Shields Proposes F.C. Budget With 4.5 Cent Tax Increase

March 10, 2014 6:57 PM4 comments
City Manager Wyatt Shields and Schhol Superintendant Dr.ToniJones hand out budget materials to City Council members Monday night. (Photo:News-Press)

City Manager Wyatt Shields and School Superintendent Dr.Toni Jones hand out budget materials to City Council members Monday night. (Photo:News-Press)

The recommended budget presented by Falls Church City Manager Wyatt Shields to the City Council Monday night calls for an increase in the real estate tax rate from $1.305 to $1.35 per $100 of assessed valuation. Shields introductory statement noted that without the transfer sought by the School Board, the tax rate would drop by a penny. But it acknowledges an increase in assessed home values by almost nine percent and the introduction of a new annual stormwater fee that varies widely depending on impervious surfaces.




  • JFallsChurch

    One less night eating out a month

  • This is absolutely unacceptable. What do we get in return for that increase?

    • I called the City Manager tiday and was told that the increase of 4.5 cents actually is 1 cent decrease in general government and 5.5 cent increase in school spending fir a net 4.5 cent increase. This transkates to lesscservices for general running of the government and more for schools. These citizens who scream more for schools are brats themselves. Spoiled rotten.

  • Our City government continues to be an embarrassment.

    On the bright side, I see Fairfax Water out and about every day fixing and maintaining our water system. Maybe we should sell off more parts of our city gov to a county that seems to understand efficiency and growth.

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