Local Boys Host Open House to Reduce Gun Violence

June 30, 2014 2:12 PM46 comments

419letterwritingMichael and Joseph Nelson (right), both 11 years old, held an open house on June 16 to educate the public on gun violence, conduct a letter-writing campaign to encourage federal and state officials to enact measures to reduce gun violence, and raise money for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Thirty people attended, 38 letters were written, and $130 was raised. (Photo: Courtesy Bill Nelson)




  • That is wonderful I wish we could make Falls Church City gun free!!!

    • Yeah. Too bad the U.S. Constitution and Virginia Constitution stand in the way of that. If you’re willing to be defenseless, that’s your right. Don’t infringe upon the rights of others to protect themselves and their loved ones.

      • David that is the worst excuse for a human being. YOU are the one making it unsafe out there, not us law abiding folks who choose to use words not guns for every tiny “hurt”. Grow up!

        • well I hope you will get robed so good bye

        • Ancientone….here I am using words. Maybe I am missing something David said, but all he did was express that what Stacy is suggesting is an illegal act. Nothing against Stacy either. I didn’t catch how David was “hurt” or how he suggested that he was going to do something violent? If you don’t want to own guns, or have them around you that is your choice, not your right. This is where the difference comes in. NOW if you don’t like this, you need to work on getting the Constitution changed….. not calling David names.(sounds like you were the one hurt). BACK to the point of the article. NO WHERE did these boys suggest anything about banning guns or making gun free cities… they are working to reduce gun violence. Which I am all for. Let’s work on the real problem, mental health is abundant in this country, We need to work at getting these people better. BUT TO START we need to create a real education program for new parents.

        • Please explain to me how responsible gun ownership–i.e. a firearm locked and inaccessible except to the owner in cases of emergency–makes it “unsafe out there.” I support legitimate efforts to reduce violence of all forms, including gun violence. My comment was directed at Stacy H’s misguided, utopian desire to “make Falls Church City gun free!!!”

          In 2012, Falls Church city reportedly had 14 burglaries, 2 assaults, and 1 rape. As of today, there are 46 registered sex offenders living or working within City limits. If you have the misfortune of being a victim of violent crime in FC, feel free to engage in verbal judo. Don’t force everyone to be in such a position of weakness.

        • Tom Devonshire

          and you Ancientone are the very reason we need guns. They say ignorance is bliss, but I think it’s more stupidity abounds. Amen David. My kids know gun safety because I teach them. If you had a gun Ancientone you would probably shoot your foot or something less severe and shoot your brain.

        • Actually, these are the people making it unsafe out there. And this one wasn’t even armed with a gun. If I encountered him/her, it’d be nice if I could defend myself, rather than relying on luck:

      • What is the problem with discussing gun safety- you as a responsible gun owner should be commending these kids for addressing gun safety with their peers (an age group coincidentally disproportionately effected by accidental discharges) Make everything about your knee jerk reaction to any reasonable discourse on gun safety and continue to imperil the youth of our country. Shame on you!

        • if you think that’s bad, how an ROTC will teach your kids how to shoot well and is there anything wrong with gun?

          • I never said anything was wrong with guns I own em – I think there are things wrong with the gun laws and gun owners who recklessly leave their guns accessible to minors

          • Robby: ROTC is a prep course for future military enlistees. The use of guns in that setting is done in anticipation of military involvement. Entirely different context than just wanting a gun for some irrational fear of being vulnerable without one.

      • Rich_Olszewski

        Paranoid much, David?

        • I guess that’s your opinion. Maybe you’re paranoid for buying extra life insurance, or keeping a baseball bat in your car, or having an alarm system, or studying martial arts. The beauty of living in a free country is that we have the right to defend ourselves, so long as we do not infringe upon the rights of others. I’m in favor of strict enforcement of gun violence laws and harsh penalties for those that break them. But I believe responsible citizens who follow the law should have the right to defend themselves and their families with firearms, which are extremely effective home/personal defense tools. Apparently the Founders of this country and the drafters of the VA constitution agreed with me.

          • Rich_Olszewski

            As long as your weapons are for home defense, and remain at home, fine. My concern is about the pathetic creatures who find it necessary to wander the streets with their weapons dangling from their shoulders and making sure that all on-lookers see what brave fellows they are.

          • Let’s be honest Rich — the open carry movement is fairly limited. Have you ever seen someone open carrying a rifle? Not in Falls Church, I’m sure. If you don’t want people to open carry, you should try to change the law. It is legal in many states, including VA. As a side note, many people who open carry do so in an effort to make “concealed carry” easier. Their aim (whether or not you agree with it) is to underscore the fear that open carry causes in the hopes that it will persuade lawmakers to improve concealed carry rights for law-abiding persons.

      • Ah, yes, the ol Boogy man argument. Fear lurks everywhere! Buy a gun! Yes, that’s completely sound. Please get professional help.

        • I just cited the statistics for you, moron. Again, you have the right to be defenseless. I have the right under the U.S. and VA constitutions to have the peace of mind that, in a time of danger, I can protect myself and my family. I hope you are right that that day will never come.

      • More mindless NRA-babble. David, rights come with duties; the duty to exercise rights responsibly. That is the moral contract. Rights are two-sided. Rights are also forfeited when they are abused. I have a right to free speech, but not the right to use it to incite a riot. I have a right to own gas, but not to use it to burn down my neighbor’s house. There are a million ways to protect oneself without a gun. Experienced martial artists will tell you gun assailants are not hard to disarm. There are far fewer incidents of actual self-defense by gun owners in criminal situations than there are of gun purchases simply because it is allowed thanks to the Heller decision and .paranoia-inducing lobbies such as the NRA.

        • Yes, rights come with duties. If you break the law, you should lose your gun rights. Guess what? That’s the case in VA and every other state I’m aware of.

          And Heller did little to impact gun purchases, except in a few limited high-crime cities that effectively banned firearms (notably DC and Chicago).

    • Mean while, Bun of Thug carrying Knifes and started stabbing people.
      One guy said,’ we should ban assault Knifes!”
      next year later, Thug using bear hands to kill people.
      same guy said,” We should ban assault bear hand!”
      so every body was now dis armed
      The end

  • The rise in gun violence and glorification of guns is increasing at an alarming rate. This is a poetry short film addressing the gun violence in Southside Chicago and Brooklyn, NY the short film is an open letter addressed to 14 year old up and coming Southside Chicago Rapper Lil’ Mouse but the message is universal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urVRaQlO420

      • Actually David, gun violence is up 30.4 percent here in New York from last year. In this year alone from May 19, 2014 – June 15, 2014 120 people where shot. From Friday 6/27/14 to Monday 6/30/14 21 people where shot where I am from (Brooklyn, NY) and for those same dates 29 people were shot in Chicago. These statistics that are in the article you listed aren’t prevalent nor existent in inner city neighborhoods and people are giving these statistics to make us believe that gun violence is down when they aren’t directly affected by gun violence which I am pretty positive you are one of the people not affected. Last year in my neighborhood alone this doesn’t include the whole borough just my neighborhood in under 24 hours 12 people were shot 7 of them died. So NO gun violence isn’t down in the areas that are being hit the hardest by it.

        • SO WAIT! the City/State the puts a TON of gun laws into effect to lower the gun violence has in fact increased it? How does that happen?

          • Thomas, I am with you on how that is really crazy. Unfortunately these laws haven’t helped from getting guns off the streets. Purchasing guns or the charges you get when arrested do to a gun charge is what those laws effect but it hasn’t helped clear the streets of guns. There are a lot of guns still be strategically placed in these streets and a lot being purchased illegally else where and brought into the state. We even have a day where you can go to designated areas turn in a gun with no questions asked but the amount turned in doesn’t come close to putting an impact on the number of guns still in the streets. My thing with guns and gun violence isn’t to attack the people are have legally purchased or done what they have to to own a gun I want to attack the amount of violence in the street.

        • Tom Devonshire

          and NY has the strictest gun laws in the country….go figure.

        • Of those 12 people shot, how many of them were shot by guns obtained legally? Probably none. Which only shows that changing the laws will not change the will of criminals who already break the law, it will only disarm those that follow the law. Hey, why don’t they just make it against the law to shoot people, since criminals follow laws… That will fix it, right? oh wait, it’s already illegal to shoot people. Your theory that changing laws will help is already debunked.

          • JP you said “Your theory that changing laws will help is already debunked.” Show me where in ANY of comments I said anything about changing gun laws or me fighting to change them…I mentioned gun laws yes but never about changing them.

      • David: If you look at the date of the data sets involved you will find that they are fairly outdated, I don’t know about your training in using data in the social sciences, but in my training, it is consider unacceptable to use data that is older than the “5-year rule.” in order for findings to be current and relevant. Now all you have to do is find data from a credible source reflecting the same issue that has been available since 2010 and you’ll have a point. Otherwise you might as well talk about divorce rates, based on 1970s findings and think they reflect current trends. And if you can’t find data that is more current the question is Why? You’ll have to ask the CDC and how the NRA is able to keep a choke hold on their ability to study guns and gun violence in America as a public safety/health issue..

          • Thomas: Read the guidelines. “Figures used in this Report were submitted voluntarily by law
            enforcement agencies throughout the country. Individuals using these
            tabulations are cautioned against drawing conclusions by making direct
            comparisons between cities. Comparisons lead to simplistic and/or
            incomplete analyses that often create misleading perceptions adversely
            affecting communities and their residents. Valid assessments are
            possible only with careful study and analysis of the range of unique
            conditions affecting each local law enforcement jurisdiction.”

            In other words, don’t use a broad brush to paint your argument. A single source can’t possibly tell the whole story. Unfortunatly there is little reliable data showing a corelation between gun ownership and gun violence; this is not the same thing as saying it does not exist, that it is down, that it is up, etc. It is to say no definative conclusion can be drawn regarding that relationship because the studies needed to draw any meaningful conclusion are being thwarted by politicians with a contrarry agenda. This has already been exposed. Scientists have begun speaking out about this. See: Michael Luo, “NRA Stymies Firearms Research, Scientists Say,” NYT Jan 25 2011.

  • thank you! From a Father that is also working to reduce gun violence.

  • Well this is not going to reduce gun violence, if you guys thinking “O that’s a good idea, we could teach our kids that guns are evil, it kills people, and we should ban all guns so we could have a better life.” something like this kind of crap. My idea about how to reduce violence is not about guns, it’s about people. Remember guns are object, they don’t have a mind on it’s own, only the people use it in a bad way. Gun free zone don’t safe lives, it will put more children in risk and more death too.

    • Jason Nasrallah

      you need to shut your mouth. You are not a tough guy with your gun. We have heard all the (ir)rationalizations from the nra. And the people are not going to put up with it much longer. Obviously you are an enemy of the people.

      • Trying to separating action from actor is idiotic, and is the kind of warped mentality that gives a parent or other so-called “responsible” gun owner an excuse to leave a leaded weapon laying around for some innocent child or moron to pick up. “Gee Jethro., it was just layin thar, doin nothin….” BANG! Stop the madness.

      • Jason, the “Guest” comment from me was intended for Robby Chen — who apparently has a combative, paranoid attitude about gun control. Sorry for the mis-post.

        • What? O my God, you call me paranoid attitude about gun control. Well (calm down my anger and take a deep breath) did you any thing about gun control, tell me then.

      • LOL what ever, you know everyone have a free speech and they are using it respectful way, look I am using in a peaceful way. if you say I am the enemy of the people doesn’t mean I am your enemy. you don’t use it in a peaceful way, if you disagree with my idea so be it Non-American Red

      • you know everyone have freedom of speech so what’s the big deal of shutting my mouth? you have speech as well as iam and every one too

  • What a great idea boys! Thank you for being proactive in your community in getting the message of safety and gun owner responsibility out to your peers. Well done!

  • More guns. Less crime.

  • Clearly a topic that many people are passionate about.

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