2nd Candidate for F.C. Treasurer Qualifies for Ballot

August 20, 2014 7:20 PM2 comments

Chris Johnson.Minutes before the filing deadline last Friday, a second candidate filed papers to run as an independent for Treasurer of the City of Falls Church. Chris Johnson, a resident of Falls Church for just under a year, filed all his papers and petitions successfully, said Falls Church Registrar David Bjerke, to qualify for the ballot to compete with Democratic Party-endorsed Jody Acosta, currently the acting treasurer, for the job.

“I am an everyday citizen with the unique skills directly relevant to the Treasurer’s office,” Johnson wrote in a flier. “I have never before run for an elected office.”

With an MBA from Harvard, he is founder of Emerging Markets Finance, which gives advice to foreign governments, and past employers have included Bearing Point, Booz Allen and PwC. He resides with his wife Dina and Daughter Allison on S. West Street.




  • Some guy moves into the City and in less than a year he decides he wants to be treasurer? Nooooo…I think it is Mrs. Acosta for my money.

  • Thanks for taking time to note my run for Treasurer! There are additional considerations to choosing the best candidate for Treasurer than length of residency in Falls Church City.

    While I am newer to the City than my opponent, I bring an important diversity of experience that will benefit City Hall – new ideas, tried and true solutions, and improved transparency and accountability. Importantly. I was raised and worked in the Washington, DC area as far back as the 1960’s – and defended our Country and community as a US Naval Officer in nearby Crystal City in the 1980s and 1990s. I earned my Eagle Badge in 1978 with nearby Troop 1668. It is my hope that voters
    will vote for the candidate with the best credentials, best track record, and best plan for improving the Treasurer’s Office.

    Please check out my website at chrisjohnsonfortreasurer.com to learn more. Jody
    and I have talked and have each other’s cell phone numbers. We are both committed to making this City a better place. It is my hope that by running POSITIVE CAMPAIGNS – Falls Church City will be a better place.

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