Don Beyer Opens Congressional Campaign With Focus on Women at F.C. Dealership

News-Press photo
News-Press photo

Falls Church businessman and former Virginia lieutenant governor Donald S. Beyer Jr. formally kicked off his campaign to fill the U.S. Congressional seat being vacated by Rep. Jim Moran with a rally at his car dealership in Falls Church Monday. A large contingent of women made it a Women for Beyer event, with a succession of women speakers supporting him to lay out issues vital to them, including income inequality, minimum wage, and a host of related issues. Among those who spoke for him was LuAnn Bennett (shown at the far left of the picture), a successful business leader and former wife of Rep. Moran who focused on what Beyer’s experience as a businessman — including a stint as president of the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce, will bring to his job if elected.

A growing field of candidates have jumped into the battle for the Democratic nomination with a June 10 primary slated. On last Saturday, Beyer, who served as Virginia’s lieutenant governor for eight years in the 1990s, attended an event in support of his election held at the home of Tom and Mary Margaret Whipple in North Arlington Lynda Robb, daughter of President Lyndon Johnson and former first lady of Virginia.





  1. Is this the same Don Beyer that attended Nick Benton’s birthday party, according to the Beyer twitter account? Seems like a conflict of interest to be cheerleading him here.

    • Darren Westbrook

      Nick Benton’s journalistic ethics are best exemplified by the way he covered the child molestation case against his own columnist, Michael Gardner. The FCNP’s articles tried to undermine the case against Gardner while failing to disclose Gardner’s relationship with Benton and his newspaper.

    • Darren Westbrook

      So the News Press suppressed my comment about Nick Benton having covered the trial of now-convicted child molester Michael Gardner without disclosing that Gardner was a News Press columnist at the time of his arrest. I guess they’ll have to suppress this one too.

  2. I count eleven Democrats running for the office. Don Beyer certainly is a strong candidate, but with that many folks running almost anything can happen.

  3. Yes, let’s run another Democrat campaign against the Republican’s “War on Women.” Is Don going to use apple to apple income figures when discussing income inequality of men vs women? If you compare salaries of men and women performing the same job, the income inequality is pretty much a non-issue. If you use the Obama administration’s figure of 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes, you are comparing apples to oranges. I can’t wait for the TV commercials with sad, whining women expressing their fears if a Republican candidate were to win. Why can’t Don just run on his record as an accomplished businessman?

    • If there really is a “war on women,” then how does one explain the fact that the vast majority of today’s college students are women?

  4. Enough with the auto industry and their ’employees’.

    We have democratic automobile party and republican automobile party. The country has been run by car dealers and manufacturers since the end of WWII. What do we have to show for auto-biz hegemony? “What’s good for GM is good for America.”

    A: Detroit.

    Moran was a crook but he was ‘Northern Virginia’s Crook’ (he was also Boeing’s Boy in Washington). Beyer is the auto industry’s crook. Goodbye.

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