Driver Cited in 3-Car Crash Outside F.C. Farmers Market

March 29, 2014 11:13 AM12 comments
Photo: Simon van Steyn)

Photo: Simon van Steyn)

According to Falls Church Police, as reported by the City’s Public Information Office today, at 11:35 a.m. today a driver exiting the parking lot behind the Falls Church City Hall after shopping at the Farmer’s Market there pulled onto Little Falls St. and crashed into a moving vehicle which subsequently slammed into a parked vehicle on that street. The driver of the first car then apparently accidentally hit his accelerator and slammed into a retaining wall in front of the townhouses at 222 and 224 Little Falls St.

The ┬ádriver of the first car, James D. Oglevee, 83, was cited for “failure to yield while entering a street.” No one was sent to the hospital, and Little Falls Street was closed for about an hour.




  • Another idiot Falls Church driver.

    • I suppose that’s why they are called “accidents”. I can only feel sorry for how the 83 year old gentleman must feel.

      • Agreed – why the impulse to automatically call people idiots and put them down? Compassion doesn’t cost anything…

        • Sorry, but it’s hard to come up with a better description for someone who (1) fails to yield at an intersection and causes an accident and then (2) accidentally hits the accelerator and causes another accident. He was rightfully cited by the police for breaking the law.

          • Agreed that he was rightfully cited. Just don’t get the point of coming online and posting that he’s an idiot. But that’s why I’m trying to be better about staying away from online comments. (And failing miserably, so I’m an idiot as well!)

          • It’s just an opportunity to vent my anger at the people I see in FC who think the rules don’t apply to them…parking 10 feet from the curb, blowing through stop signs, not knowing (or caring) who has the right of way at an intersection, etc. I’ve lived in a lot of places, and none seem to have such terrible drivers as FC. The 83-year-old man in this article is apparently one of them. With the number of people–and kids!–walking in that area at that time, it’s a miracle nobody was seriously hurt.

          • Try the entire state of Maryland:)

      • He’s lucky he didn’t kill someone. There are a lot of very old drivers on the road who are extremely dangerous to themselves and others. We’ve all encountered them.

      • My father had a driving incident shortly before he turned 80 which led him to give up driving. I’m glad he recognized it was time to stop before anything else happened.

        To those who have elderly parents or relatives, keep an eye on them and don’t be afraid to speak up if you see something amiss in how they drive. My father had always been a careful driver, and the ticket that resulted from the incident was his first in more than 60 years behind the wheel.

  • It seems you are reading into this a little more than there is….there is no mention of where this driver originated. It could be a Fairfax County or Arlington County driver, or MD or DC? I hope at 83 I’m still driving and living an independent life!

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