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F.C. Students Make Fall 2013 JMU Dean’s List

Several students from Falls Church made the dean’s list at James Madison University for the fall 2013 semester.

Quinn Albo, Rachel Anderson, Taylor Bottock, Corinne Burtschi, Sara Bushong, Claire Dubas, Aydee Ferrufino, Alissa Forbes, Lauryn Hahne, Paul Henninger, Xicheng Huang, Samantha Huff, Joanna Kim, Charlotte Lathrop, Zachary Linderman, Grace Lu, Sarah Magsakay, Alexis Morse, Michelle Nguyen, Mary Nichols, Michael Pazirandeh, John Polzer, Claire Rapuano, Lauren Sanata, Kevin Schmidt, Brian Schwenk, Lily Slonim, Shannon Sullivan, Katelyn Suranovic, Brian-Thanh Tran, and Christopher Tran earned dean’s list honors.



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