has spent much energy supporting or ignoring the proven abuses of LGBT people within Russia.

    You underestimate yourself, you’ve been a hypocrite for a long time now. It’s a great shame to see someone who should know better disregarding Human rights abuses in such a disgusting way.

  30. You’re not “pro-athlete.” You’re a Putin tool and a repellent quisling.

    Go spout more vapid nonsense in your little Russian uniform.

  31. Daniel English

    Sorry half apologies for being called out for what you tend to be does not wash. I think those protesters have every right to criticize Weir. Weir maybe an athlete but he was born a human first and it is human rights that are getting trampled in Russia. He has his head buried so far up his own backside that he can’t see that good people are dying in Russia over just being born gay. And that my friends is a human rights violation of the highest regard! And then to have the gall to wear a Russian uniform as he makes light of the plight of the Russian LGBT community.

    • JonRobert W. Johnson

      He wore a Russian uniform? Really??

      • Yes, for the Keith Olbermann interview–with booty shorts, high heels and jewelry, and flashing his wedding ring. You know, like Putin would like to see his beloved Red Army uniform worn… Sigh. It’s pretty sad when the gay community no longer recognizes camp.

        • splendiferous2

          The gay community invented camp. Johnny’s appearance wasn’t about anything except to hype Putin’s Russia. AS for his outfit, it just made him look uneducated and uncultured and stunningly insensitive. If he were discuss discrimination against blacks in this country, he’d probably have appeared in black face and pretended to know nothing about racial discrimination. That isn’t camp, it’s stupidity and a triumph of insensitivity.

      • Daniel English

        Yes just Google Weir in Russian uniform and look at the image.

        • JonRobert W. Johnson

          I just did. I was shocked at first because all I saw was the uniform, then the side shot showed he was wearing the getup Daisy described in her reply. I think he tried to copy Lady GaGa and missed the mark completely. It’s bizarre, like a cross between a Russian soldier and the Black Canary (a comic book character). Usually people incorporate elements from the costumes of Wonder Woman, Super Girl or Bat Girl.

          • Try telling that to families in Russia of the murdered. I’m certain it will make all the difference.

  32. Oswald Carnes

    It sure would be sad if Mr. Weir ends up getting beaten to death by some violent Russian thug.

  33. “I showed myself a lesser version of myself that night, and I’m glad I learned from it.”

    No, queen, you showed your true self that night and people didn’t like it, hence this pitiful attempt at an apology. Sorry, not buying it.

  34. Why does anyone give a rat’s ass about Johnny Weir anymore?

    He’s so completely irrelevant. How did this has-been/ never-was get to be the spokesperson for all of us?

  35. You feel threatened? Imagine how the LGBT people living in Russia feel. What a self-absorbed, lousy skater you are.

  36. This kind of talk is usually relegated to the safety of my own friend groupings and family but for some reason…

    Riiiight it is… but you let your truths fly right out your mouth, AGAIN!

    Most bigots, racists and homophobes know better and tend to keep it between friends and family. Don’t they?

  37. Christina Halasz

    I’ll settle for anti-murdering fascist.

    • Stop falsely claiming that Johnny doesn’t care for the gay community because he does. Did you know or do you even care that Johnny and his husband have a scholarship fund for LGBT teens who are high risk to drop out due to bullying or other factors?

      Delaware Valley Legacy Fund is pleased to announce the creation of the Johnny and Victor Weir-Voronov Scholarship Fund. This Fund is created to provide scholarships for LGBT self-identified students currently enrolled at an accredited institution to use toward the cost of higher education. Distributions from this fund may be used for tuition, room and board, and books or fees.

      National data shows that LGBTQ youth are a vulnerable population and at risk of homelessness and bullying. School is a commonly hostile environment for LGBTQ youth—other youth often aim bullying and violence toward LGBTQ youth. As a result, LGBTQ youth experience high dropout and truancy rates.

      “Investment in LGBTQ youth is a critical need, and it is inspirational to see Johnny and Victor lend their time and resources to help address this need, “said Samantha Giusti, Executive Director of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. “We are looking forward to working with Johnny and Victor to grow this scholarship to create lasting change.

      • Christina Halasz

        I feel it’s sad when any group separates itself from others who suffer the same indignities— it’s a form of xenophobia. All that other stuff you read into it is most likely pulled out of the ether as it did not come from me. We love the rainbow no matter what our sexual identity.

      • splendiferous2

        Johnny played the am-I gay-or not game. It was disgusting, coming especially after R Galindo came out years earlier. It was digesting to watch and listen to him do his Liberace act. Again, he’s spit in the faces of the people who endured the violent early lgbt rights marches. We got him his rights. He didn’t do crap. Now he’s a supporter of fascist Russia, and his commentary is biased towards Russians. Sickening.

  38. There, buried in your oh-so-convincing little apology, is the true problem with you, and you admitted it freely: “… nor do I have the sense of responsibility that [the activists] have …” Of course you don’t. All you care about is me-me-me and to hell with any people who might be suffering or dying, just as long as you can live out your little fantasy in golden Mother Russia. A person of your talent, fame and celebrity is in a position to really make a positive impact on the persecuted LGBT community in Russia, but you’d rather take all you can and forget the giving. Yeah, what a great role model you make.

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