A Weak Vladimir Putin Insults a Strong Hillary Clinton

June 10, 2014 1:54 PM130 comments

Hillary Clinton is poised to run for President. This week she began a book tour for her new memoir, “Hard Choices.” A blue and white campaign bus from an outside group, Ready for Hillary, will trail her.

We know at least one person who doesn’t support her: Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

That male chauvinist pig insulted Hillary in an interview with a French television station. Putin was asked about Clinton’s recent remarks, where she said that the Russian leader was trying to redraw the boundaries in Eastern Europe just like Adolf Hitler did in the 1930s. Putin responded:

“It’s better not to argue with women. But Mrs. Clinton has never been too graceful in her statements. When people push boundaries too far, it’s not because they are strong but because they are weak. But maybe weakness is not the worst quality for a woman.”

The best thing that could ever happen to Russia is a coup, where Putin ends up hiding in a rat hole, just like Saddam Hussein. That failed nation desperately needs regime change.

It’s worth noting that Russia is exporting its propaganda through sophisticated media mouthpieces like state sponsored, RT. This international television network, which is Putin’s personal version of FOX News, is the new face of fascism, which soft peddles extremism and grossly distorts reality so it conforms to Putin’s convoluted fantasy world.

Surprisingly, one can view RT’s cascade of lies on American cable television. Last night, I watched RT throw softballs to French extremist Marine Le Pen, who runs the far right National Front. Prior to this pathetic excuse for an interview, RT was peddling disinformation about the crisis in Ukraine, making it seem as if the government in Kiev was attacking innocent bystanders, when it was actually dislodging violent pro-Russian thugs from government property.

We need to keep a watchful eye on RT, which should be renamed PR, for its transparent public relations efforts in support of the Kremlin’s nefarious activities. Laughably, RT’s advertising slogan is “Question More.”

Yet, the obsequious so-called reporters at RT don’t seem to be asking more questions about Russia’s crippling corruption, its crackdown on innocent LGBT people, the $30,000 luxury watch worn by Russian Orthodox Church leader Patriarch Kirill I (surely approved by Jesus), the rise in Russian neo-Nazism, Putin’s increasingly authoritarian style and allegedly hidden billions, the illegal invasion of Crimea, endemic racism and anti-Semitism, the human rights abuses in Chechnya, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with polonium-210, the Pussy Riot imbroglio, the graft at the Sochi Olympics, and why chess champion Garry Kasparov and so many other Russians feel compelled to live in exile.

Anyway, back to Hillary Clinton. It seems that Vladimir Putin’s misogynistic statements were in response to her new memoir. In her book, she wrote about discussions with the Obama White House over Russia:

“Not everyone agrees with my relatively harsh analysis. Russia under Putin remains frozen between the past they can’t let go of and the future they can’t bring themselves to embrace.”

The most amusing part of Putin’s childish attack was when he called Clinton “weak”? This critique is coming from a man who appears to be in constant crisis with his own masculinity. Instead of standard pictures, such as sitting at a desk or contemplating in a library, the intrepid Russian leader insists on being photographed tranquilizing tigers, playing ice hockey, or practicing judo. Or, he’s pictured shirtless on horseback. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before we get staged locker room pictures of Putin showing off his photo-shopped junk.

Speaking of weak, are we supposed to be impressed that the big, bad, Russian bear has defeated little Chechnya, Georgia, and Crimea? Putin is a coward who is eventually going to pick on someone his own size and find out he isn’t the he-man he fancies himself to be.

Putin’s buffoonish musings aside, the election is Hillary’s to lose. But, I think she really came around in the last campaign when she wept in New Hampshire. It humanized her. After she cried she became a much better candidate. She finally let go and her true personality came out. And people liked what they saw.

Finally, there is always the stereotype of a woman being judged as too soft on foreign policy or too much of a stickler when giving orders to men. It definitely is a challenge for Clinton to overcome the vestiges of sexism. However, America made great strides towards shedding ingrained prejudice when we elected our first African American president. It is only a matter of time – some say 2016 — before we have our first woman president. Personally, I hope it will be Hillary Clinton. She’s got what it takes, and she’s earned it.


Wayne Besen is a columnist and author of the book “Anything But Straight: Unmasking the Scandals and Lies Behind the Ex-Gay Myth.”




  • Vladimir Putin

    Lol! This has to be satire, and I love it! What a stupid bitch. I will have her peeling potatoes and milking goats after I rape her.

    • I don’t think that Mr. Putin is a chauvinist male, because otherwise he would really shocked Mrs. Clinton with a more aggressive comment about her, instead he went on to light in choosing his words like a gentleman.

      • Another problem is that when campaigning against a female the men’s have to be gracious in they remarks otherwise it will backfire on themselves.

    • You must be losing your eye sight Mr.President…peeling potatoes?? You could hitch her up to a wagon and have her pull something!! You obviously don’t know how to handle some “strong” american women!! (You called her a woman not me)..

    • ?.. Clinton will damage her french manicure ! Gosh.

  • This is so funny. .Vladimir Putin winds this admin up all the time & all the time they fall for it. ..He says things he knows will get a reaction, in America you are all kinds of nasty things if you call a woman weak..do you think he doesn’t know that? But here it is days later and we are still talking about it.
    If President Putin is so weak & unimportant why do libs like the one who wrote this silly hate piece constantly talk about everything he says & does? Putin pushed all the right buttons of the left..between this & the Obama work out video Putin has plenty to laugh at. .

    • Karen, you mean the libs who believe in free speech and freedom of assembly? Unlike that totalitarian thug Vladimir Putin and his lovely Mother Russia who violently jail and suppress opposition. One can’t even criticize the corrupt Eastern Orthodox Church in Russia. This backward nation actually just instituted a blasphemy law. It encourages neo-Nazi’s to attack it’s LGBT citizens — a group which just had its free speech rights stripped. It’s grotesque that anyone would support this fascist regime that is the number one threat to world peace.

      • Go and visite jails in America…. go investigate the CIA
        ways of work. Do your job properly, write things as they
        are even in USA.

        • Jean-Ian Simard


        • Don’t argue with him. I think he never has been to Russia nor does he know Russian people.
          For example most Russians speak multiple languages and travel around the world. Most Americans have no passport but he thinks Russians can’t possibly really LIKE their own culture and society.
          Tell it to the NYC Russian Americans. They aren’t liberals.

      • Jean-Ian Simard

        Jail and suppress…wayne buddy, i would say it`s more like poison or shoot opposition! I base my reply on a article i read last week called “putin`s murders”

      • No I am talking about the libs that only support free speech if you are saying what they like. .ask Donald Sterling about free speech. .. How about instead of your opinions on Putin & Russia you tell me what libs supported the women that said they had affairs with clinton?? What were they called?? Nuts & sluts…trailer trash..you remember right ?? You support women who agree with you not all women.


      • Here is another heads up for you Mr.Besen, I am a strong woman just like all the women I know & a comment made by the president of another country doesn’t shake my belief in myself in any way at all. Mrs Clinton has made comments that Mr. Putin is thin skinned this has shown that it is she who is thin skinned.


      • Mr.Besen ..do you need some help with how the party for women treated Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey, Gennifer Flowers, etc. …? how about the insults to Sarah Palin ??? Well at least they were never called weak!!!


      • You can criticize but you can’t do criminal mischief inside like Pussy Riot did.
        FYI, 99% of Russians detest Pussy riot and part of the reason Putin was strict with them was:
        1. polls showed most citizens wanted them punished..THAT IS DEMOCRACY.

        2. GO do some research. All their support comes from the west .They are basically being funded by CIA/US etc to cause havoc in Russia. So of
        course he will clamp down on them.

        It is common sense. They are broke and detested in their society but they can afford to travel around and put on silly concerts with westen reporters present? That don’t sound fishy?

        Maybe you don’t know that they were doing one of their mischief in a supermarket where they took frozen chickens and were having SEX with the frozen chicken?
        LOL…they have broken many laws. They are sick,and sadly guys like you think they are great.

        • Wayne Besen

          Pussy Riot is great. I think you are the one who is disturbed. The criminal regime of Putin is sick. The blasphemy law is perverted. There is something profoundly wrong wrong with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church — and this $30,000 watch.

          • Pussy Riot is great?? really?? in what way??? their music??? the way they disrespected somebody’s religion?? is that ok with you?? did you like the pic of the one member with roaches all over her?? classy,right?? sex in public when you are pregnant??? but you are calling Putin & any people who admire him sick??? perverted?? the only reason anybody (libs) pay attention to them is because they knew how to get noticed..Putin bashing!! they are silly little girls who have no talent & have been adopted by Putin haters..
            you really need to stop with the personal insults ,it is really childish & makes you look silly…

        • Pussy Riot are silly women who have no talent & made their way by hating Putin..they are trashy & talentless…everything they do is for attention..they are mothers who leave their kids all over the place ..they are garbage & if they weren’t Putin bashers their 15 mins would be long over…

      • The Orthodox church has the power because of the corruption that is part of the baggage of Vladimir Putins presidency.

    • Seen from europa Obama is the ennemy looking to
      harm European Union, the ennemy is certainly not
      V. Putin too clever compared to Obama or compared
      to hainous Ms Clinton.

      • Yes..Putin is much stronger and more powerful than Obama & Clinton which is why the constant attacks on non issues like this. ..I am sure he will be very happy to entertain a “pres clinton”…a gift like the Obama administration has been.


    • Reason is liberals often are the minority ( feminists, gays, rockers etc). When I say feminism..i am talking the whole femi-Nazi crap..not the normal way it was meant to be.
      Anyway because they are a minority the bond together to fight argue against those who attack their views because they are weak and afraid.

      This writer did the same thing. Instead of writing about geo political facts he decided to insult Putin. But what is funny is Putins view on women, although he said as joke is shared by 140 million of the 144 Russians. It is shared by 44 million of the 46 million Ukrainians. It is shared by Bulgarians, Poles, Serbians,etc. It is Eastern European Slavic culture. Has been for centuries. They mostly have no desire to change it. Neither males or females..because for them it works. They don’t even change it when they immigrate.
      My grand parents immigrated and we are all the same lol almost 100 years later..

      • Yes..what’s so funny is that there are so many women who admire Putin because he is what some women still want a man to be. .powerful , decisive, I am not surprised that in Russia or Eastern Europe people still appreciate that there are differences between men and women.There are many americans who feel the same way, these people like Besen are in the minority as you say & are so bitter and nasty they don’t realize how pathetic they look. This constant attack on Putin is really over the top& I think all because he is a strong man who won’t go along with the US& EU & because he sees what has happened to those countries. I know he uses the US as an example of what he doesn’t want Russia to become…A lot of women respect & admire Putin because he does act like a man and women still like that no matter what people like Besen want to think is the new norm…Putin is strong, obama is very weak. . You are right about everything you wrote. ..


      • Jim,
        Things don’t change because women want men who act like men not other women & men want women that act like women.The fact that Putin’s comment upset so many people shows how out of touch some of these libs are…a lot of men and women feel the same way he does whether men like Besen like it or not. ..Also a lot of arrogance thinking other countries need to act the way we do. .the Russians are very happy with Putin they don’t need us to tell them how their president should act.


  • What?? So in an article written only to call President Putin names including that famous term from long ago male chauvinist pig, Mr. Besen says Hilary was at her best when she cried and people saw a softer side , & “liked” her more for it. So in other words she showed alittle weakness?? But Mr.Besen doesn’t even get it. ….

    • Actually, Karen, Hillary’s crying was not about showing softer side — but the ability to go off script. It is beyond pathetic for a woman to be supporting Putin’s misogynistic comments.

      • Mr Besen, you sound soooo America uber alles,
        so are you hardly to be taken seriously ! Mr Putin is
        a great Head of State. You make us laugh.

        • Wayne Besen

          Damn right I’m proud to be American. Russia gave us virulent Anti-Semitism and pogroms. It gave us millions of murdered people under Stalin, the social and moral sickness of communism, and political prisoners in Siberia. Now it’s giving us neo-Nazis, a corrupt Eastern Orthodox Church, and Putin’s creepy, petro-dictator brand of authoritarianism.

          America won the Cold War because of its superior values and system. We will defeat the fascist enemies of liberty and decency once again. In the end, it seems evil is usually defeated — and America will be in the forefront of doing so.

          I am so proud to live in America and thank God I don’t live in a despicable, toxic police state like Mother Russia.

          • NO pogroms have been done all thoughout Europe at one time or another and the so called Russian pogroms started mostly in Ukraine btw. I am Jewish btw.

            Nazi Germany was more recent than any pogrom btw. I don’t see you hating Germans.

            Neo Nazi’s? We have more of them in America and our gov’t supported them in Ukraine. Even the average German is angry about that.

            Stalin was Georgian btw. Russian leaders were more nice!

            Russia was never defeated in the cold war. The Soviet Union fell apart because communism didn’t work. It had nothing to do with USA. Go read a book! There were mny positive things in the USSR..my wife(Ukrainian) can give you a list.

            Historically decadent nations like the USA also fall apart when they get too liberal.

            ‘we will defeat the fascist enemies of liberty and decency once again’

            You really don’t realize how stupid that sounds and are ignorant to what Russians feel at the moment. They have been saying the same thing. After our support of fascists most Russians think America has lost its mind (Germans think the same btw) and many are calling for a crusade against the USA. Even in Brooklyn NY they call in, Russian Americans, daily angry at our US gov’t.

            FYI..Russia isn’t so bad for Jews anymore. Much better than Japan or many Western countries. Many Jews are on the Duma and their are mayors and governors who are Jewish.
            Even Israel is good friends with Russia now. They refused to show up to the UN resolution even.

          • Why don’t you tell us how you really feel!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Besen : a good american patriot, ouaah.
            proud : American desaster in Irak thanks to bad no-skills Obama + The Gracious Hillary Clinton.
            Hope you will read the ‘big bazar’ memoir book of Lady Clinton, re-named in ny “clinton gossips catalogue’.

          • I am wondering if you felt so patriotic under Pres Bush???
            Since you have never been to Russia calling it all kinds of names is silly isn’t it??/
            I am interested in why you call the Eastern orthodox church corrupt??? based on???? do you have any issues with other religions???
            Putin is “creepy” well only to men who like men to be weak & politically correct & he isn’t..
            America won’t be on the forefront of anything with Obama & he will never defeat Putin on every level…
            Oh do you think its odd that your hero is telling Iraq to handle their own problems & yet seemed more than anxious to “help” Ukraine??? Obama is thin skinned & trying to get back at Putin for showing him to be the poser he is….he is wasting his time

          • America won the Cold War because of people like President Regan and the brave men and women in our military. If he current administration was around for the Cold War we would all be under the boot of Mother Russia.

        • I have a feeling Mr. Besen wasn’t a strong, proud American when the president was George Bush…..

      • I see so a person who doesn’t agree with you must be pathetic? ? But you probably consider yourself open minded and accepting.. ..so I am a woman I need to defend every other woman? ? Did hilary defend the women called every disgusting sexist name available when they told stories about her husband? ? Did you? ? How do you talk about Sarah Palin? ? Please you only defend women that think the way you do. Instead of crying about what Putin said about clinton why aren’t you women supporters doing more to find the 300 little girls that were kidnapped?? More hypocrisy.. If hilary can’t handle a soft ball comment like Putin’s then she isn’t prepared to be president. Oh by the way the crying didn’t do much good she lost to a first time senator nobody knew… Get over Putin. ..he knows exactly what he is doing & the attention it will bring…surely there are more important issues for Hilary than a silly remark made for this exact purpose..


      • I see so a person who doesn’t agree with you must be pathetic? ? But you probably consider yourself open minded and accepting.. ..so I am a woman I need to defend every other woman? ? Did hilary defend the women called every disgusting sexist name available when they told stories about her husband? ? Did you? ? How do you talk about Sarah Palin? ? Please you only defend women that think the way you do. Instead of crying about what Putin said about clinton why aren’t you women supporters doing more to find the 300 little girls that were kidnapped?? More hypocrisy.. If hilary can’t handle a soft ball comment like Putin’s then she isn’t prepared to be president. Oh by the way the crying didn’t do much good she lost to a first time senator nobody knew… Get over Putin. ..he knows exactly what he is doing & the attention it will bring…surely there are more important issues for Hilary than a silly remark made for this exact purpose..


        • Wayne Besen

          A person can disagree with me and not be pathetic. But a person who defends a dictator like Putin is pathetic by definition.

          • I do not feel the need to defend Mr.Putin, if what he said actually bothers a woman then she is very weak indeed….we are not discussing anything about him except this comment, do you understand the difference? We aren’t talking about his policies …do you honestly know one woman this would effect or bother in any way? ? You don’t like Putin & that’s fine but this is a non issue….I am glad that your life is so easy that you have so much time to worry about a comment made by a man who has nothing to do with you or your life. I don’t know the women you know but Vladimir Putin saying weakness in a woman isn’t nec bad means nothing to me.


          • I do not feel the need to defend Mr.Putin, if what he said actually bothers a woman then she is very weak indeed….we are not discussing anything about him except this comment, do you understand the difference? We aren’t talking about his policies …do you honestly know one woman this would effect or bother in any way? ? You don’t like Putin & that’s fine but this is a non issue….I am glad that your life is so easy that you have so much time to worry about a comment made by a man who has nothing to do with you or your life. I don’t know the women you know but Vladimir Putin saying weakness in a woman isn’t nec bad means nothing to me.


          • Don’t argue with the writer he is a Russophobe. He is also a male feminist..for me that is strange.

          • Thanks for the heads up ..I did think he was alittle over the top about Putin …a male feminist??? Oh that’s pretty sad…the insults and all are too much. …thanks again. .


          • yep. He doesn’t get it. When you call a guy a sexist who is from a gender divided society it is a compliment.
            It be like trying to insult Tony Saprano by calling him a sexist of guido lol.

          • Yes..exactly ..I guess it makes him crazy that a lot of women thought what Putin said was pretty funny I mean come on. ..I like that Putin pushes all their buttons all the time he knows what effect his comments will have & how people will react .I am sure it makes him laugh…


          • Exactly..and if you look he had that Golem (the Hobbit movie) smirk on his face. Russians tend to be stoic stoned faced..but Putin smirked during that speech.

            Russians excel at dry dark humor…he was being dry atm.

          • so well said Jim…the Obama admin can’t get over Putin taking over the situation in Syria & the most powerful man thing…I agree about the western leaders which is why they give Putin such a hard time,he just doesn’t go with their plans & he makes no apologies for his beliefs…not pc at all …he says things he knows will get a reaction & it always does…
            a very strong leader who looks after his country & his approval rating is sky high so the Russians realize how lucky they are to have him.

          • Again Putin isn’t a dictator. Russians do prefer a more autocratic leader. It is in their blood. But Putin has to be voted in and than he answers to his voters. He does so more than our US system because he constantly polls them and does what the public wants. Russia is a popular democracy with a presidential system similar to France.
            He also has to answer to his Duma, oligarch’s (like our 1% ers).
            In other words same as USA.
            A dictator answers to no one and rules for his own self interest. Russia isn’t like that at all. ‘
            But ironically Obama with his executive orders also wields absolute power.
            Another thing you don’t realize is that Yeltsin the liberal with USA backing formed this type of gov’t because majarity of Russins were anti liberal so the only way things could get done by a pro western liberal leader was the have VAST powers.
            But liberalism failed in Russia and Putin in power is taking advantage of the gov’t structure that Yeltsin with US backing put into place.

            That being said..history is filled with dictators and emperors. The ruling never came out this is bad in the long run. Democracy isn’t a normal state and even our founding fathers were against Democracy. They wanted a republic and USA is basically a republic. We only use democracy for leader picking..and our choices are controlled.

          • False. I looked up pathetic in the dictionary and it made no mention of Putin, his supporters, or his defenders.

      • Please tell me what you said about bill clinton’s behavior and if you found it as troubling as this comment , not action, of Putin’s… You do remember actions speak louder…
        I will look to see if you wrote about the male chauvinist pig behavior of bill clinton. . or any dems for that matter..


    • I agree totally with you, Karen
      ann charlotte

      • Thanks..be prepared for the people that love women to insult you because you don’t think like they do. .. I would like to read what Mr.Besen wrote about bill clinton and how many times he called him a chauvinist pig even though he did more than make a comment that should have been ignored.


        • Wayne Besen

          Karen, like all progressives, we condemned Clinton’s action with Monica. However, Mr. Clinton had consensual sex with Ms. Lewinsky. To try to cloud the issue by comparing a consensual sex with Putin’s disparaging and and patronizing insult of women is again, pathetic.

          I also find it amusing that Putin tries to present himself as a Christian defender of “traditional values.” Yet, he just got divorced. What a self-serving hypocrite.

          • Well I don’t call people names because I am not 12 any longer..I am not asking you about Monica Lewinsky I am asking about the treatment of the women who claimed relationships or more…How did the party that respects women & are horrified at a comment that wasn’t offensive to actual strong women treat Paula Jones??? Kathleen Willey? Gennifer Flowers? Sarah Palin? I am sure I can come up with more names but you get the idea. …I realize they weren’t called weak…. Also, how much time have you spent in Russia since you know so much about what is going on there? ??


          • Wayne Besen

            They were treated much better than Republicans treated Anita Hill after she had to allegedly endure Clarence Thomas’ pubic hair on a soda can. Or, how about Todd “legitimate rape” Aiken’s lovely comments?

            In terms of Sarah Palin, she is an ignoramus and not suited to be president. Hell, she couldn’t even name one magazine or newspaper that she read and then considered it a trick question by Katie Couric. The criticism of Palin was warranted and she had no business on the presidential ticket.

            Karen, I don’t have to spend time in Mother Russia to have an accurate. I can read the newspaper. I also didn’t spend time in pro-genocide Rwanda or Nazi Germany. But I sort of know these are places that I would not want to be.

            What are you, some pro-fascist, Putin loving, totalitarian mouthpiece who opposes America and shills for an intolerant foreign regime?

            Shame on you.

          • They were treated much better? ? How?? Anita Hill had lucrative speaking engagments and was treate a hero..how was Kathleen Willey treated better than Anita Hill? ? Oh so if you don’t like the woman like Sarah Palin then its ok to use sexist terms and demean her??? Well you said it & that’s the way it is. So women in general don’t deserve respect just the ones you like. .ok..well maybe Putin only meant republican women then you won’t have to waste your time calling him names…you called Palin what? ? name calling really does make you look silly, you should be beyond that. No you don’t have to go to Russia but its alittle better to know what you are talking about to actually have an experience rather than spill the talking points.


          • So you are saying that bill clinton’s cheating on his wife and then getting her to lie about it on tv to the whole country was less offensive than what Putin said about her? ? You believe Putin is a misogynist but not her husband? Clinton had “consensual sex” in the white house and on our time so that made it alittle less just his business. .the hypocrisy is amazing. . Putin is a pig because of a comment but not clinton who used a young female totally for sex while she was doing her job. ..the level of hypocrisy is amazing


          • Wayne Besen

            Karen — you are just a pro-fascist Internet troll who is using sophistry and distraction to defend Vladimir Putin. There is a word for that — Propaganda. It’s very much like the garbage we see on RT coming out of Russia to create a smokescreen to justify its totalitarian invasion of sovereign Ukraine.

            You write: Clinton had “consensual sex” in the white house and on our time so that made it alittle less just his business.

            Actually, it really should have been between he and Hillary. It’s none of your damn business, just because your self-righteous and nosy — just like Kenn Starr who wasted the nation’s resources on a prurient wild goose chase to bring down a sitting American president. This was one of the most disgraceful, ugly chapters in our nation’s history.

            Clinton’s sexual dalliance meant little compared to Starr’s grotesque witch hunt that harmed America. It’s busy bodies like you and Starr that we have to be leery of.

          • You show what you are made of & how you treat other people by the silly repitious name calling & now cursing, you do the people you support no favors acting like a bratty child…but of course I understand where it comes from. .you can’t justify how badly those women were treated & you can’t explain why Putin saying hilary is ungracious upset you all more than what her husband put her through.. ..never mind how he treated other women. but we know why. . I really don’t care at all what you think about me, but you hurt yourself & what you believe in when you throw a tantrum. …but its the easy way out & I would have been more surprised if you answered the question than I am your sophmoric response…didn’t your parents teach you that when you start calling names & cursing you lose whatever battle you are fighting?


          • Wayne Besen

            Karen, sorry, but I can’t waste all day refuting the nonsense of a useless Internet troll. Don’t you have a real job? Or, maybe you work for Putin and defending fascism is your full-time job.

            Sorry, I have to go and work. Maybe you’ve heard of that concept?

          • You are very sad with your insults. .I asked you about the treatment of women by the party that pretends they care about women you can’t answer so you have spent time , your busy valuable time, calling me names, cursing and making up silly insults that you think are very clever …you know what they say about if you can’t get stand the heat….go to work. ..and don’t forget”do you want fries with that”…have a good day. ..


          • Wayne Besen

            So, you say I’m sad with my insults and end your comment by hypocritically insulting me with “don’t forget fries with that.”

            What is wrong with fast food work? Are you some kind of elitist that thinks she is better than fast food workers? What makes you so high and mighty and special?

          • Well Wayne I knew that is exactly what you would say…of course you misunderstood what I meant & went on your do you think you are better than everybody rant….my very first job was McDonalds I have no problem with any kind of work & never have. ….the comment was directed more towards thinking that with all your name calling etc…you seem very young. What is elitist is thinking that the average woman has the luxury of worrying about a comment made by a person who has no power over us at all.


          • Again I see with the little time you have you decided instead of answering any questions you would just go back to the insults…..it is silly..


          • ‘There is nothing worse than a snob. ‘

            Yes there is..Russo phobic ignorant self righteous so called journalists! ;P. If you weren’t a snob..you would respect other peoples cultures.

            *I think this is the 1st article I ever read where the author has such a lack of self esteem that he attacks his own posters LOLOLOL. I wish I could report you to sites owners.

          • Wayne Besen

            Phobic refers to an irrational fear. It is quite reasonable and rational to fear Putin’s backward, violent, and corrupt Mother Russia.

            I’m sure you do want to “report me.” That’s what they do to journalists in Russia.

          • no western media doesn’t allow journalists to attack the consumer/reader you fool.

          • …and yet you keep responding… Ego getting the better of you? Pride goeth before the fall.

          • Cop out… call Karen a troll because she disagrees with you? lol

            Gues what TROLL…all media is prapaganda. ALL. I was a cop. Trust me I know all about the BS you write. But look up the word. Being prapaganda doesn’t make something true or UNTRUE. It is just biased.
            How the frack isn’t western media prapaganda? Except for the op-eds all the media pretty much says what Kerry-Obama says. The actual experts like Stephen Cohen in op-eds tell the truth.
            Fact: 5 companies own 90% of western media. Those same companies have divisions that get contracts in Iraq or sell /manufacture WEAPONS.
            That leaves 10% only as independent. Interestingly Russia has 15-20% independent media.
            Btw..BBC is run by the UK state.

            Yes RT is propaganda so is CNN. But RT is the Russian point of view. Who says it isn’t true? I can state as a fact that based on my reading of multiple sources of media and understanding of geopolitics and history that many of their experts are correct. Mind you they bring in famous Americans for interviews.

            In reality you show ignorance of media because in the end what mattes isn’t how Americans view the situation. What matters is how the Russians view issues if we want peace with them. It isn’t like they are going to change how they view the world so we either accept their point of view and work with it or we go to NUCLEAR war. Our choice.

            But I assure you as an ethnic Russian who was born 3rd generation in NYC that this is how we as an ethnic group see things and yes Putin is intelligent and strong in our eyes.
            Just because my family has been in USA for almost 100 years hasn’t brainwashed me.
            (plus as a cop I have seen how US media makes crap up)

          • Wayne Besen

            Well, Jim, you are also a Troll.

            If you can’t tell the difference between legitimate, fact-based journalism and propaganda, I can’t help you. As someone who has worked in print, radio, and television I think I might have a bit of an understanding of this arena.

            Finally, let’s cut the charade that you speak for all Russians. You only represent a totalitarian viewpoint that is not shared by the good Russians who protested Putin. You are a Russian shill for the backward underbelly of that nation, not a spokesperson for the enlightened many who support true democracy and freedom.

            Another Russian, the owner of the New Jersey Nets, probably disagrees with your defense of the Russian dictator.

          • Ok..so only think we agree about is that we are both trolls lol.
            Those oligarchs were corrupt and stole their money btw= Nets owner.

            The enlightened many as you call them equal a very tiny minority. I thought Democracy was about the will of the majority.
            They even called the protesters the ‘yuppy protesters”. They represented a small liberal class. The segregation has existed for centuries. Obviously the small number of Russians that protested Putin think diffrently..but they are small. I think it was really from 30-70k. In USA every month there is some protest with thousands going on. Do you think the gov’t should listen to them?
            How about occupy Wall st? More of them protested than in Russia. Should Occupy wall st. get their demands met?

            i KNOW the difference in journalism. Problem is today MOST journalism isn’t fact based investigatory. Maybe 20 years ago?

          • LOL . I patronize women ALL the time. So do most Americans I know.
            And women patronize us. Battle of the sexes and a product of anti feminism.
            Putin said it more as a joke though if you listen to his tone.

            Russia isn’t a feminist country, although they had the vote before American women did and higher employment opportunities.

            Russia is a patriarch society. That means gender roles exist just like it did in USA glory days.

            It is a good thing, most Slavic women don’t want western feminism. Even here in Brooklyn, they joke on local Russian radio shows that Russian women think feminists are ugly and unhappy.
            Even if you don’t like the way Putin said it (and I think he was joking) you should still respect Russian culture. It is their(our) culture and has been for 1000 years and no one from both sexes wants it any different.
            But tbh it isn’t much different than the NYC Italians..they are also sexist. In fact most ethnic NYERS are sexist.
            The whole American feminist political correctness nonsense is really popular in non immigrant ” anglo” cities. Come to NYC or Miami and I think you will be shocked.

            As for insulting Putin’s divorce you might have a point. But it isn’t illegal in Russian orthodoxy if the spouses tried to work things out or their is another reason. As you know Putins 2 daughters identities are unknown because of terrorism risks. I am sure he wanted to protect his mother of his children.

          • Wayne Besen

            Well, Jim, thanks for showing your true colors on your backward views towards women.

            Jim, I had lived in Brooklyn for many years. So, I don’t need your patronizing lecture on the borough. You don’t seem to know much about it. I doubt you live there.

            It’s even goofier when you write: “Even if you don’t like the way Putin said it (and I think he was joking)
            you should still respect Russian culture. It is their(our) culture and
            has been for 1000 years and no one from both sexes wants it any

            Actually, that’s not true. Russia has been renting its culture to American evangelicals for decades. Indeed, the Rockford, IL based World Congress of Families is holding its convention in the Kremlin this summer. Russia pawned off some of its education to American Evangelicals for years.


            So, it’s their culture when it’s convenient, and perfectly acceptable to pimp it out to the west when it’s Christian fundies. I see where you are coming from LOL

          • Really? you don’t write or sound like a native NYER. You can’t say the same about me. I was born and raised here. SHEEPSHEADBAY.

            If you were really from the real areas of native Brooklynites( not Park Slobs, williamsburg and the other hipster liberal areas) than you would have to agree 100% with me. If you don’t believe me we can always meet at Spumoni Gardens ;)

            You are going to tell me that most folks in Brighton Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Gravesend, Gerristan Beach, Bensenhurst or Marine park are liberals or progressives?
            WTF?? lol. Dude we are living like its the old country here, regardless if Ireland, Italy or Russia.
            Add in that over 20% of Brooklyn is Jewish. If you didn’t know the Brooklyn Jews follow traditional values and gender roles.

            I am not talking about the hipsters, liberals and alternative deviants that populate North Brooklyn. They are mostly implants from middle America.

            We would never get along…I am pure South Brooklyn and you seem to be the progressive/liberal type. But your knowledge reflects your bias.

    • Rob Centros

      I don’t think Besen “gets” a lot of things. I think he’s lying flak for his pimps.

      • exactly!! but like most libs he took off when he couldn’t answer any really simple questions..plus the whole name calling that is so ridiculous , I mean I didn’t pay attention to his picture but he looks old enough to stop with the insults….and he asks if “facism” is my full time job,& have I heard of the concept of work?? I mean that sounds like a child really…

  • Mr Basen : rectification “H. Clinton insulted Mr Putin”, you are wrong ! Indeed Mr Putin is a polite gentleman, who never insulted Clinton the hainous bitch.

    • Apparently W. Besen himself is a pig ? See how he insulted
      Mr Putin, totally irrelevant.

      • Wayne Besen

        That’s right. I live in America. I the freedom to criticize anyone I want. This is why our nation has always prevailed over evil regimes. When we get off course, as we did with George W. Bush, we have the liberty to correct such mistakes. How long as that petulant little potentate, Vladimir Putin, been in office? What’s wrong, Russia has no one else to run it’s country?

        • I am American also and I know we have done many selfish things. Russia has also fought so called Evil. It isn’t black and white.
          It is only Putin’s 3rd term,wtf is your point? He didn’t break any laws running again and people will vote for someone they respect over someone else.

          As for freedom of speech. Go read comment sections in Russian media. You will see it has posters insulting Putin ,etc.
          As I mentioned above you are reading corporate western media propaganda. It isn’t true.

          • Wayne Besen

            Yes, the awful west that gave us democracy, human rights and freedom. Sorry, you don’t like that.

            You must be incredibly ignorant of events in Russia. Putin manipulated the election and used police and state organized thugs to silence protesters. Presidential contestant Mikhail Prokhorov vowed to run again after
            preliminary results showed he came in third. “I do not consider [the
            elections] fair, but I have accepted this challenge,” the billionaire
            told state-run television Channel One, according to RIA Novosti.


            And as far as I know Jim, the ONLY media is western media, despite its imperfections. The other so-called media is state run trash, such as RT, that promotes Putin’s propaganda.

            Jim, stop shilling for the dictator it’s unbecoming.

          • 1. showing western media doesn’t prove your point.
            2. Greece gave world Democracy NOT USA lol
            3. Western media is corporate propaganda. That really isn’t better than state media. Corporations that run them have their own commercial interests. That being said NOT all western media is saying the same as US media. German media for example.
            You also missed my point. 10-20% OF Russian media IS not run by the state. They even have alternative sources including liberal ones.
            BBC is the most watched news channel in the world and I think in UK. BBC is also state run.
            Russians can always watch Euronews if they want. It has Russian audio. So I guess they are choosing what to believe..that is important.
            Again he isn’t a dictator and even dictatorships aren’t historically ALWAYS bad. I actually have lived/worked in Russia/Ukraine/Poland so I have the experience to make comparisons. Have you ever left Kansas ;).
            PS- Based on my vernacular you can’t call me a Putin troll because it is obvious I write like a native NYER. Joey from friend ‘How ya doin?” ;)

          • Wayne Besen

            Actually, you sound like a Kremlin flak who works for a PR firm. Having once worked for a top public relations firm, I can spot your kind from a mile away. And, by the way, the Joey line was the give away. Not very professional. They should fire you.

          • lol. Rolls eyes.

            Dude I will meet you tomorrow if you want. You know El Greco on Emmons ave?
            Joey line was a joke…was just watching it on USA channel.
            Now you are going to COP OUT by making accuses that it isn’t possible that you are wrong about how majority of Russians feel.
            I am just going to be silent because it doesn’t matter what you think. What mattes is that our other fellow Americans who read this see what you are doing.

          • Rob Centros

            Actually you sound like a good little prostitute for the International Banksters. Keep lying for your pimps.

          • Rob Centros

            Yeah, right, Besen. The West (International Banksters) has attempted to take every other country’s assets and enslave their people using austerity to steal what hope the poor had left. Meanwhile the rich get richer and richer — and they dangle their little prostitutes off their necklaces (take a bow, you kiss a$$).

    • Wayne Besen

      Oh my God — could you kiss the ass of this petty little dictator any more? At least I live in a country where we can criticize our leaders. What would happen to me if I expressed these views in backwards Mother Russia?

      • Rob Centros

        We have feckless “leaders” who need to be criticized. They’re nothing more than pawns for the Wall Street Banksters. That’s Putin’s big “crime” — standing up to Banksters and diverting natural resources for his country instead of letting oligarchs steal it. Quit being being a prostitute to the prostitutes in Washington and grow a brain — and a backbone.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    Wayne, you had me until this sentence: “Speaking of weak, are we supposed to be impressed that the big, bad, Russian bear has defeated little Chechnya, Georgia, and Crimea? ” One could easily turn that phrase around to: “Speaking of weak, are we supposed to be impressed that the big, bad, American eagle has defeated little Grenada or Iraq?” Glass houses Wayne, glass houses.

    That said, yeah, Hillary is not weak nor foolish and woe unto the person, man or woman, believes it.

  • @Wayne….your article is prejudiced and it shows you KNOW very little about Russia or any of the Slvic nations.
    I am 3rd generation American but EE ancestry..we are sexist and believe a man is a man and a women is a women. Don’t believe me? Visit Brooklyn, NY.

    Another thing you miss is that Putin is very popular. He was elected and remains in power because the majority loves him. He has been highly rated than most western leaders. He represents what MOST Russians love in a leader. They aren’t looking for a political correct liar.
    He also didn’t break the law by running again. Bloomberg our beloved mayor of NYC chnged the law to run 3 times while Putin didn’t do so. he played the game as the rules have always been.
    He is not a dictator because in addition to being elected he has a duma that has gone against him. he also takes polls and does what the majority wants to do.

    I take it you never even been to Russia?
    For example you seem not to realize that people do take cracks at Putin often and they aren’t sent to the gulag. That is mostly western media propaganda.

    Not sure what country you are from..but here in America we have less individual freedoms than my relatives have in Russia. I admit we have less outward political expression here but so what?
    The US gov’t doesn’t listen to what American protesters want anyway and in most societies majority of people aren’t political. Individual freedom trumps political.

    Also realize that the social contract of Russia that exists is accepted by the majority of people. A few liberal opposition groups doesn’t represent the majority. Liberals failed under Yeltsin and it isn’t coming back.

    It is more likely Obama will be hiding out in a bunker because more Americans hate him than Russians hate Putin ;P

    I also think you don’t know anything about Georgian war. Georgia started the conflict and their president was even warned by Rice and Bush to stop provoking Russia. Go read any history book and you will see blame is put on Georgia.

    As for Chechnya I don’t understand your point. Chechen’s are fierce fighters that have scared foreign leaders for centuries. But Russia had no choice…it is part of Russia and strategically important plus who wants a terrorist Muslin state in ones borders? USA? I think NOT.. Do you criticize the Union for brutally fighting the Confederacy?
    The Chechen’s were much more Brutal btw.
    Another thing you seem ignorant about is that Russia was forced to re engage into the 2nd Chechan war. I am not just telliing about the terrorist attacks.

    Chechans were kidnapping people including westerners for years in the surrounding region and they even had been selling sex slaves. There are books describing what went on written by Westerners.

    The final straw was that Chechans invaded Degastan. That showed they weren’t content with de facto independence. They wanted expansion. Russia at that point said “no more” and went to war. But it is an internal issue so it cannot compare to Georgia.

    PS–Hillary has been insulted by others as well. She has little tact. Putin was right to put her in her place. She even insulted them with her reset joke which showed ignorance of Russian culture.

  • Well good night all. This session was FUN and a 1st for me. A forum where everyone accuses everyone for trolling.
    My only curiosity is what is the going rate to be a Putin supporter? We might as well get paid according to this writer..lol rolls eyes

  • Don’t know if Hillary will be Prez or not, but if she is, you can be assured that hundreds if not thousands of our soldiers will have their lives cut off short in pointless wars conducted in distant places that we have no business meddling in. Despite her age she learned nothing from our war against Viet Nam.

    OTOH, Putin will take care of Russia’s sons and daughters. They won’t have to sing sad songs about their fallen brothers.

    I wish we had even one mainstream politician even one-tenth as loyal to America as Putin is to Russia.

  • Hilary (yes, one L) has one priority, and that is Hilary. Calling someone “hitler” is simply an attempt to please the audience. She failed. Time to move on (without Hilary).

  • Nice piece Wayne, here’s hoping she can withstand the ravaging of the republicans. I see the little runt putin is here – waving his penis around like he knows how to use it. Go practise on that goat there putin you old gay fart.Yep. old Vladimir likes his women weak and broken in ( well broken in) so no way in heck he could handle Hillary any more than he can Angela Merkel.

    • Wayne Besen

      These pro-dictator shills don’t bother me at all. They are pathetic and just holding water for the world’s number one force for tyranny.

  • Oh yeah, I have a picture of Putin and his long time boyfriend Medvedev – just playing around like boys do …. sure beat my profile pic.

  • Lynda Janzen

    North America is raising girls to be ball busters and it’s boys to be limp wristed momma’s boys. That blurs the lines of gender. Putin is a manly man. That kind of man scares the liberal left.

    • Hahaha

      Putin is such an insecure little man. He spends half his time playing action hero. He has to be the least secure man I’ve ever seen.

  • Pyotr Wrangel

    Ignorant and openly quite stupid piece,author clearly shows his neo-fascist US imperialistic stand .. and that’s ok … i mean,it’s not that US was ever famous of its educational system,author is just a product of that system . But at least he could use some research or arguments,instead of this rumbling and empty insults .. pathetic .

  • black monkey

    One of the stupidest articles I ever read in my life.
    You Sir need to find a new Job.

  • JFallsChurch

    NB – time to cut off this discussion?

  • Renzo Fantini

    Mr Besen, I suggest you to read the comments and go work as a farmer. Thanks for making my day: i have rarely read such a piece of sh**.

  • Dan Heizinger

    LOL, were you je7king yourself when you wrote this? Seriously, you are pathetic. Are you married? I doubt anyone would choose such a pathetic man. No, Hillary is weak as hell and Putin is the new Czar. Get over it.

  • Wow, dude, your ignorance of things in general makes you sound very stupid.

    1. Russia lost 20 million people in a fight against Hitler.
    2. If 85% of people support Putin, then by you calling Putin a Hitler, you call 85% of Russians a Hitler.
    3. You cannot conclude that Putin is a chauvinist based on what he said. If you did, however, then you have a problem with reading comprehension. You did not dissect his comments and analyze them.
    4. Putin was actually nice to her. I’d cuss her out and forbid her from entering Russia.

  • beastofsteel

    This article is too stupid to react to but I love the comment section.

  • Wayne, have you ever been to Russia or Ukraine? Your post has some correct points in it but it is filled with hate and misinformation. Clearly you don’t understand or don’t know enough about the subject to argue with you. What I got from your post is that you are pro-gay, think that Russia is a failed state and extremely hate Putin – everything else (like facts, arguments) is secondary in your post.

  • theSindhiAbbasi

    this writer is simply stupid and nonsense person. Seems like he’s received college-degree by staying outside the class-room most of the time.

    In his eyes, attacking defenseless (mostly military-less) Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Libya, is to be considered strong, however confronting powerful and capable to strike-back nations like Russia, China, Iran, and others is considered by this fool to be ‘weak’. Lol

  • theSindhiAbbasi

    America elected half-breed White-and-Black president.I’d wait to see black President from both black mother and black father.

  • Rob Centros

    Hillary Clinton was a lousy Secretary of State and she can’t talk five minutes without lying 20 times. She’s a joke next to Putin.

  • It’s ok Rob, I’ve read your postings so I know you lean this way – no offense meant to the Russian gay community, so pass on my apologies. There appears to be a strong affinity for prostitutes, pimps, sexual aggression and weak women as a common theme in your posts. Looks like you might fit in with Putin and Medvedev in the photo quite nicely. As for me, not my sexual fantasies – I actually like ‘real’ men.

  • You describe Putin a Russian dictator. But Putin was elected through elections

    If Putin is a dictator, what about Obama , Bush and all the other western “presidents” ? Sure, they were elected with voting, but it is a system controlled by corporate media and politicians are puppets of the multinational corporations and the banks. Plus, the voting system in western countries is notorious for election fraud and voting manipulation through mass propaganda

    “Western” leaders are worse than dictators. They are war criminals and thieves.

    The parliamentary republican system is an oligarchy. It has nothing in common with true democracy, the ancient Athenian democracy

  • You are a faggot

  • Russia’s stance on homosexuality is causing the author to think with his, ehem.

  • theSindhiAbbasi

    America elected half-breed White-and-Black president.I’d wait to see black President from both black mother and black father.

    (don’t censor my comment about your President, freedom of speech for North Koreans and Iranians, but can’t tolerate for yourself)

  • Im so very sure this is written for humorous purposes, its too funny to be serious

  • both ben and jerry

    I like how Hillary Clinton joked that Putin “doesn’t have a soul”, and the author doesn’t mention that. But when Putin makes a mostly cheeky, chauvinistic comment, well then he must die “in a rat hole like Saddam Hussein”.

    Because of course, Putin is a White Man, you see, which is the worst thing you can be, so it’s okay to say just about thing you want about them. But if you say anything about our national victims, blacks and women, well then Liberals will call for you to be hunted down and killed

  • Rolan Stastny

    Russia IS the 2nd, or the other superpower, and MUST be so. Unconquerable. Otherwise we slide into fascism of the NWO and this Friedman’s sort of capitalism. Neo feudalism installed in Russia with the “help” of the US automatically created a leader as a dictator. Did you ever see a democratic feudalism with such rich and few oligarchs? So, what the US government complains about? Crimea is Russian in spite of a drunken order of Mr. Khrushchow . Or do you think that NATO ships should be anchored in Sevastopol? If you do, you live in a surreal world: perhaps you would also approve a military base near Moscow? This terrible Putin does not agree, as if Moscow were in his sphere of interests. If anybody seeks democracy, have a good look on the one promoted in Ukraine. You see the result.

  • Herr Komentariat

    This writer Besen I do not understand. So much effort on troll. It is crazy to call Putin the Fascist. This Besen does not understand that Putin is Communist. This Besen is too young to remember that USA and USSR were allies against the Fascism in Great Patriotic War of 1940s.

  • How much did the U.S. State Department pay you to write this piece of garbage?

  • Vladimir Putin and his hold on the Russian public is bound to fail. It is only a matter of when. I think that July 18th was a waterside moment.

  • Wayne Besen

    Well, I guess I’ve been proven correct and those against me on this thread must be embarrassed and humiliated. To quote Joe Biden, Putin has no soul. I warned the propagandists on this page that Putin was a danger to the world. And now we have 278 people dead from Malaysian Flight 17. Thanks Putin.

  • It is this administration that is weak. Hilary will be no different. We are laughed at by most countries around the world now.

  • My God what a load of absolute cods wallop as we would say in England. Blatant misinformation. I saw that interview with the French journalists and your description couldn’t be further from the truth. They goaded Putin about how Mrs Clinton compared him to Hitler. It was her who came over as rude aggressive. It just made her look unsophisicated and childish. Yes Putin did make that remark but in the situation as how it really was rather than your biased version. Actually I doubt you even saw the interview and are just making this article up from a few points you have cobbled together. I used to believe all the western propaganda rhetoric and why no I live in the UK. Since the Ukraine situation I wanted to know who is this man Putin. I watched several interviews and I was taken aback at what a fool I had been for listening to propaganda. What a impressive man. I would bet he is the most intelligent politician on the world stage at present. He is measured and thoughtful in his answers with an acute intellect. So in spite of believing one thing I now see a very different man.

    Oh is this a complete joke then! :)

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