Cappies Review: George Mason HS Goes to Urinetown

November 21, 2016 2:17 PM0 comments

by Maille Smith – James Madison High School Today, we are free to pee without paying a penny. But what if such was not the case? What if every individual was subject to a stringent and ever-rising urination tax? Throw in a bleak dystopian set, an energetic ensemble clad in rags, […]

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Critter Corner: Cowboy Pup

10:00 AM0 comments

THIS PUP PLAYED COWBOY at the 2nd Annual Halloween Pup Parade, which marched through Greenway Downs in Falls Church. The parade culminated at Jefferson Village Park, where there were vendors with freebies and merchandise.

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Critter Corner: Royce

November 14, 2016 10:00 AM0 comments

THIS IS ROYCE, a terrier mix who lives in Annalee Heights. He usually behaves like an adolescent, except when manning the bow, where he is all business (and all ears).

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Press Pass: Big Head Blues Club

November 11, 2016 12:00 PM0 comments

Big Head Blues Club, the spin-off blues project of Big Head Todd and the Monsters, recently released Way Down Inside, the second edition of its series of albums paying tribute to blues music and musicians. The first album by Big Head Blues Club was the 2011 record 100 Years of […]

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Critter Corner: Fox in N. Arlington

November 7, 2016 10:00 AM0 comments

WHILE FOXES ARE NOT UNCOMMON in backyards bordering Lubber Run Park, few are as playful as this guy was. Appearing on a cool Sunday afternoon, he explored the yard and even took a go with some puppy toys. He wasn’t the least bit phased when approached for a photo. It’s always […]

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Press Pass: Joshua Radin

November 4, 2016 2:28 PM0 comments

Singer-songwriter Joshua Radin, who just started a tour of the U.S. and Europe in Vermont on Tuesday, Nov. 1, said that he likes to create an intimate atmosphere at his shows. He said that in preparation for his tours he sits on his couch and plays his songs over and […]

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Rolls By U Brings Sushi Burritos to Northern Virginia

12:17 PM0 comments

Before the past couple of years, the sushi burrito was hard, if not impossible, to find in the Washington, D.C region. But the West Coast creation can now be found at several spots in the area, including in the Arlington neighborhood between Rosslyn and Courthouse. Rolls By U opened in […]

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Critter Corner: Graham

October 31, 2016 10:00 AM0 comments

THIS IS GRAHAM, a Bichonpoo that’s just over a year old. My favorite things are napping with my parents, checking on them when they sneeze and licking everyone I meet!

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Press Pass: HalfNoise

October 28, 2016 11:00 AM0 comments

Zac Farro, the ex-Paramore drummer and creator of the indie rock musical project HalfNoise, recently returned from Los Angeles to his home base in Nashville, where he is gearing up for a month-long tour, when he spoke to the News-Press. “I just got back from L.A. last Wednesday, so having […]

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‘Nobody’s Girl, A Memoir of Lost Innocence, Modern-Day Slavery and Transformation’ by Barbara Amaya

October 27, 2016 8:05 AM0 comments

By Janine Benton Barbara Amaya was, literally, nobody’s girl. Raised in the 1960s in Fairfax, Virginia by a father who worked at the Pentagon, and a stay-at-home, alcoholic mother, Amaya ran away to D.C. at 12 to escape her father’s sexual abuse. After finding “refuge” with a hippy couple, she […]

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