Editorial: Why Population Growth is Good

November 11, 2015 5:54 PM0 comments

It was the concern of one member of the Falls Church City Council last Monday night that the proposed Mason Row mixed-use project on 4.3 acres by the W. Broad and N. West Street intersection, with its proposed 340 residential units, could expose the City of Falls Church to, simply […]

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From the Front Row: Kaye Kory’s Richmond Report

5:43 PM0 comments

I thank the voters and volunteers who together have allowed me to continue to serve as Delegate from the 38th District. I look forward to working with you in the 2016 and 2017 General Assembly sessions. Representing you in the House of Delegates is an honor and a privilege. After […]

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Congressman Beyer’s News Commentary: Election Day & Virginia’s Highway Bill

5:42 PM0 comments

We voted last Tuesday and, regardless of your party affiliation, I hope you took part. The percentage of residents who voted in last year’s midterm elections fell to 36 percent, a low not seen since WWII. Even in Falls Church, which usually has the strongest voter turnout in the Commonwealth, […]

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Our Man in Arlington

3:24 PM0 comments

Arlington’s namesake home is planning a small makeover. At an Arlington Cemetery auditorium last month I was privileged to sit in on a National Park Service historians roundtable discussing how the well-visited Arlington House–the Robert E. Lee Memorial might modernize its portrayal of blacks, women and plantation domestic life. Park […]

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A Penny for Your Thoughts: News of Greater Falls Church

November 5, 2015 10:22 AM0 comments

Almost any local elected official can relate a story about constituent contacts in unlikely places – the woman who, seeing the bumper stickers on my car, stopped me in the post office parking lot this week and asked if I “worked for Penny.” When I said I am Penny, she […]

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Guest Commentary: We Support the Girls & We Thank Them, Too

8:44 AM0 comments

By Rob & Nan Hof Have you seen the red signs around Falls Church City and wondered what they mean? Here’s what they’re all about. Four young girls were violated by a trusted member of our community. Instead of choosing to suffer in silence as too many victims of sexual […]

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Senator Dick Saslaw’s Richmond Report

November 4, 2015 9:23 PM0 comments

I want to open this column by thanking you for giving me the opportunity to represent you in Richmond again. We had a lot at stake in this year’s elections, and Northern Virginia proved to the rest of the Commonwealth that we want to keep moving Virginia forward. The campaign […]

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Editorial: Falls Church’s Bright New Day

8:40 PM0 comments

The run up to Tuesday’s municipal election in the City of Falls Church was riddled with stress and frayed emotions due to the sheer number of candidates running for the City Council and the School Board, on the one hand, and some of the highly contentious issues that played into […]

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Our Man in Arlington

November 3, 2015 3:01 PM0 comments

I’ve long felt that the strangest episode in Arlington County’s history is the presence of the American Nazi Party here, from 1958 to 1983. Even stranger is the way memories of the party’s charismatic, racist and anti-Semitic founder George Lincoln Rockwell persist in the minds of longtime Arlingtonians. My high […]

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Guest Commentary: Without New Development, Taxes Will Increase

October 29, 2015 11:30 AM0 comments

By Chris & Kirsten Zochowski Recent development trends and the current election campaign have stirred up an intense debate about the future direction of our Little City. Having spoken at length with Council members, City staff, developers and others, and having reviewed much of the available data on our schools, […]

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