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F.C.’s Tim Winters Brings Outdoor Classroom Back to TJ

(Photo: Courtesy of Rohini Winters)
(Photo: Courtesy of Rohini Winters)

Falls Church resident and Eagle Scout candidate Tim Winters, 16, aided by his Boy Scout Troop 895, his family and some of their families, helped bring an outdoor classroom back to Thomas Jefferson Elementary School on Sunday, Oct. 25. Upon learning last spring that there was no longer a place for students to do hands-on planting during their Native American or plant science unit, Winters set out to solve the problem by working school Principal, Mr Bob Palermo to design and site an area for raised garden beds at TJ.

He presented a detailed project proposal to the Troop committee and got approval from the Falls Church City Council to proceed. His Eagle Scout project was chartered by the Falls Church Presbyterian Church. Winters, a graduating senior at George Mason High School, hopes to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout later this fall.

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