‘Topping Off Party’ Marks Key Phase in Harris Teeter Build

(News-Press photo)
(News-Press photo)

A “topping off party” was held Friday on the first floor of the Rushmark Properties’ Harris Teeter project under construction in the 300 block of W. Broad. The celebration is in keeping with construction projects of its type marking the point, actually achieved Wednesday, when the roof was completed on the project. Stefan Gassner, Rushmark’s development manager on the site this morning, said that the project is proceeding on schedule with the first occupancies of the apartment component coming as early as the beginning of next year and the Harris Teeter component will be open to the public about a year from now.

A full complement of Falls Church’s A List dignitaries, led by City Manager Wyatt Shields and Assistant City Manager Cindy Mester, were on hand along with Rushmark executives, architects and consultants, but the main subject of the party were the scores of construction workers who were honored during the public remarks while they enjoyed the barbecue lunch catered by Famous Dave’s Falls Church restaurants, and everyone was provided with a commemorative t-shirt.


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