F.C. Students Make Spring 2014 Dean’s List at Va. Tech

July 23, 2014 10:32 AM0 comments

Several students from Falls Church have been named to the dean’s list at Virginia Tech for the spring 2014 semester.

Bruce M. Ayliff, Abigail E. Bent, Kristina M. Bettner, Anamitra Bose, Christine H. Brown, Ryan J. Cabayan, Jazmin B. Cheveres, Moses Cho, Loren S. Clark, Margaret A. Dassira, Meagan C. David, Kristina Danielyan, Sarah E. Devlin, William M. Doty, Michael G. Dunn, Katherin Duong, Adrian B. Forster, Ernesto S. Guardia Gonzales, Rebecca E. Gomez, Matthew G. Grier, Stephanie M. Guenther, Catherine E. Ives, Matthew C. Jones, Sujung Kang, Matthew M. Katz, Nicholas S. Krall, Nora A. Lam, Krystal T. Le, Jennifer M. Lewis, Sally E. Lewis, Huan Li, Jessica Lim, Brian T. Lubnow, Joshua L. Mason, Daniel Ngo, Veronica I. O’Rourke, Emmy L. Morgan, Magdalina L. Moses, Melanie C. Norton, Emily M. Palacios, Bikal Paudel, Bishal Paudel, Alex Pardo, Adam M. Pereira, Brian K. Pham, Walter C. Porzel, Peter E. Price, Chitti Surya Rama D. Raju, Theodore T. Rueckert, Marek B. Salanski, Cara T. Sarver, Shannon E. Scully, Jay R. Sheth, Andrew B. Smith, Nicholas A. Smirniotopoulos, Anh D. Son, Smrithi Sridhar, Alexander C. Talati, Kristopher A. Thor, Paige A. Veoni, James R. Werking, Frank B. Whitesell, Katie M. Yensen, Nizar B. Zahed and Steven M. Zimmerman earned dean’s list honors.



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