Snow Emergency in City of F.C. Lifted

February 14, 2014 4:31 PM8 comments
News-Press photo

News-Press photo

The snow emergency has been lifted for the City of Falls Church as of 4 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 14. Residents and visitors may resume parking on streets marked as Snow Emergency Routes.

Friday evening Recreation and Parks activities are canceled; Saturday activities are expected to go on as scheduled, but should bad weather occur overnight, residents can call the Recreation and Parks Inclement Weather Hotline at 703-248-5077 for updated information.

The farmers’ market will go on as scheduled on Saturday, Feb. 15, from 9 a.m. – noon

Residents and business are reminded to remove snow and ice per City Code (, especially on sidewalks, around fire hydrants, and in catch basins. Removing snow from catch basins can be critical in preventing localized flooding as the snow melts.

To access the Recreation and Parks Department for a list of teens who can be hired for shoveling, call 703-248-5077.




  • Good photo of Nick Benton’s Kia in a no parking zone on James Ct.

  • Meanwhile, the W&OD, a mainstay of local non motorized travel, remains buried. I guess it’s only an “emergency” if drivers are inconvenienced.

    • In fairness, first responders and virtually all commercial goods rely on motorized transportation. There’s a healthy discussion to be had about when and how we clear bike paths in this area, but there is no direct comparison to roads.

      • I absolutely agree that roads should be cleared ASAP after a storm, especially emergency routes. But once done, Falls Church really has no excuse not to follow the lead of Arlington and clear the WOD.

        Again, the WOD is a major artery for those of us who prefer to leave our cars at home when going to work, the store, etc. Given that, I think the comparison is a fair one.

    • let’s increase our taxes a little so we can clear bike/running paths.

      • Better yet, let’s not clear anything at all and lower our taxes a little. After all, how could anyone possibly enjoy any quality of life whatsoever as long as they have to pay *gasp* taxes to cover the cost of city services.

        • None or all…I like that. How about we build really large solar reflectors that can harness the sunlight and shine on the bike paths so they will always be clear.

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