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The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion – A New Report

The second independent report on the performance of Andrea Rossi’s low energy nuclear reactor was just released. Even though the first round of tests were conducted by a group of respected European physicists, they received considerable criticism from those who believe “cold fusion” to be impossible and that the scientists reporting positive test results had simply been duped. Thus a second test of Rossi’s latest device took place in the spring of this year. For those who have not been following this saga, it should be noted that Rossi moved his research to North Carolina last year and is now working for a new well-financed company called “Industrial Heat” which is currently developing commercial versions of his devices.

This time the testing took place in an independent laboratory in Switzerland where the six European scientists conducting the tests had complete control. The tests were sponsored by the Royal Swedish Academy of Science and Elforsk AB, which is Sweden’s version of the U.S. Electric Power Research Institute which should reduce concerns about their validity. This second round of testing was designed to eliminate experimental error and the possibility of fraud.

For this test Rossi gave the team a new version of his reactor which is made of ceramic alumina, and is able to withstand temperatures beyond 1400° C. The actual test which lasted a month had the reactor running continuously at 1260° C and 1400° C. Unlike the previous test, the testers had access to the nickel powder which fueled the reaction and were able to conduct detailed scientific analysis of the fuel before and after the test.

Although Rossi was present during the loading and unloading of the fuel, he was not present during the bulk of the testing or the analysis. As with the first test, the scientists reported nearly unbelievable results which, of course, is the problem. Conventional science says the amount of heat being produced simply cannot be happening through nuclear reactions at relatively low temperatures. The six scientists who conducted the tests admit they have no satisfactory scientific theory as to why so much heat is being produced.

The report makes public for the first time some, but not all, details of how Rossi’s device works. We now know that the “catalyst” which makes the reaction possible is likely lithium-aluminum hydride which breaks down when heated and supplies the hydrogen to the reaction. We also know that to get started the reaction requires some form of an electro-magnetic pulse similar to those used by Brillouin Energy’s LENR devices.

The test seems to have been run without a hitch, which is a reminder that during the first test the investigators managed to melt down the device they were testing. This time they were far more conservative, running the apparatus first at “modest” 1260° C and then at 1400° C. despite Rossi telling them that it will run at higher temperatures. The test ran for a previously agreed upon 32 days and then the device was shut down so that the residue of the fuel could be tested.

During the test period, the reactor, which is a tube about an inch in diameter and eight inches long containing one gram of fuel, produced 1.5 MWh of energy beyond that used to stimulate the device. According to the investigators, “this amount of energy is far more than can be obtained from any known chemical sources in the small reactor volume.”
The most interesting aspect of the new tests was not only that Rossi’s devices can run continuously at 1400° C, but that comparison of the isotopic composition of the fuel before and after the test shows clear evidence that nuclear reactions were taking place.

The report concludes: “In summary, the performance of the E-Cat reactor is remarkable. We have a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear radioactive waste nor emits radiation. From basic general knowledge in nuclear physics this should not be possible. Nevertheless we have to relate to the fact that the experimental results from our test show heat production beyond chemical burning, and that the E-Cat fuel undergoes nuclear transformations. It is certainly most unsatisfying that these results so far have no convincing theoretical explanation, but the experimental results cannot be dismissed or ignored just because of lack of theoretical understanding.”

How fast this technology will be adopted is still an open question. Obviously it has the potential to replace most uses of fossil fuel, giving a massive boost to the global economy, and stopping nearly all carbon emissions if universally deployed. So far the U.S. and other governments seem to be holding to a position that this cannot be possible despite credible test results. Rapid deployment of this or a similar technology would, of course, be one of the most disruptive events in industrial history and would obviously meet resistance.

Whether the mainstream media, the scientific community, and the government come to realize that this or similar phenomena are real and need to be widely deployed as quickly as possible if we are to avoid the consequences of global warming remains to be seen. The one bright spot on the horizon is that Rossi tells us that his firm, Industrial Heat, is currently installing a one megawatt device in an undisclosed U.S. factory which will provide heat for a production line. If this device becomes operational in the near future, it will be difficult to ignore in face of the growing climate, energy, and economic problems the world is facing.

Policymakers should note that the Chinese are well aware of this technology and are already in a contractual relationship with Industrial Heat to exploit it. If Washington is not ready to lead the world into the next age, then Beijing almost certainly is.


  1. EEStorFanFibb

    1260 degrees C looks like 12600 degrees C in your article. also you should have a link to the paper. I don’t see one. Otherwise great article

  2. Christopher Calder

    There are other companies that have LENR products that may be even better than Rossi’s. Solar Hydrogen Trends claims their device creates energy at a crude oil equivalent price of $5.00 a barrel. It creates cheap hydrogen gas, not heat. Thus we can literally run our cars and jets on water.

    You can email Energy Secretary Moniz at *the.secretary AT hq . doe . gov* and tell him if you want more costly but impotent wind and solar projects, more deadly world starving biofuels, or low cost, clean, compact, and safe Low Energy Nuclear Reaction reactors.

    • SHT is incredibly stupid even for a free energy scam.

      • sorry tyy, but that time i agree with you…
        I won’t say stupid, I would say, not with my money.
        in revolution there is scam artist who try to exploit the work of others… same for solar, for hydrogen, for wind, for carbon, for fusion, for internet…

        there is internet scam, internet bubble, but who says internet does not exist?

        good struggle… regrets.

        • You do not seem to realize, that I am to struggling anything, just making observations. I will be fascinated, if the cat proves to be real.

          But it would not change anything I have said or written. I can live with my mistakes, if need be.

          • Yes, some people have no problem slandering others without proof…. I would be surprised if you have even heard of the great experimental nuclear scientist Sergio Focardi (now deceased) who worked with Dr. Andrea Rossi

          • Everyone who has heard of Rossi has heard about Focardi and about how Rossi shamelessly fooled him, even while he was dying. Very sad story.

  3. The only thing remarkable here is how stupid these professors are. They forgot all about Monsieur Le Chatelier. He NEVER takes a holiday.

  4. The Elforsk CEO, Magnus Oloffsson, has moved forward with a LENR
    Research Initiative as a response to the experimental results. His
    perspective was reported today in NyTekNik as well as the Elforsk



    Elforsk is the R&D arm of the Scandinavian energy industry and
    represents a host of firms with revenues topping $100B/year and with a
    service area covering much of Europe. Elforsk provided funding for this extensive testing of the E-Cat.

    • Yeah. I suspect Mr. Oloffsson will get to the bottom of Rossi’s duplicity and lying pretty soon. I wrote him an email about it and he replied that he was happy to have all input about Rossi and high power LENR claims.

  5. It is a real mystery, why people do not see behind Rossi’s scam. The new test was done by the exactly same people than before, with Mr Rossi pulling the strings. And the claims of nuclear transmutations in the report are pure nonsense, as Stephan Pomp has already shown.

    • Are you kidding me. Linking to that guy… He knows only ad-hominem arguments

      • don’t shoot at the ambulance.
        It is protected by Geneva convention…

        by the way about Switzerland…
        neither Geneva, nor Lugano…

      • Really? I dont see any.

        • Good for you! Denial is a safe path to walk.

          But if you read his previuos work and his conclusion, which seems to be that the testers have either been fooled in some mysteriuos unexplained way that he don’t bother to eleborate on, OR, I guess, that they are all in on it. Well thats ad-hominem to me.

          • I dont’ have a problem if ecat proves to be real. I can live with being wrong. Actually, I cherish it.

            But I do have a problem believing in obvious baloney from one Andrea Rossi. I will keep this position, even after I buy my first ecat from the local hardware store.

          • That’s nice. However, since you have no proof of the “baloney” epithet, the only thing that is “obvious” is your opinion in the matter. The conclusions from the actual data from the test seems a lot more obvious to me.

          • You can’t draw correct conclusions from any test Rossi has done. That’s why it has to be a fraud. Rossi always changes the device, the test method, and the method he leaves open for cheating. That is typical of high tech fraud. People with real devices have them properly tested by government or institution labs officially– not by some carefully chosen unknown people with no particular ability to test the device.

          • As soon as Rossi allows someone other than his accomplice Levi or incompetent Swedish scientists to access his silly piece of pipe and make proper measurements on it, then we will know exactly how they have been fooled. As long as Rossi controls almost everything they did, we won’t know. But here are some ways they left wide open to be fooled:

            1- They didn’t control or limit the power input properly. Rossi provided the wiring leaving the experiment open to wiring tricks. Search for Rossi and cheese video for references. How hard would it be to put their own power source or even an extension cord ahead (upstream) of Rossi’s experiment?

            2- They didn’t use a proper “dummy” run. It didn’t cover the operating temperature range of the actual experiment leaving the possibility that the thermal imaging camera did not measure the temperature of the whole device correctly.

            How hard would it be to run through the whole operating range? Rossi said it might damage the heater wire. How would that possibly happen when that same wire is inside the reactor when it supposedly runs at full power? Electrical current doesn’t damage wire. Temperature elevations do.

            How hard would it be to run two reactors in parallel– chosen at random and unfueled, they would be calibrated over the whole temperature range. Then, one chosen at random would be fueled. The run would be repeated. Then the reactors would be unfueled and the process repeated interchanging the reactors.

          • Why do you keep posting the same predictable nonsense everywhere? Please go do something productable instead…

          • Why don’t you try to show where I posted something incorrect? You can’t can you? The Swedish scientists made exactly the errors I noted. And of course, many more. Can you refute my facts? Or do you think telling me to go away is an effective argument for your view?

            As to why I keep posting, it’s because people like Tom Whipple make the same errors about Rossi’s scams… over and over and over again.

          • I said predictable. You’ve made your point everywhare, so everybody knows your opinion by now. Telling you to be productive instead might not be very effective of course, but it would be a good thing… for sure…

          • Opposing crackpottery needs a lot of repeating, my friend. Again, and again..

          • BS. Don’t give me that altruistic nonsense. There’s always a personal agenda. At some point though repeating turns into psychotic parrotting. That point has been passed long ago for the MYs of the net.

          • What seems to be predictable is that Rossi can fool the same scientists with similar scams and bad experiments. I wonder about their motivation. Some have suggested greed and conspiracy but I don’t think that’s true. My suspicion is that, with the possible exception of Levi, it is simply incompetence, complacency, excessive politeness, a woeful lack of suspicion of deceit, and somehow they didn’t follow the whole story. If they had, they would never have agreed to test a hot cat until they had properly tested the old cat which made more power at a larger COP and was water cooled — if, of course, you believe Levi, which I don’t. I think Levi has to be in on the tricks. Nobody with a PhD can be THAT stupid to believe Rossi after all that exposure over three years.

            Me be productive? In what sense? I think catching Rossi at his multiple lies, and the scientists at their negligence and incompetence is being plenty productive. What, exactly would you have me do? You think Rossi is going to let me test an ecat?

          • Well, we obviously have differing opinions about the morality and competence of the swedish/italian researchers… I guess that’s ok, however I believe youre smear campaign are more than bordering to libelous.

            As for productivity I don’t get your thinking. In what way do believe your certainly productive smearing are going to lead to anything good. Is it some weird altruistic “save the world” goal you’re aiming for? I mean there’s no single person in the vicinity of Rossi that actually feel scammed… And, also I believe them able to take care of themselves way better than you…

            So I dont get it. Looking at it in reward/risk terms, there’s no upside in your standpoint. Who are you helping, except your personal agenda? NOBODY that is not allready converted wants your help….

            The downside though, if you’re wrong (hypothetically) is tremendous. In that case you might actually be one of the most productive destructive naysayers of our time… Is that a role where you thrive? Does that please you?

          • Don’t be an idiot. If Rossi’s work is real, nothing I say is going to impede it or slow it in any way whatever. The problem for believers is that the work is fake and tests have all been bad. Now those are some serious problems– not my posts!

            Believers never seem to get my assertions right. I never said the Swedes were corrupt. They’re simply very grossly negligent and incompetent. I invite them to prove me wrong. As for Levi, my assertion is that he has been close to and around Rossi for so long and has made so many claims since February of 2011 that he is either corrupt and complicit with Rossi or the biggest imbecile of the century. I guess he could tell us which it is but he won’t.

            As for libel, if Rossi or Levi want to take me to court, if they simply email me, I will provide them with the necessary information to do so. But like similar scammers, Steorn and Sniffex, they always promise law suits and never follow up because they know that to file a law suit in the US requires them to pass preliminary tests– tests that the device is real and works and sometimes can be properly demonstrated in court. And they would never submit themselves to such real world tests because they know very well that they would not pass. Anyway, if they want to sue someone, they’d better start with Gary Wright and Steven Krivit who are even more outspoken and articulate about this than me! I’ll wait in line.

            I’m not trying to save the world. But I hate scammers because they waste time and resources better spent elsewhere so that they can line their ugly pockets. I hope what I write will cause investors and large companies like Elfosrk to think twice before giving more money to Rossi and IH. At least, if they plan to invest with these people, they can start to ask the right questions and to demand the appropriate tests.

            And you think there is something wrong with that? You like to be bamboozled? You prefer crooks or what?

          • Well. I’m confident that Elforsk and investers like Cherokee/IH/Darden are way better suited to ask questions than you are with your non existent first hand knowledge of what is going on with the E-Cat.

            And since your ability to draw conclusions of what’s true and not is seriously damaged by preconceptions and circular logic and your inability to accept any facts that contradict your agenda, your opinion on anything that relates to Rossi and the E-Cat is worth nil.

            And, your correct. Your oppinions will not change anything in the long run, however as you say they might be damaging in the short run although I dont think so, Because you generally come forward as somewhat of a freak when looking at your volume of posts and black/white analysis. The same applies to Krivit and Wright. Yes.

            Finally, as you point out, and I believe you, when you say that your actions are motivated by the feeling hate. This explains a lot to me, for example your lack of rational arguing and judgement.

          • So there you go again, a typical sorry believer. You have your nose so far up Rossi’s posterior that you can no longer see any light of the day. Your complete inability to address a single fact I (or the other many Rossi critics) mentioned speaks amply of your incompetence.

            And I will say it again so the other believers can try to understand it. I (and most skeptics of Rossi and Defkalion) would be easily convinced by a truly independent test, done by credible people in a credible manner at a major test lab or officially by a university. THAT HAS NEVER HAPPENED even though it’s safe for the IP, inexpensive and quick. The only reason not to do it is that, like the test by the SP Technical Institute of Sweden, the results would be negative and Rossi and Levi know that.

            The fact that you, an obvious ignoramus, is confident that investors can better evaluate Rossi’s scam than me is proof that you know nothing. Investors are fooled all the time for example by Steorn, Sniffex, Dennis Lee, Mylow, Carl Tilley, Bedini … the list is endless and the losses altogether are in the billions.

            Of course I hate scammers. I suppose you love them?

          • I neither hate or love scammers. Instead I evaluate the information available for example by discussing facts and by using my own rational judgement. You obviously, as you clearly state yourself, lack that ability using only hatred as your motivator. This will of course lead you nowhere since you will never be able to combine rational evaluation with your hate. You’re lost and a therapist would probably be a better idea if you want to tackle those feelings in an effective way…

          • You consider these posts “discussing facts … and using… rational judgement?” Like, really? Seems like all you’re doing is attacking me and relying on bad authority, citing the mistaken people who appear to support Rossi. And some of the ones you cite are not even sure! Some facts and rational judgement!

          • Sorry if you feel that way. Actually I really think it is a fact that your arguments are seriously impaired by your feeling of hatred (you state so yourself) and makes it really hard for you to evaluate the report by the swedish/italian scientists in a rational way. This is also the reason for your inability to see any signs of that you can be mistaken. You’ve become a fundamentalist in a kind of religious sence.

          • You wouldn’t know a fact if it bit off your arm. Let’s start with these facts and the obvious related questions they bring up (a brief response to each from you will do):

            1) why is there a need to test a complex very high temperature hot cat before all the myriad questions and issues from previous tests of the old ecat have been put to rest?

            2) why was Levi’s simple liquid calorimetry test of February 2011 never repeated even though it could have been powerful evidence for the ecat if it had been done properly instead of sloppily and worthlessly?

            3) having been told by many people including friends of LENR that they should prevent trickery (such as the infamous “cheese video” trick), why did the scientists not insist on using their own power wiring ahead/upstream of Rossi’s? Why did they use the same lame and ineffective clampon ammeters that were criticized in the first of their tests?

            4) why was Rossi involved multiple times at critical portions of the test when he had said it would be independent of him?

            5) why is the only reasonable explanation for the almost pure nickel-62 in the so-called ash that Rossi planted it there in an effort to deceive?

            6) why has Rossi claimed to have customers since mid 2011, promised even then that he would make them available, and no customer has ever turned up now, three years hence?

            7) how could it be that Rossi had an ecat that would heat a whole factory in 2007, one that would amply heat a large room in 2011 (10kW) and now he has one that won’t even warm up a closet? How exactly does decreasing total power output and “COP” over seven years work to establish credibility in a scientific wonder?

            There are many more but why don’t you start with those fat facts? You’re the one who wanted facts. Those are facts.

          • You have completely mistaken facts for questions and opinions. Of course you can come up with n+1 questions… It’s not even difficult. Compared to actually performing tests and writing reports you’re laughable. In your mind there is always another way, another test, another whatever.. This is the way religious people make up their reality; to keep their view of the world intact. And you are no different.

            You see, I’m trying to help you here. And your problem has nothing to do with the E-Cat. It has however become your prefered item of hatred of the day. No facts. Only feelings. When you realize and accept this you will feel much better.

          • OK, thanks. You’ve just proven that you are an ignorant whack job and that there is no purpose served by responding to your posts. It is obvious, from your dismissive attitude about the valid concerns I have raised, that you do not understand a single thing about the scientific method, controls and calibrations in experiments, calorimetry, or anything at all relevant to Rossi’s claims. You are the perfect mark for his con. Why don’t make the largest investment you can in his ecat? Spend your kids’ college funds, your retirement money and the money you were saving for your grandmother’s operation. I am sure you’ll get it back many times if you invest all your money in Rossi!

          • So, you actually think that your feeling of hate will improve your analytical skills. Ehhhh. Good luck!

            (btw, no I dont care about your view of “scentific” ideology, since you totally lack first hand experience. I believe the testers to be way more competent than you in every single way. Is that so difficult to understand? Your are onlay simple conspirationist and fundamentalist, because you believe to know the answers)

            What I dont really understand though is why you want to convert everyone into your religious beliefs when you seam to fhink that I should invest everything I own in something that you hate so much and are so sure is a scam… Somehow that doesnt fit into your beautiful “save the world from scammers” quest… ??? … So my conclusion is that you are made up of ONLY hate, nothing else. And that this rules everything you do and write. Not a pretty sight at all.

          • Invest? Check your irony levels. They must be low.

            The testers are total screw ups. They did everything wrong in measuring the power in and the power out in this experiment. Even on, this is being increasingly recognized. See: which is being changed to a thread about the LIKELIHOOD of power measurement error– in fact, the virtual certainty of it. Only that inane whack job “freethinker” is defending Rossi in that thread. And it’s an incompetent defense based on ignorance of how three phase AC power is measured.

            It’s pretty amazing that in a dozen or so posts, you have done nothing but say you don’t care about scientific method and you’ve tried ineffectively to defend the gullible and inept scientists with platitudes and generalities. And you’ve managed to avoid stating a single fact or a single observation or analysis of the process itself. Good going. Typical gullible believer performance. As for the insults, they reveal what a nut case you are.

          • Ahh, that actually makes sense… Irony… Are you telling me this is just a game for you? That you hatred of Rossi is fake? That you are only in it for your (and maybe some of your friends) entertainment. I can buy that…

            Only, it makes your arguments totally void, even more so.

            As for the scientific method. I have noting against it. I agree that it can be useful sometimes, but that is not what we are talking about here, even though you try to make it sound that way., But no.

            Since your first premis is that Rossi is a scammer and you are only making up different scenarios that suits your premises it is not even close to relevant discussing this issue on a scientific level. The only real facts are from the report and you discount them as errors. Then there is nothing left to discuss but your screwed up psychological profile. Which I actually find kind of interesting from a pathological perspective. Thats why I’m still here…

            You know, when you guys actuelly find it more plausible that Rossi is an alien with telepathic qualities and all the testers beeing incompetent scammers than the meassurements actully beeing correct, something in your neurological wiring is actually more interesting from a scentific perspective than you conspiracy theories.

          • please mary stop propagating errors on all forum…
            the wiring was done by the scientists themselves.
            and given the previous tempest of conspiracy theory, they were warned…

            Only problem is the the reactor was unable to run cold at high current… strangely people noticed that there seems to be a strong NTC effect in the resistance… this is not a basic heater! instead of trying to sell conspiracy, admit it is a blackswan.

            the calibration is thus not optimal, but you cannot say it is 250% wrong, unless, you CLEARLY STATE IT IS A GENERAL INTERNATIONAL CONSPIRACY since 1989 involving THOUSAND OF CONSPIRATORS.

            if you says that clearly, your theory can be considered possible…

            I call that a conspiracy theory, but that is a biased opinion, I agree… if people imagine thousands of people conspiring to ruin their careers, that is freedom of imagination.

          • The experimenter/scientists did NOT do the power wiring themselves. It is clear from published photos and the report that they used wiring provided by Rossi– AGAIN. After being warned not to.

            If you have contrary evidence, that they supplied wiring ahead of the experiment, please show it!

            As for the size of the error, remember that the power goes as the fourth power of the temperature. A small error goes a long way. Exactly the reason that it is stupid to use a thermal imaging camera to estimate power in this complex situation. Properly calibrated flow calorimetry should have been used. Better yet, the whole experiment was silly. What was really needed was for Levi to prove that his original experiment had been done correctly. That experiment in February 2011 showed much more power and “COP” than the current one! What? No improvement in 3 years? The numbers are actually worse? That is classical “junk science”. And fraud.

            “Strong NTC effect”? Nonsense. Prove it.

            “Conspiracy?” No. Just stupidity except for Levi. He simply can’t be THAT stupid.

          • it is clear that you like on the second test. The installation was done by the scientists.

            on the first the wiring was prepared by Rossi’s team but some scientist report having removed the cables and checked all was normal.

            note that anyway you theory is bunk, since the scientists wer present without Rossi, and could have measured all they wanted and thus could debunk any fraud … it would be stupid to allow such a test without control…

            you always overstate that argument because it is inconvenient.

            please admit you lose and it work. we are not on a 9/11 truther group

          • As usual, you are so unclear, I have no idea what you’re really saying. But if you claim the investigators/scientists tested the input power wiring, please show me that in their report. Either report. Quote it and link it please. My reading is that they simply used Rossi’s wires and placed clamp on ammeters on them. Whoopee!

          • “run cold at high power”? Alain, you don’t even understand the argument! The wire heater would not run cold at high power. It would run HOT at high power. Just as it does in a supposedly active reactor! Rossi’s reason for not running a proper calibration is to hide the fact that it would not work. It’s really that simple. Rossi managed to fake the output temperature measurement. Again.

          • Of course the power calculation could be 250% off… or even more. It goes as the fourth power of temperature, remember?

    • Stephan Pompous was invited to participate in the test but declined…..”who needs evidence” the theory says this is impossible so it must be wow and he is a scientist? I guess it’s believe what your paid to believe

      • This should make Pomp the poster boy for all eternity of how *not* to do science.

        • Actually the Swedish scientists are poster boys for that. Also the late Dr. Kullander, Essen and Mats Lewan. In all those years they NEVER asked Rossi for a SINGLE calibration run despite the huge heater in every ecat which was available for the purpose! Wow! What incredible negligence and incompetence. As for Levi, I can’t decide if he’s in on the fraud or if he is terminally stupid. It has to be one or the other. I guess he can tell us which it is but he probably won’t unless or until Rossi is sued or arrested and he has to testify.

          • Time to get out of the way MY. Let the people really working with this technology do their business without your constant Internet harassment.

            And I do mean constant. Get a new hobby.

      • Pomp clearly stated why he did not participate and you can ask him for more information on his blog if you like.

        Basically, he said he would not have had control about how the experiment was done and could not chose the testing method or instrumentation. Certain aspects of it would also have been secret. It had nothing to do with theory. That’s your silly assumption.

        • we all know that it is a fallacious excuse used by most skeptics… as soon as the test is proposed cargo cult skeptic flee.

          Charles Beaudette explains it very well in his book “Excess Heat” in the “Cri de Coeur” chapter .

          “When Goodstein learned, inadvertently, about the solid scientific work going on in cold fusion research his response was not unique. Earlier, I mentioned the three experienced electrochemists who visited the McKubre laboratory at SRI, Menlo Park, California, during the years 1990 through 1994.

          They were A. Bard, (University of Texas, Austin, Texas), H. Birnbaum, (University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois), Richard Garwin, (IBM, White Plains, New York), and N. S. Lewis, (Caltech). Each spent several days examining McKubre’s laboratory practice in detail.2 They found no procedural error with the measuring technique or data reduction techniques used to evaluate the operating performance of the cold fusion type cells. They had no contractual obligations either to reveal or to keep the things they learned confidential. Nevertheless, they chose to say nothing to the scientific community.

          Dr. John O’M. Bockris, distinguished professor of chemistry at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, ran cold fusion cells during the summer and fall of 1989. He reported excess heat and tritium, but the results were sporadic. At last, he came to a point where he had a cell that ran continuously for three weeks. It was time to call in some of his critical colleagues in the department who knew what he was attempting to do, so they could witness his results. The first one to be invited explained that he was busy moving from one house to another and could not spare the time. The second explained that he was simply too immersed in an examination schedule to break away, and the third just happened to be leaving on a trip shortly, so sorry. This inference of fear was a continuing pattern.

          Dr. Huizenga visited the cold fusion laboratory at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, California, on February 28, 1997. At this time, he was retired. He was visiting at the invitation of the physics department to speak against the cold fusion heresy that was alive in their department.

          Drs. Robert Bush and Robert Eagleton, full professors in the department of physics, were running light water cells. Bush was Huizenga’s host in the laboratory.

          In Bush’s words, one cell was, “. . . evidencing excess power. And, while the gain (Pout/Pin) was rather modest at that time (about 1.12), the excess power was well outside the possible error bars . . .”3 Huizenga was invited to spend time taking data. Huizenga demurred. Bush invited him to return on another date and do so. Huizenga demurred. Bush then offered him a fellowship to cover the expense of a return visit. Huizenga demurred. He refused all offers to participate in the experimental work in accordance with the manner of Drs. R. W. Wood and Irving Langmuir in the cases of Blondlot and Barnes respectively.

          These illustrations of avoidance of the laboratory are representative of the intellectual climate ten years after the Utah announcement. If the reader feels that I have belabored my theme too long, let me say that, prior to his Italian visit, Goodstein represented the intelligent, knowledgeable, and cosmopolitan American physicist in his ignorance of cold fusion research after 1989, and in the audacity with which he has written and spoken about it without troubling to read up on the subject beforehand. What Goodstein learned was that, except for Petrasso’s well founded criticism of Fleischmann and Pons’s nuclear measurements, Baltimore was bogus. Cold fusion research was not a pathological science. The assault of Koonin and Lewis was mistaken: Fleischmann and Pons were not incompetent and delusional. Indeed, evidence of a new means of generating energy had been found in the flow of anomalous heat power that defied contemporary science.

          • Try to find the essential, Alain. Nobody is able to read your liturgy.

          • that is the problem,
            cargo cult believers like you ignore evidences and are unable to read anything. the data are clear, cohetrent, and like Pomp or Huizenga you ignore them simply, and like Kurt you repeat myth that are more that false.

          • 1989 was all sorts of fun, Alain. Since then, P&F spent over $20 million to replicate and clean up the experiment and never could. They were supported by governments in Japan and France and by companies like Toshiba and Mitsubishi and guess what? No replication. They were simply wrong.

            And no proper demo of high power LENR ever. If there was, how/why could anyone anywhere ever ignore it? It would be the phenomenon of the century! If it were real which it is not.

          • please agains stop propagating LIES.

            THEY REPLICATED. They improved power, by boiling, they improved the reproducibility by treatment and palladium sorting.

            moreover most of the money was not for themselves but for the whole lab with many researchers…

            that it is not usable commercially does not cancel that it was reproduced, improved.

            it is a thousands time that I relay you the data and you are simply UNABLE to read any dissenting data …

            reader should observe that you very often simply assert things that are false. factually false, just because you believe in it…

            and please don’t use the conspiracy admin of wikipedia, who refuse any real data to be referenced, as sources… Wikipedia is the worst source on cold fusion. even you are better.

            There are few papers by F&P after the organized ban
            this one show the progress


            and I suspect most research was protected because it was commercial research for Toyota.


            you can see their progress also in the replication done by Longchampt


            if all difficult research was to be suppressed, there would be no humanity and homo sapiens would still be eating raw meat.

    • You are alleging a grand conspiracy that includes the report’s investigators, all of the engineers, scientists and officers of Industrial Heat, Colonel-Engineer Domenico Fioravant, Nuclear Engineering Specialist Fabio Penon and the late Prof Focardi.

      You are calling the following organizations incompetent: NASA, DIA, SPAWAR, NRL, SRI, Elforsk AB, Uppsala University, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyota Central R&D, Brillouin Energy, Clean Planet (Japan), Lenuco and more.

      You might want to walk it back. Your conspiracy theories and ignorance of the developments regarding this emerging technology are unhelpful to those around you.

      • Conspiracy? Maybe Levi but not the Swedish scientists. Negligence and incompetence and being impressed with Rossi’s con man manner. Overpoliteness. All those explain their behavior. I do not think they were in on the details of Rossi’s likely plans to defraud investors.

        • Elforsk and Industrial Heat disagree with your assessment.

          Then again you get to work with the reactor on a daily basis so you should know better than…

          Oh wait.

  6. Well written article pretty much on the money.

  7. Biberian explain that some car manufacture will join the crowd soon, and guess why the big corps I know is not a car manufacturer… so with my big whale, with his big wheeled whale, with Elforsk, I don’t see which industry will miss the LENR revolution…

  8. Torbjørn Johnsen

    A very well written article.

  9. Trudy Rendel

    Why the concern of the mainstream media, the scientific community, and the government’s reluctance to embrace this or similar phenomena? If this is as great as the author seems to think, why not just build the damn thing already and let the marketplace prove it to be credible?

  10. I hope LENR succeeds, but if not, there are also other fusion approaches that can become promising option to power our future energy needs.

  11. Ophelia Rump

    “We agree that what is reported is amazing. . . something that would set the entire nuclear physics on its head. This goes against all the accumulated nuclear physics knowledge collected over the last 100 years. . . rewrite the textbooks, we believe . . . thoroughly investigate.”

    Stephan Pomp, Professor, Uppsala University
    Göran Ericsson, Professor, Uppsala University
    Peter Ekström, Professor Emeritus, University of Lund
    Ane Håkansson, Professor, Uppsala University

  12. Analysis of the Assumption of an Ideal Isothermal Black Body Radiation Model

    In the iconic photo of the device under test, one can see the apparatus with the red-hot glowing wires visible through the translucent 3mm thick alumina casing.

    This is a significant observation, because it’s the principle source of evidence that the thin alumina shell is translucent and not 100% opaque.

    Why does that matter? It matters because the IR camera equipment that is used to reckon the heat coming out of the device assumes that the alumina shell is an isothermal black body radiator operating at the emissivity of alumina at a specific temperature. But that conveniently simple energy budget model breaks down if the alumina casing is not 100% opaque. As can be seen in the photograph, some of the photons from the interior apparatus are being transmitted through the translucent shell, rather than being absorbed by it. When those directly transmitted photons impinge upon the IR camera, which is calibrated for the emissivity of alumina, the calculation model incorrectly assumes the alumina shell itself is glowing red hot in accordance with a black body radiation model. This results in a sizable systematic error in reckoning the heat being produced by the device (primarily because the cylindrical alumina has considerably more surface area than the glowing Inconel wires inside the apparatus).

    Imagine looking at an ordinary household light fixture with a typical translucent shade around the bulb. The filament inside the bulb is at an incandescent temperature, but it also has a very small surface area. When you look at the light fixture with the translucent shade in place, you see those same photons, but now they appear to come from the large surface of the translucent shade. If you imagine the shade to be the originating source of those photons, in accordance with a black body radiation model, you (incorrectly) deduce that the shade itself is glowing at that same incandescent temperature. Since the shade has orders of magnitude more surface area than the filament inside the light bulb, you end up concluding (incorrectly) that an enormous amount of heat is being produced.

    In short, the experimenters have to reckon the translucency of the 3mm alumina shell that encases the apparatus, and adopt a corresponding energy budget model. Since that’s probably not practical in their laboratory setup, they instead could encase the entire apparatus in a fully opaque isothermal shell, so as to be able to properly apply their isothermal black body radiation measurement technique to the system.

    • They don’t seem to “get it,” Barry. Not do they get how a single proper calibration run would have ruled out error in the output power measurement error and how an experimenter-supplied set of wires and a power supply upstream of Rossi’s experiment would have ruled out input power errors. The enthusiasts are even more incompetent and ignorant than the experimenters. Pretty amazing after all this time and after the number of times it’s been explained and illustrated (the cheese video) to them.

      • I guess the solution, Mary, is to just let the investors either go broke with no commercially viable product, or wait until the gullible customers report that the devices they bought with their hard earned money drew more power from the grid than they produced as useful output.

        • Yes… but your careful analyses and the work by Wright, Krivit, me and others to rub their noses in Rossi’s past crookery may be of help. I am reasonably certain that Olofsson, CEO of Elforsk, will be taking a more careful look at Rossi claims and test methods now that we’ve exchanged emails.

  13. Fred Zoepfl

    This isn’t how science gets done; this is just a joke. If Rossi and his ilk are so confident, then where are the peer-reviewed papers, where are the patents, etc. Why is this drivel in the Falls Church News-Press (not exactly an eminent scientific journal) and not in Scientific American or the Journal of Applied Physics? I think you know why.

    • Not to mention Science and Nature who probably would kill to be the first to reveal credible and high power cold fusion by anyone.

      • Absolutely! All these cold fusion/LENR/E-Cat fans are either ignorant of the physics involved or delusional. They pride themselves on being people who think “outside the box” without understanding that the box is there for a reason.

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