Meeting Kicks Off Planning in West Broad Street Area

June 24, 2014 11:58 AM8 comments
City of Falls Church Planning Director James Snyder introduces a community meeting audience to the  Broad Street Planning Opportunity Area for a discussion of its Small Area Plan. (Photo: David Thompson)

City of Falls Church Planning Director James Snyder introduces a community meeting audience to the Broad Street Planning Opportunity Area for a discussion of its Small Area Plan. (Photo: David Thompson)

Parking concerns and pedestrian safety were some of the issues raised by attendees of a City of Falls Church community meeting last Saturday morning discussing the early stages of a redevelopment plan for the West Broad Street area between Little Falls Street and the Washington and Old Dominion trail overpass.

The Broad Street Planning Opportunity Area was presented by City Planning Director James Snyder at Columbia Baptist Church Saturday and discussed what the area looks like now and how it could be developed.

New developments have populated the West Broad area in recent years, including the Flower Building and the Spectrum complex, home to Panera Bread and Mad Fox Brewing Company. The area also includes the soon-to-open Hilton Garden Inn. The Kensington assisted living project and the Broad & West mixed-use project have also been proposed within that area.

The presentation highlighted the potential for mixed-used development in the area, based on the interest shown by similar projects being built along Broad Street. Additionally, the presentation discussed how “nodes” could be created to promote office and retail establishments around places where similar facilities exist – such as at the Flower Building and at the under-construction Harris Teeter project, respectively.

In order to provide feedback for the plan, the audience was broken up into groups that covered topics such as transportation, land use and parks.

Access to parking was one concern that was voiced; a parking hub was suggested, one which would open the rest of the area up for business and community developments and for greater walking accessibility. The presentation mentioned the Mary Riley Styles Public Library as a possible area for structured parking. The need for increasing pedestrian safety at W. Broad and S. Oak streets was also expressed, as was the need for stronger connections across W. Broad Street in general.

City staff will work on a draft plan over the summer before hosting another community meeting in the fall for more public feedback, in the hopes of having a finalized plan approved by this time next year.

Reporting by David Thompson




  • Pirouz Malek

    It was my first time attending such a meeting, Our planning director, Mr. Snyder gave a great and informative presentation. The meeting was very well organized and the staff did a fantastic job. As a property owner in the City I would like to thank Mr. Snyder and the entire staff for their outstanding work.

    Pirouz Khanmalek

  • Fc.. once a Mecca of mixed culture….. now its.. yogurt, yoga, pizza parlors
    and Starbucks….

  • I really can’t see how this project could affectively blend into the adjoining neighborhoods. It will put a big shadow on the homes in the area. It will bring crime with it. It will remove our favorite gas station and 7 11. Plus many other things we seem to care about. Oh yeah it will boost revenue for some time. However smaller apartments mean low income. Not many with money will want an one bedroom or less apartment. Many want an office area, and a spare guest bedroom. Sorry but to think they will pay the cost of the Hotel room for this is a pipe dream.

    • Yes to all that John. Plus the impact to Saint James Catholic Church and School. It is being encircled by this development, and the complexion of the neighborhood is becoming more urban and less neighborhood….but hey, they city wants to be Arlington so bad you can smell it…

    • This area will be developed, that’s not a question. It’s just a matter of what will be put there. People have to realize that the land is owned by a private entity, and is zoned for development, and can be developed by right.

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