Letters to the Editor: October 12 – 18, 2017

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Letters to the Editor: October 12 – 18, 2017


Taking a Stand Against the City’s Bicycle Bullies


Two weeks ago, while I was crossing the street I was nearly run over by a bicyclist who didn’t even slow down at his stop sign. He was so close I smelled his sweat and he nearly hit me. I said, “Don’t stop at stop signs!’ as he scurried on his way. A few moments later he shouted back at me. We installed speed bumps and traffic signals to protect all of us, including seniors, but many bikers believe laws do not apply to them. They’re special. They help our environment.

I’m 73 and have fought for law, justice and equal rights since I was that young man’s age, but it makes me wonder how long it will be before one of your bicycle bullies barrels through a stop sign, breaks an old man’s hip, cusses the senior out, and then sues the senior for getting blood and gore on his bike. But more than that, I wonder how this young man arrived on earth without grandparents in his life, and feeling no compassion for those of us who are seniors.

It’s time we all make a stand. When you see a biker like this biker, with such a disregard for the law, for human life, and for common civility, call him out.

Scot Walker

Falls Church


F.C.’s Strong Schools Could Help Land New Amazon HQ


I was pleased to see you make the argument that Falls Church shouldn’t count itself out of competing for a world-class new development such as Amazon’s second headquarters. I’d add that the city has top-notch public and private schools. My sons have attended St. James school and St. Joseph’s preschool, both of which are well regarded throughout the area and beyond. Bishop O’Connell High School, Dulin Cooperative, Trinity at Meadow View, Westminster and Congressional are also well regarded for the caliber of the students, educational quality and outcomes.

Matthew Beh

Falls Church


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