Shields Says Assessments Will Rise 6% for F.C. Residential

February 1, 2014 12:40 PM6 comments
News-Press photo.

News-Press photo.

Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields told the News-Press at the Falls Church City Council retreat today that real estate annual assessments due out later this month will show an average six percent rise for residential properties, while commercial properties are coming in flat. He said property owners can expect to receive their individual assessments from the City in about two weeks.

At the Saturday retreat at the Thomas Jefferson Elementary library, the Council was addressed by the City’s planning director Jim Snyder.




  • Sweet…..I just made 6% on the value of my house.

    • Unless you’re selling, it’s the City who just made 6% on the value of your house.

      • FallsChurchCitizen

        Makes it a heckuva lot easier for the City Council to brag about keeping the tax “rate” increases to a minimum while our bills go up anyway.

        • wouldn’t surprise me if the rate is increased tool

          • Same story, different year. FC will announce that we have a tax surplus but need to raise residential property taxes to address an expected shortfall in revenue down the road. They will, of course, ignore this 6% bump in value.

  • That 6% is like money in the bank. Just not my bank.

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