Bike to Work Day

(Photo: News-Press)
(Photo: News-Press)

The base of the bike bridge on the W&OD Bike Trail in Falls Church was the scene of a “pit stop” for bikers taking to heart the “Bike to Work” day promotion throughout the region. In addition to provisions for the bikers, water and supplies, members of a regional bike club were on hand and costumed up to cheer on anyone coming through the area with whistles and horns.

The “pit stop” was operational during the morning rush hour and will be again in the late afternoon.

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  1. See the cones in the background? They were placed there by a Falls Church City police officer who apparently decided forcing strict adherence to the letter of the law even though it put cyclists and other trail users at risk was preferable to common-sense recognition of traffic flow across a BLOCKED street. Barney Fife needs Andy to give him a good talkin’-to.

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